Viral: Neighbors beg a man to stop having sex every day at 6:00 am | United Kingdom | sexual intercourse | Mirror | Reddit | World

The call for attention was through a letter signed by “your neighbors at number 17”. A case of a residence in United Kingdom was known thanks to the medium The Mirror, after neighbors send a letter begging a man to stop having sex every day at 6.00 am “Just a reminder that you live in … Read more

Reddit joins forces to help a guy who spent 9 hours building his PC and almost ‘threw it out the window’

build one PC It can be a daunting task if you do not have prior knowledge. However, it is also one of the most pleasant joys for gamers, who save and usually buy the components of their computers part by part. The key point of the whole process is the moment of turning on the … Read more

Rumors: A Verified Reddit Leaker Hints At A Metroid Prime Announcement

One of the moderators of the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subgroup of Reddit he occasionally receives direct messages from one of the users in the subgroup who creatively leaks video game news, just before they are officially announced. This person has already creatively leaked to the moderator the official name of The Legend of Zelda: … Read more

Epic Games gathered information from gamers from Reddit who predicted that the day 7 free game will be LEGO !!

Wednesday, December 21, 2022 at 4:34:03 AM, Indochina time. after way Epic Games has come out to organize activities to give away free games 15 The next day has arrived. Day 6 official By the latest game Epic Games announced the game giveaway FPS famous as Wolfenstein: The New Order Let’s get it for free … Read more

Reddit user gets to see Spotify HiFi subscription in music service survey – Image and sound – News

A Reddit user says he received a survey from Spotify in which the company asked about the user’s plans to return to the streaming service. In that survey, Spotify would also have mentioned a HiFi subscription. Reddit user nearlymind suggests that he had been a Spotify Premium subscriber for ten years and recently decided to … Read more

Instagram copies BeReal, these ten apps were previously the worst | Tech

24 aug 2022 om 05:32 Instagram has responded to the breakthrough of social media app BeReal by copying the function of the app. BeReal-like options are currently being tested by Instagram. Instagram’s behavior fits into a pattern in which more than ten apps have already been copied. By Tim Wijkman BeReal opposes Instagram and sells … Read more

A photo of the moon that amassed 250,000 photos wows Reddit users

This image – first released from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope – shows the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723. Some galaxies appear to be streaked or stretched due to a phenomenon called gravitational lensing. This effect could help scientists map the presence of dark matter in the universe. Credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI Can one of … Read more

Reddit using the neural network Stable Diffusion showed how realistic portraits of Overwatch heroes would look like

{“id”:1312007,”type”:”num”,”link”:” kak-by-vyglyadeli-realistichnye-portrety-heroev-overwatch”,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:130,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1312007,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1312007,”gtm”:null} 22 363 views The author ran descriptions of many Overwatch characters through the neural network, but he did not share the texts themselves. Subsequently, he divided the portraits into three categories according to the type of hero.

A Reddit User Made an Apple Watch App to Track Dota 2 Matches

You can already participate in beta testing. {“id”:1309486,”type”:”num”,”link”:” -watch-chtoby-otslezhivat-matchi-po-dota-2″,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:43,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1309486,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1309486,”gtm”:null} 8864 views Reddit user pdrvrza shared by its development on the forum – using its application, you can track the results of an eSports match in real time right on your smart watch if you can’t watch the stream itself. The program displays, among … Read more