The impressive images of a fire in the heart of Brussels (photos and video)

HEight residents had to be evacuated from their building on Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier in Brussels after a fire broke out there on Monday evening. Three of them had to be taken to hospital, Brussels firefighters said. “Many objects were on fire, including mattresses and bicycles,” Brussels fire department spokesman Walter Derieuw said. “It formed a … Read more

50% of children’s photos on porn websites, new law in France punishes parents for posting photos

France has passed a new law guaranteeing better privacy and security for children. Parents will have control over sharing their children’s photos and videos on social media. The new bill itself was passed to ensure privacy for children. The French Assembly passed the bill represented by MP Bruno Studer. Under the new law, courts will … Read more

parents can’t post children photos, parents will be punished if they share photos of children on social media in france

Sharing children’s photos on social media is something most parents do. But France has banned them by law, finding that it affects children’s privacy. A bill has been approved to penalize children sharing photos on social media platforms even if it is the mother or father. MP Bruno Studer, who represented the bill, said that … Read more

Ike Parody | what does Patricio Parodi’s brother look like and what is his new look | VIDEO AND PHOTOS | before and after the reality boy | show business trcm | SHOWS

Tv The brother of “Pato”, who was part of This is War and Combat, was seen at his sister Mafer’s engagement party. ¡OHHHH! Power of Parody was seen with his brothers, patrick parody and the twins. The person in charge of spreading the family photos was Mafer, who recently got engaged to her partner. However, … Read more

Anastasia Volochkova: ballerina declassified 7-year-old daughter from a man from Central Asia, photos, details, latest news, 2023

Anastasia Volochkova. Photo: Pavel Kashaev/ Global Look Press/ Anastasia Volochkova showed a grown girl. 47-year-old Anastasia Volochkova for all the years of success and career managed to acquire an enviable property. In the suburbs of Moscow, she has a luxurious house worth almost $ 2 million. The total area of ​​the mansion is about … Read more

Still a beautiful woman: First lady Eva Pavlova shared pictures from her youth

5 Petr Pavel and Eva Pavlova First Lady Eva Pavlova has been very active on social networks in recent months. There, she shares various images from her life with her supporters and the supporters of her husband, the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, and she does not forget her childhood either. In one … Read more

Evelina Anusauskaitė-Young warms up with her husband in Hawaii: shares breathtaking photos | Names

Evelina Anusauskaitė-Young, warming up under the sun in Hawaii, shared moments from her vacation. In the photos, she posed with her husband Adam. Palm trees and the evening sky can be seen behind them. The couple is smiling and lovingly holding each other’s hands. In the next photo, she looks like a postcard. Evelina wears … Read more

Drugs with photos of Totò Riina and Matteo Messina Denaro, 28-year-old arrested

Drug “branded” Messina Denaro and Riina. The carabinieri of the Marsala operational and mobile radio unit, coordinated by the local prosecutor’s office, discovered a real wholesale depot of narcotic substances which also served as a laboratory for cutting and packaging doses. For days, the military had controlled the entrance to a warehouse in the Marsala … Read more

M jak miłość, episode 1722: Paweł will accuse his son Sowiński of trying to rape Basia during the trial. There will be strong evidence – PHOTOS

In the 1722 episode “M jak miłość”, the trial of Paweł Zduński (Rafał Mroczek) will begin, whom the businessman Sowiński (Konrad Jałowiec) accused of beating and stealing the phone. But the case in court will have a second bottom. Of course, it is about the bestial attack of Sowiński’s son, Filip (Kacper Zalewski), on Paweł’s … Read more