“It’s scandalous!”: François is exasperated, TotalEnergies in turn imposes costs on the owners of solar panels

Belgians who have invested in solar panels have not been spared from rising energy costs. We spoke to you in particular at the end of August of the 40,000 customers of the Mega supplier. The company had imposed a monthly flat rate for “management costs”. Other suppliers have followed this approach. > Luc, a Mega … Read more

A million problems: what fatal troubles await all owners of Kia and Hyundai today

– Let’s go over the specific, most popular models. What technical troubles most often overtake the owners of budgetex Let’s go to Rio and Hyundai Solaris? These cars are quite reliable. They have a simple and understandable design, and therefore those cars that regularly undergo maintenance, most often do not cause trouble to the owners … Read more

New competition at solar – power plants run away from the solar system owners – Kassensturz espresso

contents The Central Swiss power plants pay up to four times more for solar power than other power plants. “We only get seven centimes from the local electricity company for our solar power. That’s very little,” complains a solar system owner. Many are like you. Although they can deliver the solar power that they do … Read more

Extraordinary Tajir, This is a List of Luxury Hotel Owners in Indonesia

Jakarta – Indonesia has many luxury hotels whose names are probably well known to the wider community. Investigate has calibaration, in part luxury hotel which stood in Indonesia turned out to belong to the richest people in Indonesia you know. They present magnificent lodging facilities that can pamper their visitors. So from there it can … Read more

KFC: why the Superindustry sanctioned the owners of the restaurant chain | Companies | Business

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce sanctioned Inversiones INT Colombia SAS, operator in the country of the KFC chainwith a fine of $160,000,000, after determining that the company incurred in failures in the quality of the after-sales service, as a consequence of non-delivery, late delivery, in poor condition of the orders placed by the consumers … Read more

Difficult rate hikes for some new owners

Speaking during a speech to the group Young Canadians in Financein Ottawa, the Senior Deputy Governor noted that the proportion of households with variable rate mortgages has increased over the past year. These mortgage holders are particularly affected by interest rate increases. Mortgage costs have already increased for some Canadians and will likely eventually increase … Read more

Electric cars and range – These electric car owners are least and most satisfied with the range in winter

(Elbil24): Winter has arrived in several places in our country, and many electric car owners will find that their cars have to be charged more often than during the summer months. This is completely normal. Cold battery pack, air conditioning that works in high gear, heated seats, mirrors, steering wheel and heating wires in the … Read more

Old car owners ready to continue defending their rights?Two waves of promotions are not good, so Tesla will cut prices–fast technology–technology changes the future

This winter, both Tesla and its CEO Musk are a little bit powerless. Tiger Sniff learned from an exclusive channel: After two sales promotions, Tesla’s order increase is still lower than expected, and it will launch a new “price reduction method” before the end of the year to boost sales. According to domestic media reports, … Read more

VIDEO: owners of passive houses do not feel the energy crisis

The pioneers of passive buildings in Lavija – SIA CMB – have been building them for more than 16 years. The chairman of the company’s board, Artis Dzirkalis, emphasizes that the passive house does not visually differ from the usual one. The main difference is the quality of materials and construction, which ensures an even … Read more

Property owners face worrying spike in taxes

Par Manon Malhere Published on 11/20/2022 at 6:54 p.m., Update yesterday at 06:35 The annual revaluation of rental values ​​should soar, to nearly 7% in 2023. Jean-Paul COMPARIN/stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – While the housing tax will be completely abolished next year, property taxes will continue to climb. The president of the National Union of Property Owners … Read more