5 things to know from Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 Reddit AMAMA

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment nam reddit over Wednesday to answer community questions about: Monitor 2semi-free sequel to the hero shooter Launch in October. Pay attention and look 2 The developers, including game director Aaron Keeler, have answered some burning questions about Blizzard’s next game, such as what will happen to your existing credits and unopened … Read more

Apex Legends: One ‘Reddit’ user designed the skin for the character Fuse using well-known streamer Dr Disrespect as a concept.

Monday, May 30, 2022, 21 o’clock 04 minutes 49 seconds, Indochina time user Reddit one named Gage Cottle have devoted themselves to creating works and trying to design Skin in game Apex Legends source in Concept of Streamer famous like Dr. Disrespect using the characters in the game Fuse Gage Cottle have designed Skin which … Read more

What is Aether, the decentralized social network similar to Reddit

Aether is one decentralized social network similar to Reddit, with similar news aggregation and community discussion features. Aether decentralizes the technical aspects of the network, its governance and the content that can be poured into it. In short, Aether users can govern themselves, avoiding the content they do not want and leaving the content of … Read more

Money and excitement from the game. Even the never-ending series of crashes do not deter young people from cryptocurrencies

In November, bitcoin cost $ 69,000, now its value is half as low. At the same time, the market decline did not escape competitors either, for example, Ethernet has also written off 50 percent since the beginning of the year. Although digital currency often pretends to be an investment for young people, they often pay … Read more

Pixel War: the war is over on Reddit, here is the rendering in ultra HD

News culture Pixel War: the war is over on Reddit, here is the rendering in ultra HD Published on 05/04/2022 at 11:04 This was undoubtedly the event of this beginning of the week: the Pixel War marked the history of the Internet thanks to a mobilization of considerable Internet users, large streamers in support. If … Read more

Twitter Introduces Competitive Communities Feature To Facebook And Reddit

Twitter is rolling out its own Communities feature, a Facebook and Reddit competition group, to Android users around the world. Since its launch in September, Twitter communities have been limited to iOS or the web, which means Android users can only join and participate in communities through a browser and not the original Twitter app. … Read more

IT engineers write code to work automatically, go to work every day and get an annual salary of 2.48 million by playing electric cars, which has been praised | 4Gamers

This is a screenshot of the game “while True: learn()” if you can passGod’s languageThe code completely automates your work with an annual salary of 90,000 US dollars (NTD 2.48 million), so working time is likely to become a leisure enjoyment, and more importantly, your boss does not notice, or even completely understand you are. … Read more

GameStop: Company will create virtual store for cryptocurrencies and NFT in 2022 blockchain Steam Epic Games Reddit video games | technology | TECHNOLOGY

With the increase in virtual stores, spaces such as GameStop they are often left out. In 2021, thanks to a Reddit group, the company’s shares, which were in decline, rose to nothing. Now, to revitalize their income, they are planning to enter to the world of blockchain with cryptocurrencies Y NFT. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED … Read more

Reddit applies for listing, with a valuation of up to 10 billion U.S. dollars

London, UK – August 01, 2018: The buttons of Reddit, Spotify, Podcasts, WhatsApp and Music on the screen of an iPhone. Reddit sentPress releaseIndicates that it is in the process of IPO fundraisingprogram, Has submitted the documents required for the IPO to the US SEC.The US version of PPT/Landang said that their latest valuation in … Read more