Asteroids bring organic matter?New discovery in Japan probes mystery of origin of life – News – Rti Central Radio

In the samples collected by the Japanese research team from the asteroid, silicate minerals containing organic matter were found, and it was concluded that these minerals sent the organic matter of the origin of life to the earth. (Photo: Pixabay) When a Japanese research team analyzed samples collected from asteroids, they discovered silicate minerals that … Read more

Almost 10,000 students are still in the housing queue – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

Today, the start of the semester and godfather’s week are in full swing around the country. But for many of the students it has so far been impossible to find a place to live. Fresh figures from the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions show that, as of 15 August, there are a total of 9,988 … Read more

On its 95th anniversary, Radioteatris will delight with a selection of 95 productions / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

On its ninety-fifth anniversary, Radioteatris has prepared ninety-five productions for the audience on the digital platform. Culture rondo in the studio about a selection of productions – a bouquet of directors and actors and what is left as a legacy, a conversation with the producers of the Radio Theater Amber Methuselah and Amber Tilakas well … Read more

– We want to lead the way – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

Take a look in your fridge. What do you find there? Do you perhaps have liver paste? Sliced ​​bacon? Or boiled ham? Until now, these products have contained an additive called carrageenan, also known as E407. That time will soon be over. But why are the Norwegian food producers cutting out this substance? – Wants … Read more

Malikov made a statement at the Monte Carlo radio regatta

On August 13, the traditional Monte Carlo Radio Regatta took place. It brought together experts from different fields and opened the official sports program of the Eastern Economic Forum 2022. The guests of honor of the event were many Russian celebrities, including Yulia Savicheva, Elena Borshcheva, Elena Khanga. Dmitry Malikov, in turn, became one of … Read more

The Ghoul is still drought resistant

The La Goule hydroelectric plant will produce little this summer. Located in Noirmont, the factory has been closed since July 15. The fault with the dryness and with a quantity of water in Doubs too low to open the valves and to activate the turbines. A rather complicated situation for the largest power plant in … Read more

Celebrate at the Heitere – Heitere Open Air: our festival highlights – Radio SRF 3

contents Finally Heitere Open Air again: After a forced two-year break, festival visitors can look forward to a three-day, top-class music festival. The SRF 3 festival summer is slowly coming to an end. But before that happens, we were able to report on another highlight of the season: the Heitere Open Air. The reggae and … Read more

Radio astronomy detects a mysterious explosion of energy for the first time

For the first time, astronomers have detected one of the strongest flashes ever found in the sky, and it appeared as a result of a collision between a star and a “neutron star”. [جرم صغير لا يتخطى شعاعه 30 كيلومتراً ولكنه يتميّز بكثافة مادته وشدّة جاذبيته] As it is called, by radio astronomy [الإشعاعي] In … Read more

“Disney+” VS “Netflix” Which one do you prefer? | Topics | TBS Radio FM90.5 + AM954 ~The sound of something starting~

Yesterday, there was news that Disney surpassed the number of members of the video distribution service “Netflix”. Disney+ has 152.1 million paid members worldwide (as of July 2nd), but if you include video distribution services such as Hulu, the number will reach 221.1 million. , slightly surpassing Netflix’s 220.67 million. Video distribution under the Disney … Read more

Six years for one of the men who kidnapped Lady Gaga’s dogs

A second man accused of violently assaulting an employee of American singer Lady Gaga to kidnap the star’s dogs was sentenced to six years in prison on Thursday in Los Angeles. The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to attempted robbery. He admitted to being part of the group, which shot the employee, while walking the ‘Poker Face’ … Read more