The S&P 500 could drop 50% due to the asset bubble

AFP Veteran investor Jeremy Grantham warned that the collapse of the “bubble of everything” could cause the S&P500 to plunge by about 50% and the US economy to face a painful recession. According to Grantham, prices of stocks, bonds, real estate and other investments have inflated to unsustainably high levels during the coronavirus pandemic. He … Read more

Recession is on the horizon, and in the second half of the year Lithuanian residents may see a long-seen phenomenon

Disrupted logistics, increased cargo transportation prices, and soon Russian aggression against Ukraine, which led to an increase in the price of raw materials and energy resources. The result is double-digit inflation. But the country’s business held up even in these conditions. Lithuania’s GDP grew by 2.2 percent during the year. Warning signal However, most economists … Read more

Japan Hit by Population Crisis Due to Sex Recession, How Bad Is the Condition

Jakarta – Japan is now hit by a sex recession. Due to the fact that many of its citizens don’t want to get married and have children, Japan is now being haunted by a declining birth rate. It is predicted that in 2023, the number of young people in Japan will only be half of … Read more

Latest List of Mass Layoffs by 56 World Tech Companies Till March 2023

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Although pandemic Covid-1 has subsided, the world’s technology companies still have to fight against the threat of an economic recession. Various efforts have been made to maintain industry stability, including by taking steps layoffs (Work termination). World Tech Companies Mass Layoffs List 2023 Quoted from Techcrunch, the following is a row of … Read more

Green shoots? Market continues to improve estimates and believes that the recession will be more limited than expected

On Monday, in conversation with the TVN morning show, President Gabriel Boric delivered a reflection on his first year in government, pointing especially to the economic situation. “We have improved public accounts, conditions for investment have improved, and despite all the catastrophic forecasts, the economy is improving and that is due to better management, it … Read more

UK Economy Dismal, Unstoppable Inflation-Worse than Russia!

Jakarta – Britain is facing a recession on the one hand, and on the other hand there is uncertainty about next year’s economic conditions. Transport and health workers have staged a strike reflecting social dissatisfaction with the country’s economic situation. With economic growth currently approaching zero and inflation of more than 10%, the prospects for … Read more

[이슈+] Luxury ‘open run’ in recession… “Overheating of comparison and display”

delivery time2023-03-09 14:49 In the midst of the cold wave of consumption due to high prices and high interest rates, there are still long queues in front of luxury department stores. As a result, luxury brands are pushing for price hikes one after another. Let’s look at the meaning of the luxury brand open run … Read more

Uni-President’s profit recession last year, EPS 3.02 yuan, plan to over-allocate developed countries, 3.15 yuan in dividends hit a 5-year high | Anue tycoon

Unified Enterprise (1216-TW) announced the latest financial report today (9). The net profit after tax in 2022 will be 17.168 billion yuan, an annual decrease of 13.64%, and the net profit per share will be 3.02 yuan. Based on today’s closing price, the dividend cash yield is 4.57%. Uni-President’s revenue in the fourth quarter of … Read more

Those fears of Visco for an “avoidable” recession and too many words on the choices –

Ignatius Visco he went through a career as governor of the Bank of Italy without ever a personal controversy. He won’t fall for it now that his second term is nearing its end. But if anything made him furious, it must have been her the interview that the governor of the Bank of Austria, Robert … Read more