Ng, scientist finds mysterious object in the milky way Radio waves are released every 18.8 minutes.

On 27 Jan. 65 CNNandChannel News Asia Report: Scientists in Australia have discovered a strange spinning object. Riddles in the Milky Way which astronomers have never seen before The mysterious space object was first observed by a university student in Australia working on a thesis paper. In March 2018, it was found that this rotating … Read more

Astronomers still do not know what an object that emits radio waves is

They track the location of 8 mysterious radio bursts 0:39 (CNN) — While mapping radio waves in the universe, astronomers came across a space object that releases gigantic bursts of energy, unlike anything they’ve seen before. The rotating space object, spotted in March 2018, emitted radiation three times an hour. At those times, it became … Read more

Tord Øverland-Knutsen and The Wombats top the British album list – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

18 years after the indie rock band was started, they have finally succeeded in climbing all the way to the top of one of the world’s most important sales lists. The album “Fix yourself, not the world” is now in number one spot ahead of artists such as Ed Sheeran, Adele and The Weeknd on … Read more

The Evergrande title carried by the hope of a rescue plan

The Chinese real estate giant jumped on the stock market on Monday, after the arrival in its management of an executive from a public company, interpreted by investors as the first step towards a government bailout. Evergrande, which is crushed under a mountain of about $300 billion (273.4 billion francs) in debt and has been … Read more

Mysterious Russian radio began to win Gangnam style instead of codes and ciphers

The radio transmitter has been transmitting the signal at a frequency of 4625 kHz continuously since 1982. It fascinates radio amateurs, various enthusiasts and mystics. The transmission contains a single tone that accompanies the machine beep every few seconds. About once or twice a week, a male or female voice sounds and says a few … Read more

New building or reconstruction / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio

The three acoustic halls of the National Acoustic Concert Hall in the territory of the industrial goods market, Andrejsala and the Riga Congress Hall, were examined in depth at a seminar organized on January 20 by the Ministry of Culture and the Latvian Union of Architects. New building or reconstruction? Who should be at the … Read more

Tito Speranza explained his scandalous resignation live on the radio: “I went to avoid gossip”

The scandalous resignation of Titus Hope to the program mainland radio generated surprise and above all intrigue regarding what was the origin of the discord with Gabriel Ruocco, the driver, to whom he claimed live “don’t lie!”. “The only thing I say is what was heard and there is nothing else,” said the former bodyguard … Read more

The most suitable place for the National Concert Hall is the Congress House / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio

Residents of Latvia consider the Riga Congress House to be the most suitable for the construction of the National Acoustic Concert Hall in the center of Riga, according to the market and public opinion in December 2021. data from the survey conducted by the research center SKDS. On January 20, the Ministry of Culture (MoC) … Read more

Tito Speranza spoke about the fight on the radio air: “I went to avoid gossip”

Some days ago, Titus Hope He was the protagonist of an awkward moment. in the air of mainland radio, the remembered “custodian” of Ricardo Fort resigned live from the program in which he participated and He told the driver everything. Now in dialogue with TN Show, the sports journalist explained the reason why he/she went … Read more

No hits on new DNA analyzes in the Tina Jørgensen case – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

– Evidence has been sent in to investigate whether there was DNA on this, but the results show that no DNA has been found on this evidence, says police attorney Fredrik Martin Soma to NRK. NRK has previously written that the police are reviewing the evidence in the Tina Jørgensen case again. This is despite … Read more