Moscow: Switzerland cannot represent Kyiv in Russia

Bern confirmed on Wednesday that Ukraine has asked Switzerland to become its diplomatic representative in Russia. “Unfortunately, Switzerland has lost the status of a neutral state and can neither be a mediator nor a representative of interests,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ivan Nechiaev told reporters. He confirmed that Bern asked Russia if it would agree … Read more

Lured by the USA, Buzelis decided to represent Lithuania

“We want to share news that is very important not only for the current situation of Lithuanian basketball, but also for the future. We have M. Buzelis’s consent to represent the Lithuanian national team and his official registration in the FIBA ​​system,” said the general secretary of the LKF Mindaugas Balčiūnas. The name of M. … Read more

Localized nanophase impurities represent degradation sites in perovskite compounds

To limit the deterioration of new materials devices used in energy production, it is imperative to understand the chemical and nanostructural changes that lead to the instability of these materials. It is true that the energy conversion efficiency of halide perovskite-based photovoltaic devices reached 25.7% in single-junction cells and 29.8% in tandem perovskite and silicon … Read more

Ita, at take off the sale: exclusive to Msc-Lufthansa. Board of 5 members: one will represent the state

Go to the exclusive negotiation with Msc Lufthansa to get the privatization of Ita Airways and finalize the new covenant. The Ministry of Economy, as anticipated by the Messenger, gave its indication to Palazzo Chigi supporting, albeit with some distinctions, the industrial plan of the Msc-Aponte group, leader in cargo and cruises, and of the … Read more

6 male and female players represent the “bow and arrow” in the “Islamic Solidarity Games”

Abdullah Al-Dhanhani, Vice-President of the Emirates Arch and Arrow Federation, stressed the importance of the expected participation, within the UAE delegation, in the fifth edition of the Islamic Solidarity Games scheduled in Konya, Turkey, from August 9 to 18. The bow and arrow team is preparing for this session with an internal preparation camp at … Read more

Winning Wimbledon doesn’t know how to celebrate Laba Gina: I only represent Kazakhstan

Elena Rybakina, who was born in Russia and transferred to Kazakh in 2018, wrote a magical final chapter in the Wimbledon women’s singles final, beating No. 3 seed, Tunisia’s Ons 2-1 in sets. Jabeur), the first Grand Slam title holder. The 23-year-old Rabardina never celebrated her victory. When she became the first Kazakh player to … Read more

Continue to impact the NBA! Zeng Fanbo signed with the Pacers and will represent him in the summer league_Chinese Player_1_Hornet

Original title: Continue to impact the NBA! Zeng Fanbo signs with the Pacers to represent him in the summer league On June 26, 2022, Beijing time, according to Shams, Chinese player Zeng Fanbo signed with the Pacers and will represent the team in the Las Vegas Summer League. It is worth mentioning that Zeng Fanbo … Read more

Football, the Municipality has chosen the Pelligra group to represent Catania in the Serie D championship

The acting mayor, Roberto Bonaccorsi, in agreement with the Councilor Sergio Parisi, assisted by the managers and officials of the Sports and Community Policies Directorate, at the end of a careful comparison between the five candidate projects to represent the City of Catania in a championship of the LND, has decided to identify, among the … Read more

Mbappe is the pride of the Arabs and a different fate for Messi in the World Cup.. Players who can represent three countries!

Thiago Alcantara, the star of the Spain national team, has dual nationalities, in addition to Spanish citizenship, of course. The first nationality is Brazilian, after his father, Mazinho, a former Seleção player. The birth of the Liverpool star in Italy also gave him Italian citizenship, but Thiago eventually decided to represent Spain, given that he … Read more