Rockets Attack the Presidential Palace, Afghan President Continues Eid Prayers

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Attack rocket targeting the area near the presidential palace Afghanistan during prayer Eid al-Adha Tuesday (20/7/2021). Even then, President Afghanistan performing congregational prayers with a number of people. During the prayer, there was an explosion rocket heard falling many times. Quoted from KompasTV, explosion rocket They were fired around the green zone which … Read more

A rocket attack took place in the Afghan capital just before the presidential speech

About 8 p.m. (6:30 a.m. Lithuanian time) missiles could be heard in the well-guarded Green Zone, home to the presidency and several embassies, including the US mission. “Afghanistan’s enemies have launched rocket attacks in different parts of Kabul today,” Interior Ministry spokesman Mirwais Stanikzai said. “All the missiles hit three different parts of the city. … Read more

Presidential elections in Peru. Pedro Castillo officially announced winner

The National Electoral Tribunal of Peru confirmed Pedro Castillo’s victory in the presidential elections that took place in the country on June 6. The 51-year-old teacher then gained a slight advantage in the vote, but his rival, the daughter of the former president, claimed the election had been rigged. After a detailed inspection, the General … Read more

Pedro Castillo / Day has been declared the winner of the Peruvian presidential election

Castiljo’s 51-year victory means Fuhimori is facing corruption. “On behalf of my family, I would like to congratulate the electoral authorities (…) and also congratulate the political parties that have taken part in this celebration of democracy,” Castillo told hundreds of supporters of his party. Free Peru headquarters in Lima. “Dear fellow citizens, I am … Read more

Rockets landed near the Afghan presidential palace

Agency reporters AFP in the capital, around 8:00 local time (5:30 CEST), they heard rockets flying over the strictly guarded Green Zone, which houses a number of embassies, foreign companies and the Presidential Palace. Explosions followed shortly after. “Afghanistan’s enemies have fired rockets at several locations in Kabul. Three rockets landed right in front of … Read more

Presidential Primaries 2021: Sebastián Sichel and Gabriel Boric win in their respective pacts

The installation of tables began in the Magallanes region, since this area of ​​the country is one hour ahead of the rest of continental Chile. This Sunday, July 18, the presidential primaries are held in the country where two pacts will decide their candidates to arrive at La Moneda for the next November elections. I … Read more

Where I vote? Check your electoral data for the presidential primaries

Servel published a list of table members and updated the information on the polling places this Sunday. This Sunday the presidential primaries are held, where the Chile Vamos and Approve Dignidad pacts will define their letters to La Moneda: I approve of Dignity: The deputy Gabriel Boric (Social Convergence) and the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel … Read more

Losing the presidential election, Donald Trump almost dragged the US military to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, WASHINGTON – Donald J Trump, in his final days in the White House, came close to dragging the US military into a major war against Iran. Trump rejected the results of the US presidential election that won his rival, Joe Biden. Together with his loyalists, Trump is trying to leave the big problem to … Read more

Where I vote? Check your electoral data for the presidential primaries on July 18

The Servel has already updated the electoral information for the elections where the Chile Vamos and Approve Dignidad pacts will define their letters for the first round. This Sunday the presidential primaries will be held on July 18, where the Chile Vamos and Approve Dignity pacts will define their letters to La Moneda: I approve … Read more

An alternative calculation of the results of the presidential elections in Belarus published

Tikhanovskaya won presidential elections in Belarus in the first round In the first round of presidential elections in Belarus, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s candidacy was supported by 56% of voters. The leader of the opposition in Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya won the presidential elections in 2020 in the first round. This is evidenced by an alternative vote count … Read more