The new mandatory maritime insurance already covers the repatriation of crews in the fishing sector

Sinkings, collisions, piracy, unloading, repairs, route deviations and stowaways are some of the contingencies that current maritime insurance covers. In the social sphere, in addition to health care and disability benefits in jurisdictions where there is no Social Security coverage, the new mandatory insurance, approved by Royal Decree 618/2020 of June 30, includes repatriations. The … Read more

Andalusia insurance for foreign travelers includes hospitalization and repatriation expenses due to Covid-19

SEVILLA, 25 Oct. (EUROPA PRESS) – The travel assistance insurance linked to Covid-19 for foreign tourists traveling to Andalusia that the Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration has put out to tender, and that it plans to activate from January 1, 2021, contemplates covering , among others, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses, … Read more

Air transport | What are the destinations to which it could travel with the reopening of international flights? | Countries | Travel | Tourism | Repatriation | MTC | Ministry of Defense | Coronavirus in Peru | COVID-19

International flights would start operating from next october, as indicated by the holders of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) and from Ministry of Defence a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that the Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, ruled out that there is a fixed date, he did specify that they are evaluating … Read more

What we know about the date of the repatriation of the remains and the place of burial of Djibril Diol et cie.

Plunged for 15 days, in sadness, the Diol family hopes to finally be able to mourn, no later than the last week of this month. The remains of Djibril Diol (30 years) and Adja Diol (23 years) and their daughter Khadija Diol (1 year), Coumba Diol (25 years) and her daughter Hawa Bèye ((7 months), … Read more

The Union will reimburse the Czech Republic 77 million for repatriation flights for the Czech Republic and other Europeans

The European Union will reimburse the Czech Republic 77 million crowns for repatriation flights, thanks to which citizens of other member states returned to their homeland in addition to the Czechs during March and April. The flights, which totaled 111 million crowns, were used by 5082 Czechs, 934 Europeans and 68 citizens of other countries.

Start of the repatriation of 7,100 seasonal workers from Huelva, 6 boats mobilized

The repatriation plan for the 7,100 Moroccan seasonal workers from the province of Huelva, which will see the mobilization of 6 boats made available by the Moroccan state, was launched this Saturday, July 18, said the Moroccan embassy in Spain. To this end, the ambassador of Morocco in Madrid, Karima Benyaich, went to Huelva to … Read more

“Before, her name was Inna, she is engaged in tourism, very good”

The 66-year-old Rock Guru Andrei Makarevich got married in December, but did it so secretly that secular reporters did not even hear about it. And in a conversation with his friend, a journalist, “KP»By Alexander Gamow Andrei Vadimovich admitted: he supposedly self-insulated in Moscowand the young beautiful wife stayed in Israel – I did not … Read more

They ask for financial support to repatriate or cremate Mexicans killed in NY

MEXICO CITY The Mexican community in New York faces a difficult situation, due to the increasing number of deaths of its members due to coronavirus Covid-19 -the most recent data from the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) refers to 258 of the 311 who have died throughout the United States- and the lack of economic … Read more

Chamber orders the Government to repatriate Salvadorans stranded abroad | News from El Salvador

It should be done gradually and prioritize the most urgent cases; In addition, sanitary protocols must be complied with. Constitutional magistrates give Bukele six days to report the progress of the required action plan. The Salvadoran government must prepare an urgent plan for the repatriation of the 4,500 compatriots who are stranded in various countriesAs … Read more