Covid-19: More than 100 asymptomatic people reported positive self-test to SNS 24 – News

The tests began to be distributed in pharmacies and drugstores on April 2 and until today “the SNS 24 registered 114 contacts of asymptomatic users who reported a positive self-test result”, said SPMS in response to the agency Lusa. “When users transmit an inconclusive or positive result, a request for a covid-19 laboratory test (RT-PCR) … Read more

There are cases of children who infected “20 people”, Algarve with 13 outbreaks in schools | Covid-19

The Algarve region is the most affected by new cases of the covid-19 virus associated with the English variant (94%). The national figure is 82.9%. The data, revealed this Monday by the regional public health authorities, leaves yet another warning: “We still have examples of positive children who managed [disseminar] more than 20 secondary cases, … Read more

7 People Died Due to Covid-19, Most of them from Pekanbaru

RIAU24.COM – Province Riau on Monday, April 12, 2021, there was another record of the number of people who died from the virus Corona or Covid-19. Head of the Riau Health Service, Mimi Yuliani Nazir, said that in Riau, 7 people had died from the virus from China. Also Read: Covid-19 cases in Riau today … Read more

The “South African” variant of the coronavirus can infect vaccinated people

Tel Aviv University specialists studied 400 people who received one or two doses Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines and the same group of people who have not yet been vaccinated. According to Reuters, the volunteers in both groups were of similar age and the appropriate age was maintained division in terms of the respondents’ sex. The … Read more

Rio says “the people don’t understand decision” about Socrates and accuses Costa of “hypocrisy” and “lack of courage” –…

Rui Rio believes that the recent developments in Operation Marquis are a reflection of a “regime” that “is very ill” and that it is of particular gravity that it is assumed that a former Prime Minister was corrupted at the same time that it is said that the crime has already prescribed. “The people do … Read more

More than 200 people died from COVID-19 in a day, the percentage of new cases jumped again

Again an increase in newly registered coronavirus infection, the number of deaths also jumped sharply. 3122 are the new cases for the last 24 hours, and 201 people have lost the battle against COVID-19. This is indicated by the data in the Unified Information Portal. 17,402 tests were performed for the last 24 hours, of … Read more

«I spent four terrible days, I was scared to death» – PEOPLE Online

Marcela tinayre (70) revealed that last January he had coronavirus and what happened “four very hard days” in what was his battle against this virus that plagues the entire planet. The daughter of Mirtha Legrand I was speaking in The Morning Angels (eltrece) about the criticism he had received Nacho Avenue, her son, for having … Read more

More than 70% of Japanese people want to postpone the Tokyo Olympics / Day

The results of the survey show that 39.2% of respondents want the Olympic Games to be canceled altogether, but 32.8% hope that the most ambitious sporting event of the four years will be postponed again. Only 24% of respondents would not object to the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer. The vast majority, or 92.6%, … Read more

Mobile teams vaccinate people at home (Brussels)

Brussels – In the Brussels Region, mobile teams are used to vaccinate people who are physically unable to go to a vaccination center at home. The first home vaccinations will take place from April 19. The mobile teams are strictly reserved for people who really cannot get to a vaccination center themselves. These are people … Read more

In order not to be caught, the dealer rents a spy, a day is paid Rp. 200 thousand: urine test, 47 positive people

SRIPOKU.COM, PALEMBANG- Bandar sabu in the drug village of Tangga Buntung has hired spies to monitor the movements of suspicious people, including the police. They would light fireworks as a sign to the city to flee. The people of Sabu town are paid Rp 200 thousand per day. Head of the Palembang Police for Narcotics, … Read more