They forced me by force, recalls the Czech record holder. His wife returns after four years!

Miroslav Lesák’s memorial has been held in Opava for several years, now it will also bear the name of his son Jiří. And it was at his funeral last fall that the idea was born that his former wards would gather at an exhibition meeting this year. And that there were some, from among the … Read more

Stock market crashes and major economic crises (Podcast)

At first, we talk about investments, sometimes about speculative bubbles, and then occur – here and there – some stock market crashes and other financial, economic and social crises. Beyond the theoretical concepts, we observe real personal dramas, collective traumas and unimaginable political consequences. Each crisis is followed by reforms and regulations to reduce the … Read more

Terminally ill John Franke competes with podcast for population screening for lung cancer

From chemo to guinea pig and back to chemo In the 2.5 years that Franke has now lived with lung cancer, he has traveled a special path. The first chemos at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) made him sick. “In October 2020 I was out of treatment, there was nothing left of me,” says … Read more

In the podcast, the Children’s Hospital Foundation addresses a dignified permanent life for people with disabilities

The theme of the fourth episode of the podcast is “Equal opportunities – respectful treatment”. This episode focuses on living with dignity, where the main focus is on living in an institution and starting a permanent life as an adult, for people with special needs – if and how this is possible. The Children’s Hospital … Read more

Gloss: What’s worse? Purple jacket or Babiš’s selfie?

Let’s stop joking, here we need to stand up for the politicians. Although a top politician’s visit to a disaster site rarely goes well. Opponents of the current government have found another reason to criticize. They mock Prime Minister Petar Fial for not even being able to put down his jacket in the forest during … Read more

I agree with Řepka, the end of a career is half-death, says Pilsen icon Horváth

What was the end of Horváth’s active career? Was he thinking about a path outside of football? “I can’t do anything except football. I would bone a leg and a shoulder, but I couldn’t make a living as a butcher. Nobody would hire me. Maybe I could drive a bus or a tram,” Horváth says … Read more

In the new episode of the Turības Business Incubator podcast “Experts tuvplānā” – “Media literacy in today’s buzz of information” – News

In the eighth episode of the “Experts tuvplānā” podcast, business universities were guests Wealth Jana Bunkus, vice-dean of the communication direction, and Anda Rožukalne, Latvian public media ombudsman. In this episode, we will look for answers to questions about media literacy, misinformation, how society perceives and consumes information, as well as find out the latest … Read more

PODCAST TOUR. Jumbo Visma and UAE back in balance: “It will be a man-to-man fight between Pogacar and Vingegaard” (and have a chance to win a signed green jersey from Wout van Aert!)

©  AFP Not only the race, the Tour is also ours. Armed with a microphone and a strong dose of enthusiasm, Michaël Van Damme heads to Denmark and France, where, following the peloton’s trail, he sniffs out the most beautiful stories and the sharpest analyses. Every day. Today a sharp look back and forward with … Read more

Even the representatives are not fully professional. Czech soccer players only train after work

The Women’s Football Euro is in full swing. The championship proves the attractiveness and growing popularity of women’s football. Unfortunately, without the Czech Republic. The water carriers are solving how to bring women’s football to the fore. The Seznam Zpráv studio was visited by Kateřina Bužková, a Czech professional soccer player who, as a regular … Read more