Impressive weight loss by Dominique Van Malder in new documentary: “Am I going to be just as good an actor if I suddenly have a thinner body?”

Actor and presenter Dominique Van Malder has always been an imposing appearance, but physically it became increasingly difficult for him to carry all that weight. That is why, after years of failed diets, he is now going to drastically change his life. The new documentary series Patient Dompito be seen on Play4 from May 31, … Read more

Being a wizard, how much does that actually earn? This is how much TV makers pay BVs and experts

How much do BVs get to participate in programs like ‘The masked singer’? Singing hoarsely for weeks in a warm and uncomfortable suit, that’s also a job. And so BVs were paid for their participation in the recently completed ‘The masked singer’. Just like they don’t try to become the Smartest Human for nothing. “Sometimes … Read more

Emanuelle ‘Manu’ Santana Marques from Genk travels with the whole family from Thailand to Brazil: “This even exceeds my participation in ‘De Mol’” (Genk)

© rr Genk – The hunt for De Mol will be open again from Sunday and there is even a search from Brazil. Emanuelle ‘Manu’ Santana Marques (36), the girl from Genk who dropped out just before the final last year, starts her search in her native country. It is the last stop of a … Read more

“I went on a honeymoon with a friend. My husband didn’t have time”: ‘Nonkels’ actress Isabelle Van Hecke now also in ‘Before the bomb falls’

In ‘Before the bomb falls’, Isabelle Van Hecke briefly retrains as a presenter and tells a striking story about her honeymoon. She had already mastered acting for a long time, but on Thursday evening Isabelle Van Hecke (45) also ventured into presenting. The actress, who caused a furore this year as the vicious Carine in … Read more

OVERVIEW. After a mediocre TV autumn due to the World Cup, the channels are bringing all the big guns into position this spring

Now that the rippling autumn – thanks to the football world championship – is over, and 2023 is lurking around the corner, the contours of the television spring are emerging. It is not only very well filled at One, VTM and Play4, but the big guns are moving quickly. Including ‘The masked singer’, ‘De mol’ … Read more

A quiet holiday is not awarded to Gert Verhulst in ‘De Verhulstjes’

The chapter ‘jointly presenting talk shows’ may be closed, but James Cooke remains friend of the house with Gert Verhulst. In the new season of ‘De Verhulstjes’, which starts on Sunday, January 8 on Play4, he makes an appearance in the now well-known villa in Saint-Tropez. Road Desmytere Tuesday, December 27, 2022 at 09:56 Gert … Read more