Dogs smell when people are stressed according to new study | Science

29 sep 2022 om 16:30Update: 2 dagen geleden Dogs can smell our breath and sweat when we are stressed. That’s according to a new study at Queen’s University in Northern Ireland. This can be useful for training service and therapy dogs. Door Lennart ‘t Hart Four dogs (Treo, Fingal, Roet and Winnie) and 36 people … Read more

The eternal flight of opera for families will gather more than 120 talented young people in the Liepāja concert hall / Diena

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Liepāja Opera House, the Liepaja Concert Hall will premiere an opera for families eternal flight, by an outstanding creative team. The story was written by the playwright and writer Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce, whose plays and librettos have been staged in the biggest theaters of Latvia and the Latvian … Read more

“Arno had secrets, but they would hurt people unnecessarily”: biography reveals life next to rock ‘n’ roll | BV

BV“There is one thing that is troubling. That he can no longer read this book himself.” Ten years ago, music journalist Bart Steenhaut and Arno decided to write a book. But in the end the Ostend rascal was too quick for his own biographer. The life story became an in memoriam that disfigured the “clown” … Read more

‘Warte Vs Rumpis’ Gang Deadly Brawl in Bekasi, 2 People Become Suspects

Jakarta – Police arrested 22 related people brawl in the Kayuringin Jaya area, South Bekasi, which killed a student with the initials MRH (16). Two of them have now been named as suspects. The two perpetrators were the initials AS (15) and S (14). These two students are known to be the executor who slashed … Read more

Intel announces new innovations | Executive People

Intel will introduce the 13th generation Intel Core processors, expanded Intel Developer Cloud, Intel Geti computer vision platform and more choice in graphics during the two-day Intel Innovation event. The Intel Developer Cloud makes new and future hardware platforms available for pre-launch development and testing, such as 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor processors (Sapphire … Read more

It has been leaked that the price of butter will soon be brutally expensive. It has to stand as much as ever. People won’t buy it at that price anymore

If anyone thought that the main wave of food price hikes was behind us, they should reduce their optimism considerably. On the contrary, more and more news from the food industry indicates that a real increase in prices is yet to come. Manufacturers must act now While in the spring, retail chains in particular allowed … Read more

Tanjungpinang City Government urges people to be aware of dengue fever – ANTARA News Riau Islands

Tanjungpinang (ANTARA) – Head of the Tanjungpinang City Health Office, Riau Islands, Elfiani Sandri asked the public to be aware of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) caused by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. “Prevention efforts must be made so that our homes and environment do not become a breeding ground for the Aedes aegypti … Read more

Selamat datang in Jablonec! People follow me everywhere, it’s an honor, says the Cools puller. Why does he play for North Bohemia?

In his native country of more than 30 million people, the three-time champion of Belgium is thus watched, and his popularity is also reflected in the interest in the North Bohemian club. “Of course I’m happy that people from my country follow me wherever I play. It’s an honor. Social media is part of football … Read more