Tragedy. The football player was poisoned by his own cousin

The tragic event took place at the end of last year in Côte d’Ivoire, where the football striker came from. After the first half of the 2nd Saudi Arabian League, where he played for the Al-Bukiryah Club, Konan returned home to Africa to celebrate the Christmas holidays with his family. But instead of celebration, misfortune … Read more

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi poisoned me in food and wanted to kill me.. Shocking and fiery confessions made by Etimad Khorshid, who ignited the artistic community?

2021/12/31 It’s 03:00 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite More than three months have passed since the death of the Egyptian artist and producer, Etimad Khurshid, at the age of 82. Etimad Khorshid, who is nicknamed the Black Box, was known for her controversial statements, including her recent statements about the late artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, … Read more

Russian hope was poisoned. The Ski Tour will not go

The 20-year-old talented cross-country skier underwent food poisoning, which she confirmed on her instagram account. “I’m skipping the Tour de Ski. I was poisoned by food poisoning. I’m not pregnant, I don’t have a hangover, and no one keeps me in prison because I’m talking too much – to be clear, I’m just quoting some … Read more

Jan Jambon considers the opinion of GEMS experts to be a poisoned Christmas present: “Policymakers have opted for the safest option”

Anger has been brewing since Wednesday following the federal government’s announcements. The cultural sector feels the victim of disproportionate measures. Many players in the field have also expressed their dissatisfaction this Sunday, during a demonstration in Brussels. On the political side too, voices are being heard and demanding that decision-makers reverse the closure of cinemas, … Read more

Dozens of people in Prague poisoned by carbon monoxide

In Prague, 32 people, including some children, have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning. Twenty-seven people have been taken to five different hospitals in the Czech capital. A contingency plan was put in place to treat all victims as quickly as possible. The incident took place at a large family home in the Modrany suburb. A family … Read more

Putin denied that Navalny was poisoned by the newcomer, saying he did not receive any evidence

“There is no material on this novelty. How do you explain that? ”Said Putin, who, as before, did not say Navalny’s name, speaking of him only as a man who was supposed to be poisoned. According to Putin, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has repeatedly tried to obtain any materials from Germany that would confirm … Read more

Migrant woman: They bullied us. They poisoned us with dogs

Erbil is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. The city is teeming with multicultural life. You can feel the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays in the Christian district. This is where we meet the heroes of our reportage. The scenario is always the same: contact with a smuggler, visas and airline tickets. In Minsk, a few … Read more

Navalny’s team announces compensation for a video from a hotel in Tomsk where the opposition was poisoned

Russia “Alexei Navalny, a member of the arrested opposition party, has announced material compensation for his investigation into the poisoning in August last year,”Navalny poisoning“. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The Navalny team is offering three million rubles (36 thousand euros) in compensation for video surveillance system recordings from the Tomsk Hotel, where … Read more

They poisoned him and threw his body in the white sand

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces stated that “the body of an unidentified man was found in the locality of Ramlet al-Bayda, on 9-11-2021, with wounds and scratches, and thrown under the cliff, and it turned out later to be that of the citizen: A. M” (born in 1964). Through investigations, it was … Read more

Chronology of 4 People Killed by Cyanide Poisoned by Shamans in Magelang

Magelang – Four people died of poisoning cyanide a male shaman in the District Magelang, initialed IS (57). The following is the chronology of the case revealed by the Magelang Police, Central Java, it. – Thursday (14/5/2020)20.00 WIB It was revealed that the first IS victim was a man with the initials M (52), a … Read more