U.S. stock rebound does not match corporate earnings outlook, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs strategists continue to sing short | Anue Juheng – US Stocks

According to Bloomberg’s report on Monday (8th), Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs strategists both said they expect earnings to shrink next year as costs continue to weigh on U.S. corporate earnings. The rebound trend is inconsistent, and it is too early to be optimistic at present, and there may be another wave of decline in … Read more

Lu Yuren – High Debt Stocks Should Be Avoided for a Rebound under Interest Rate Increase | Financial High Tea | Headline Daily

The Hong Kong stock market was plunged into a political market last week. The US Democratic Party Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan, stirring up tensions across the Taiwan Strait. Beijing showed dissatisfaction with its naval exercises in Taiwan for several days. People on the island are concerned about whether military exercises will be … Read more

rebound of responsibility between the Municipality and the Region

As expected, the news of theincrease of the single ATM travel ticket has aroused a hornet’s nest of controversy. And the political rebound of responsibilities between the Region and the Municipality has begun. In autumn, in fact, the coupon could increase from 10 to 30 cents over 2 euros today. Palazzo Marino accuses the Pirellone … Read more

A rebound in tourism led to a profitable quarter for Airbnb | Business

The platform, which called April-June the most profitable second quarter in its history, had a net income of 379 million. US dollars. In a show of confidence in the future, the San Francisco-based company announced that it will allocate $2 billion to USD to buy back the shares. “At the height of the pandemic, we’ve … Read more

A stock market rebound is emerging

Analysis Georges Severin The stock exchanges recorded positive developments during the last sessions. The BEL20 index ended the week on an increase of 1% before a week which will be very busy in terms of corporate results. The Belgian market underperformed the surrounding markets, with rebounds of 3% for the CAC40 (Paris) and the Dax … Read more

‘That Greek bartender turned out to be the perfect rebound lover’

Image: Unsplash Newly divorced on vacation and planning nothing but reading piles of books. Until that nice bartender puts a lot of work into it. Rose (39), lat relationship, mother of Emma (11): “Exactly a year after my friend Monique gave her parting in the arms of a Greek adonis, I boarded a plane with … Read more

[US market conditions]Stock market rebound, Apple’s hiring slows down and turns down-First half of 138 yen-Bloomberg

The US stock market fell back on the 18th. With Apple’s plans to slow down hiring, concerns about recession have risen and it has turned down sharply. The yen exchange rate in US time was generally in the low 138 yen range per dollar. U.S. stocks fall back, anaerobic to Apple’s hiring plans US Treasuries … Read more

Transfer window diary (07/17): PSG targets a new player, Kepa could rebound in Naples

The info thread: – 20h50: Ben Davies are expected to leave Liverpool for Glasgow Rangers in the coming hours. The Reds will recover just under 5 million euros for their central defender. – 7:15 p.m .: Arsenal would like to offer Arthur, the Brazilian midfielder for Juventus. Football Italia has in any case brought out … Read more

Taiwan stocks retaliatory rebound, Yageo wrote the strongest June revenue today must-see financial news | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Pay attention to the key news of Taiwan stocks before the market. Taiwan stocks rebounded 350 points in revenge yesterday and stood at 14,300 points. The two giants of wafers and MediaTek staged a big counterattack. , the second-quarter revenue touchdown method is estimated to be high, and the first-half revenue all set a new … Read more