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Prabowo’s Various Statements at Haul Alhabib Munzir: Pray for Presidential Candidates to Praise Jokowi

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBacapres Gerindra at the same time Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto attended the invitation of the Rasullulah Assembly for the 10th Haul Akbar of Sulthonul Qulub Alhabib Munzir Al Musawa, Pancoran, on Sunday, May 28 2023. In the event Prabowo was invited as a special guest.

Prabowo arrived at the location at 10.20 WIB. He wore a white shirt accompanied by a black cap. Prabowo greeted warmly congregation. He chatted for a while before finally sitting down in a meeting with the habib and the ulema at the event.

Tempo summarizes the interesting things about Prabowo’s presence. Starting from being prayed for in the election,

Message so that Praboow does not forget the Rasulullah Assembly

Chairman of the Shura Council Assembly of the Prophet, Habib Nabiel Almusawa alluded to Prabowo’s candidacy. Nabiel said that if you become an Indonesian leader, don’t forget this Assembly of the Prophets.



“My message, if later Allah wills to lead Indonesia, don’t forget about the Prophet’s Council, is that true or not?”

Then Nabiel compared the support to a car that broke down. “Don’t let it be like pushing a car to break down, you’ve forgotten about the Assembly of the Prophet,” said Nabiel.

Even so, said Nabiel, he believed that Prabowo would not do this. “But God willing he is not like that. Amen ya rabbal alamin. I left a message like that,” he said.

Was given the message to guard the nation and people of Indonesia

Then Nabiel also delivered another message to Prabowo. Nabiel told Prabowo to be able to protect the nation and people of Indonesia.

“Please take care of the nation and people of Indonesia. We are all small people, Pak Prabowo. We need leaders who are honest, truly fair to the people and side with the small people. Not in favor of the financiers and dealers,” he said.

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