Did Bossi Shalaby use Reham Hajjaj to respond to Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s sarcasm?

raised the actress Yasmin Abdel AzizThere was a great deal of controversy on social networking sites in the last hours, after she published a video of the media, Bossi Shalaby, who ignored talking about her stardom during an episode of one of the programs that she had a guest, last Ramadan. Bossi Shalaby responded to … Read more

Reham Hajjaj for betraying Will Smith’s wife: We are the only people who cursed him with the dirtiest insults

The actress, Reham Hajjaj, criticized all those who insulted international star Will Smith and his family, after his wife’s recent confessions of her betrayal with singer Augusta Elsena, during their separation in 2018. Hajjaj wrote through her personal account on Facebook, a publication in which to criticize the way the Egyptians addressed the issue and … Read more

Stars appeared with different features in Ramadan 2020 drama Quality mi

Quality mi In reports, celebrity life, Ramadan 2020 Posted Date: Friday, May 8, 2020 – 22:39 | Last update: Friday, May 8, 2020 – 23:29 5/8/2020 10:39:59 PM Ramadan 2020 drama has seen many stars appear in works of art with different features from which the audience is accustomed. The most prominent artist who showed … Read more

Money does not make a star .. How did the fans wrong with Reham Hajjaj before the show?

Before the start of the Egyptian drama season in the holy month of Ramadan, a crisis that was starred by the artist Reham Hajjaj, and the star of the series “When We were Young” was subsequently attacked without justification, but she released her name, Aviches of the series, and they did not give an opportunity … Read more

After the poster crisis, Reham Hajjaj told the audience: “You have made the strongest publicity for M

11:35 am Thursday 23 April 2020 I wrote – Manal Al-Jayoushi: After the uproar caused by the first propaganda poster for the series “When We Were Young”, the artist Reham Hajjaj, through her official account on the Instagram website, sent a message to her fans. She wrote: “After all the fermentation that occurred, I would … Read more