What does Joe Biden’s victory represent for the European Union?

Most European capitals have welcomed Joe Biden’s victory in the US elections. And in our program “The State of the Union” we analyze the consequences for the European Union. The leader of the Popular group in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, believes that it reinforces the position of Brussels in the negotiations with London on … Read more

Carlos Maturana, constitutional lawyer: “The Constitutional Convention must represent all the plurality that exists in society”

In conversation with Nuestra Pauta, lawyer Carlos Maturana explained what a Constitution is, how it is written, the differences between a mixed convention and a constitutional one, and also referred to the international experience in drafting a Magna Carta. “This constituent process and the constitutional convention is a great opportunity for us in a very … Read more

Stephany Zreik will represent Venezuela at Miss Earth 2020

After her arrival in the country, the young Venezuelan Stephany Zreik received the crown of Miss Earth Venezuela 2020 in a special program broadcast by Globovisión. The program was hosted by Melisa Rauseo, 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado and Alejandro Carreño. In it, Zreik received emotional messages from his relatives. Miss Earth Venezuela told anecdotes … Read more

Powder will represent “TTT Riga” for the seventh season in a row, with Hafu almost or agreement reached | The news

Riga, Sept. 2, LETA. Latvian women’s basketball team player Ieva Pulvere will also play in Latvia’s most titled team “TTT Rīga” next season, while a new agreement has almost been signed with the American Megan Haf, the general manager of the club Artūrs Štālbergs opened on Wednesday in a conversation with the news agency LETA. … Read more

Mārtiņš Laksa will also represent the Polish team Lublin ‘Start’ next season

Latvian men’s basketball team striker Mārtiņš Laksa will also represent the Polish team “Lublin” “Start” next season, the club informs. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Last summer, the 30-year-old Latvian moved to Poland, where he scored 14.4 points in 21 matches in Lublin’s Start this season, won 4.5 rebounds and made 1.3 assists. … Read more

the after-effects represent “a real threat whose importance remains poorly assessed”, warns the Academy of Medicine

<p class="canvas-atom canvas-text Mb(1.0em) Mb(0)–sm Mt(0.8em)–sm" type="text" content="Les dégâts du new coronavirus are far from over. “The Covid-19 epidemic is clearly decreasing in France” more “in the most severely ill patients, the after-effects are a real threat whose importance remains poorly assessed”, thus indicates the Academy of Medicine in a notice published on July 15, … Read more