The non-commissioned officer expelled from FETÖ is the ringleader of the prostitution gang

In the operation carried out against the gang that forced Turkish and foreign women to prostitution in the capital, 9 suspects were detained. Ankara Police Department Anti-Immigrant Smuggling and Border Gates Branch Office teams detected a network that forced Turkish and foreign women into prostitution. The teams that took action caught and detained 9 suspects, … Read more

Osmel Sousa affirms that there is prostitution within the Miss Venezuela contest

Caracas.- The beauty czar, Osmel Sousa, in the company of the trainer Richard Linares and the catwalk teacher Giselle Reyes, gave an interview to the actress and TV presenter, Viviana Gibelli in relation to celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Miss Venezuela organization, where confirmed that prostitution exists within the beauty contest. “Here you can … Read more

Rector denounces prostitution and micro-trafficking network in Liceo 1 during meeting with the government

“The prostitution network is inside the high school, at least in High School 1.” This assertion is part of an audio to which El Líbero had access, about a meeting between rectors of eight high schools in Santiago, the presidential delegate, Constanza Martínez; the director of Municipal Education (DEM), Rodrigo Roco, and the deputy director … Read more

Selebgram Initials DN and PI It turns out that this figure, identity of Makassar Selebgram Arrested in Online Prostitution Case

SEMARANG, AYOSEMARANG.COM — Great celebgram news initials DN and PI arrested for cases online prostitution. It is said that celebrity initials DN and PI is Makassar celebgram. Second Makassar celebgram he, along with 2 pimps, were arrested at a hotel in the Makassar area, last Friday 11 November 2022. Read Also: Makassar DN and PI … Read more

2 Makassar Celebrities Arrested in Prostitution Cases, This is the Rate

Solo – Two celebgrams in Makassar, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) with the initials DN (23) and PI (20) were arrested in connection with a prostitution case. The police revealed that the price for the two was around Rp. 2 million for one date. “Ijas (muncikari) accepts prospective customers using the WhatsApp application by fixing a … Read more

Members of a motorcycle club convicted of human trafficking and prostitution

The Brussels Criminal Court on Friday sentenced three members of the “No Surrender” motorcycle club and the wife of one of them to 20 months to six years in prison for forcing a Dutch woman into prostitution. The main suspect was tried in absentia and the court ordered his immediate arrest. The Dutch woman had … Read more

Ban on Daily Rent of Kalibata City Apartments to Prevent Drugs-Prostitution

Jakarta – The South Jakarta Police carried out socialization regarding the ban on daily rent or Pergub 133/2019 in Kalibata City. The regulation is said to prevent drug trafficking and prostitution. “But, even though there is data on that case, we don’t underestimate, we continue to socialize. We have also ordered the Sector Police Chief … Read more

Sex worker, Prostitution | You don’t protect sex workers by pauperizing them

The debate entry expresses the writer’s opinions. Let’s have an honest debate about sex work. If the Act on the purchase of sex is partly about protecting the sex workers, we must stop pretending that we can criminalize the purchase without it also having negative consequences for the sex worker. Consequences that significantly weaken the … Read more

South Jakarta Police Socialize the Ban on Daily Apartment Rentals in Kalibata City

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – South Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Ade Ary Syam Indrahadi led the discussion on the socialization of the daily rental ban apartment based on DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation Number 133 of 2019. “The regulation is still an appeal because it is for prevention or prevention,” said Ade Ary in Jakarta, Sunday, October 30, … Read more

Mikaela Testa: – Arrested after “prostitution confusion”

The Australian influencer Mikaela Testa (22) has built up a solid following in a short time, with her 2.2 million followers on TikTok and over 400,000 followers on Instagram. There, she has caused controversy several times, including for the trips to the USA she has made in the last year. Arrested in Iran – finally … Read more