WhatsApp works on the option to “hide online status” | WhatsAppBeta | apps | Application | Mexico | Spain | SPORT-PLAY

If you are a recurring user of WhatsApp, you may have noticed that your contacts can tell when you’re active. Well, recently, it was confirmed that a way to hide this detail is being worked on. In this way, you can give your account more privacy so that it is not disturbed by strangers or … Read more

master card Entering the online music market Priceless debuts first album, streaming via partner platform Spotify

The world’s first! master card Entering the online music market The debut album, Priceless, is streamed through the Spotify partner platform, with the power of emerging artists and music enthusiasts around the world. master card Announcing the release of the first music album Priceless® As a major festival of global advertising circles, the Cannes Lions … Read more

Four Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games were added to bring the expansion pack online

attending Nintendo Live on me Youtube Nintendo just added four more games to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive app for the Switch Online Expansion Pack. You can find out at a glance. Recent additions include Comic QuarterAnd the earth target (Leynos – Sturmanzüge), zero wings And the Mega Man: The Cunning Wars. Mega Man: Fierce Wars … Read more

How to play PS1 games online on your cell phone and with your friends? | Playstation | emulators | play free | Steam | Retroarch | tricks

Would you like to go back to those days when you enjoyed with your friends with a PS1? Did you know that today you can do it again with a few simple steps? In this note we will show you one of the most incredible tricks that can be achieved in today’s gaming. Keep reading … Read more

Four Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games included to replace the online expansion pack

https://www.youtube.com/watch؟v=MTmTXonIRaoSubscription Nintendo life At that day grid light Nintendo has added four more games to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive app for the Switch Online Expansion Pack. This is what you get with one look. Recent additions include comics areaAnd earth target (Linus assault cases) ، zero wing And Mega Man: The Willy Wars. Mega Man: … Read more

Persib Bandung News Online | simamaung.com » Robert’s Positive Response to the Indonesian Cup

Friday, 01 July 2022 | 14:01 A positive response was shown by Robert Rene Alberts with the discourse of holding the Indonesian Cup. After a three-year vacuum, the domestic domestic tournament will be held again. According to the plan, this event will start in August 2022 and finish in March 2023. “Yes, that’s good, this … Read more

Le Wagon strengthens in online data training with the acquisition of Emil

Le Wagon, a French start-up specializing in development training, takes over Emil and its data training offer. This acquisition, the financial details of which are not shared, was announced on June 29, 2022. La Wagon thus carried out its first external growth operation. “The needs for data skills are exponential, and the acquisition of Emil … Read more

TOUR ONLINE: Let’s rock! Will the hopes of the favorites be extinguished in the gale between the islands?

The second act of the Old Lady takes riders from the largest Danish island of Zeeland to the second largest, Funen. And although the profile of the stage is flat, the peloton has to overcome three climbs of the fourth category after the start in the venue of the famous music festival, which this year … Read more

God of War Ragnarok would have delayed the announcement of its release date

Different information pointed until a few hours ago that God of War: Ragnarokone of the great bets of PlayStation Studios for PS5 y PS4 in 2022, it was going to show again this Thursday June 30. However, some insidersamong them the journalist Jason Schreier, assure that although those plans were true, Sony has postponed them … Read more

Jésica Cirio broke the silence after Sabrina Carballo’s controversial statements – PEOPLE Online

the driver of the rock of morphithe program that is broadcast on Sundays at noon on phone for some years, Jessica Cirio talked with Intruders in the showthe program led by Florence of the Veabout the controversial statements he made Sabrina Carballo against him a couple of days ago. The blonde model was super spicy … Read more