ADNOC Drilling announces a gain of 24 percent, to reach 569 million…

(MENAFNOn Monday, November 14, ADNOC Drilling announced its financial results for the nine months ending on September 30, and the third quarter of this year as well, as the company achieved a strong development of 24 percent in its net profits for the nine-month period ending in September, to reach 2.09 billion dirhams (569 million … Read more

Nikkei index retreats from the highest level in two months

Date 11/9/2022 5:08:06 AM (MENAFN– Al Wakeel News) NEWS AGENT – The Nikkei index closed lower today, Wednesday, after approaching a two-month high in the previous session, and Nintendo’s shares fell due to lower profits as investors cautiously awaited US inflation data to speculate on the path of a future US interest rate hike. add … Read more

“I don’t ask for anything” Actress reveals a shocking love story in the past… The real reason she couldn’t get married

Oh Nara’s Instagram While actress Oh Nara has become a hot topic for revealing her love story with a boyfriend she met while working as a musical actress in the past, attention is focused on Oh Nara confessing the real reason why she has never been married. Actor Oh Nara’s boyfriend ‘Japanese rogue’ tvN ‘Site … Read more

Twins are the new faces of the ZOO series: A trap for viewers!

Even Marek Němec (41), who is closest to them during filming, has no idea which one is which, how many times. Both of them are dressed and made up the same in front of the camera. Lída Molínová (73) is also confused about this. “I keep getting their names wrong, but they’re used to it,” … Read more

Kremlin changed the version: Not the truck, but the explosive device passed through Bulgaria (Updated)

Moscow changed its version and announced on Wednesday that it was not the truck that allegedly blew up on the Crimean bridge that had passed through Bulgaria, but the explosive device. The Russian Federal Security Service claims that the device passed through Ruse, disguised in a roll of polyethylene film on 22 pallets with a … Read more

Kim Won-jun “I was in the intensive care unit after a plane crash while filming in the past… it could have been the last”

Kim Won-jun, Busking on a Day Out to Eat Singer Won-jun Kim introduced an anecdote of a plane crash in the past. On the 4th, Kim Won-jun appeared as a guest on SBS FiL’s ‘Busking Day Eating Out’ and had a conversation with Kim Jun-hyun. Kim Won-jun said, “During the 7th album promotions, I suffered … Read more

How much did FC Barcelona earn last season?

Barcelona revealed the value of its profits in the 2022-2021 season, amounting to 98 million dollars. The Catalan team expects the value of profits to rise to about 240 million pounds ($274 million), in the current season 2023-2022, after adopting an operating income budget of 1.255 billion dollars. Barcelona’s financial affairs were the subject of … Read more

Even Busan citizens are surprised by that place in the past… A scene in a chaotic neighborhood

A view of the redevelopment and maintenance project in the Yangjeong District 1 area. / Photo = Reporter Lee Song-ryeol Yangjeong-dong, Busanjin-gu, in the heart of Busan Metropolitan City, is rapidly changing. This is because old areas such as old villas are being transformed into new apartments through maintenance projects. As the region is rapidly … Read more

[KUIS KOREA] Renjun or Haechan NCT DREAM, Who Will Be Your Match Without Red Flag?

Thursday, August 25, 2022 23:21 Editors Anytime [KUIS KOREA] Renjun or Haechan NCT DREAM, Who Will Be Your Match Without Red Flag? Having a soul mate with no red flags is everyone’s dream, isn’t it? But if your potential match is Renjun and NCT DREAM’s Haechan, do you think they will have a red flag … Read more