Reem Abdullah: I did not expect Ramez Jalal to be in Riyadh, and it is not correct for me to shout throughout the episode

She took the lead in the artist’s ring Reem Abdullah In the Ramez Jalal program, “Ramez his mind flew”, the Twitter trend in Saudi Arabia has been for long hours, has also achieved high views, and received many comments and wide interaction. For her part, Reem went out through her official Snapchat account to respond … Read more

News 24 | Reem Abdullah reveals the truth about her knowledge of Ramez Jalal’s dump … and this is why she did not scream in the battle of fire

Actress Reem Abdallah commented on her participation in the landfill program “Ramez Akle Flar”, presented by the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal on the mbc channel. The artist confirmed, in a video clip on her Twitter account, that she was fine after the plot she was exposed to in the program, adding that she did not … Read more

Was Reem Abdullah subjected to harassment from Ramez Jalal !? Watch the video of the 15th episode

Saudi actress Reem Abdullah signed today, Tuesday, the victim of the 15th episode of Ramiz Jalal’s landfill program this year, “Ramez Akle Flew”, inside the grand amusement park in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, under the auspices of the Entertainment Authority. Reem Abdullah is a victim of Ramez, his mind flew Ramez Jalal began to mock … Read more

“Married 6 days, and the time of his marriage cried from Sumaya al-Khashab.” The relationship of Ahmed Saad and Reem Al-Baroudi (video)

Relationships and society Related news It’s still the artist’s name Reem Al-Baroudi, Linked to the name of her ex-husband, the artist and singer Ahmed Saad, whom she talked about during her hosting of the “Divination” program, with the media Basma Wahba, which made her the top of the search engines and the trend. Reem said … Read more

Egyptian Lite / ◄ | watched An unexpected response from Reem Mustafa after discovering the plot of “Ramez his mind flew”

Mahmoud Abdul Waris: By The actress, Reem Mustafa, was in a state of severe horror, and this was during her visit as a guest on the program “Ramiz, His Mind Flew.” With the tension in the atmosphere during the episode, “Reem” entered into a state of intense screaming, followed by a total refusal to throw … Read more

After Reem Abdullah caused an uproar by imitating her, Hind Al-Qahtani responds with a shocking comment

Saudi actress spawnedReem AbdullahA sensation across social networking sites, after imitating the Saudi activistHind Al-Qahtani, In the series “Studio 21Which is shown inRamadan​.The tag “Hind Al-Qahtani” took the lead on the social networking site, after Reem appeared emulating the way Hind spoke in the southern dialect.It was remarkable that Hind commented on the scene of … Read more

Famous Snapchat “Raash” offers marriage to “Reem Abdullah” in exchange for a camel or a reel … and allocates a large reward for whoever convinces her • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The famous Snapchat “Raash” sparked widespread controversy among his followers, after he offered to marry the actress Reem Abdullah, giving her the right to choose in determining the value of the dowry. The value of the dowry “Raash” said, in a video he posted on his official account on “Snap”: “Your father addressed … Read more

The Algerian people, Reem Ghazali, in a solemn procession

The pioneers of social networking exchanged a video of the funeral of the Algerian artist, Star AcademyReem GhazaliThe video showed a large number of her loved ones in Algeria and a solemn procession of relatives, friends and colleagues.Reem had died a few days ago after her struggle with cancer, according to what was announced by … Read more

The funeral of Star Academy star Reem Ghazali in the video … This is how Algeria bid farewell to her gazelle

In a solemn atmosphere, the burial of Algerian Star Academy star Rim Ghazali was carried out to his final resting place at the Sidi Lahbib cemetery in Zeralda, Algiers. Algerian media published excerpts from the funeral in addition to the farewell words of those who attended the funeral of artist Reem Ghazali. .

Image .. Reem Ahmed with her daughter in the first appearance after birth

4:00 AM Friday 19 March 2021 Cairo – Masrawy: Actress Reem Ahmed, her fans and followers, shared a picture of her with her husband and daughter, who gave it last November, through her account on the “Instagram” site. Reem commented on the picture, saying: “Thousand praise and thanks to you, O Lord, for the grace … Read more