Highlights of COVID-19

The remarkable thing about the pandemic has shown the advancement of science, at a clinical and molecular level. With the new knowledge, the urgent obligation to intervene in the behavior of people, their mobility and the reduction of contacts, the increase of care for people with greater risk with the increase of family and community … Read more

Tikhanovskaya assessed the likelihood of participation in the new presidential elections in Belarus: Belarus: Former USSR: Lenta.ru

Former Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya assessed the likelihood of her participation in the new presidential elections in the republic, if they are appointed. Reported by TASS. “I don’t plan on my own,” Tikhanovskaya said in an interview with Belsat TV channel. This is how she answered a journalist’s question about the possible intentions of … Read more

Major criticism of Monica Geuze’s participation and knowledge in ‘De Slimste Mens’

Monica Geuze does not know where K-pop comes from. Would she know where her child’s father lives? #zuidkorea #smart people — NathalieMontfoort (@NathalieMontfo7) August 19, 2020 And then he wins #monicageuze also, how stupid can you be ???????? #smart voices – joklve (@joklve) August 19, 2020 Did some research on tonight’s female participant, Monica Geuze. … Read more

A woman on social networks promises to draw a car, participation fee in the lottery – 35 euros; how legal is it?

The post of a woman on Facebook has attracted the attention of social network users, reports the program “Bez Tabu”. She organizes a lottery, offering to get to the car, paying only the amount specified in the lottery – 35 euros. She mentioned the value of the car in the lottery rules, stating that as … Read more

Under the question mark Porziņģis’ participation in the “Mavericks” last game before the elimination tournament

The “Mavericks” will start the match with the Phoenix “Dog” on Thursday in Orlando at 11 pm Latvian time. If the Dallas team has already secured seventh place in the Western Conference and knows their opponent in the “play-off”, then the “Dog” this match is important in the fight for a place in the playoffs … Read more

Shaman Ivo Puriņš comments on Laura Reinika’s criticism of his participation in “Psychic Battles” – Celebrities

I’m watching the new “Psychic Battles”. As the Latvian psychic Ivo appears, comic music is always put in the background right away. Always … ???????? It is often said that the key is to participate … But was it necessary this time? ???? – Lauris Reiniks (@LaurisReiniks) August 5, 2020 As Puriņš explains to the … Read more

EXCLUSIVE⟩ Shaman Ivo Puriņš comments on Laura Reinika’s critical words about his participation in “Psychic battles” – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

Homemade shaman Ivo Puriņš last year participated in the show “Psychic fights”. Currently, the program can be watched on television screens. While watching the show, the singer Lauris Reiniks devoted quite critical words to the Latvian representative on Twitter, but Puriņš did not remain in debt. “I don’t read social networks. In any case, it … Read more

Christian Cruz, President of the Citizen Participation Council: I have some difficulty hearing and seeing | Policy | News

Quito – The president of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS), Christian Cruz, responds to the complaints made by the counselor María Fernanda Rivadeneira about alleged irregularities in his disability card, which he obtained on February 28, 2009. In an interview by the Zoom network with this newspaper, and showing the judicial … Read more

A priest from Tylawa, convicted of pedophiles, after many years forbidden to celebrate mass with the participation of the faithful

Watch the video Cymański about Piotrowicz and Pawłowicz in TK The case of child molestation by priest Michał M. – the then long-time parish priest in Tylawa – came to light in 2001. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Krosno (which was then headed by Stanisław Piotrowicz) dismissed the case. She returned to the list in … Read more

global description of the industry by size and participation, latest trends, state of development, future scope and forecast of the main companies by 2026 – MotorEsfera.com

The Nuclear Medicine / Radiopharmaceuticals Market Report covers market size, application, key statistics, Nuclear Medicine / Radiopharmaceuticals market share and growth factors discussed in depth in this report. The Nuclear Medicine / Radiopharmaceuticals Global Market Research Study includes a brief assessment of the specific industry and its segments. The Nuclear Medicine / Radiopharmaceuticals Market Report … Read more