dozens of people call for Florida to reopen

MIAMI FLORIDA – Maria has been the first to arrive at the parking lot of a Miami shopping center, now closed by order of the Florida governor. He is writing “Re-Open Florida” in one of his windows while on the other glass he paints the letters USA with the colors of the American flag: blue, … Read more

new avenues of medical care for patients

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. – When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in mid-March, visits to medical offices fell precipitously as people stayed home to protect themselves from the virus. But the order to stay home has spurred people to seek medical help in another way: talking to a doctor by phone, email or video, according … Read more

nearly half of Americans breathe unhealthy air

A report by the American Lung Association released Tuesday states that about half of Americans breathe unhealthy air and there is environmental pollution in nine cities in the west of the country. The annual “State of the Air” report describes that climate change continues to worsen air pollution and notes that amid the coronavirus pandemic, … Read more

Towards the new normal in Miami

In South Florida, authorities are considering reopening beaches and public parks, toward a “new normal” scenario. With more than 23,300 infected with COVID-19, in that state, hospital occupancy is 42%. JOSE: The return to open public spaces is a scenario contemplated in South Florida. The authorities consider a “new reality” to be the reopening of … Read more

How to take care of COVID-19 in older adults and what medicines to avoid?

WASHINGTON – Around the world, the population of older adults has been the most affected by the coronavirus. The pandemic has forced millions of them to isolate themselves from their family, work and activities. According to United Nations data, there are more than 962 million people over the age of 65. Given the vulnerability of … Read more

Existing medicines, the shortest route to a cure for coronavirus

With the toll of deaths from the coronavirus exceeding 20,000 this week, accelerated efforts to develop treatments for COVID-19 are primarily focused on adapting existing drugs to combat the disease. “The shortest path to treatment, we believe, is to reuse something that already exists based on our knowledge of its mechanisms of action,” said Dr. … Read more