Another emblematic tree at risk: The rescue of the saman from the vial of La Viña began

Photo Mayor of Valencia After a technical inspection of the saman of the La Viña vial, in front of the Movistar Tower, the specialists found that 60% of its crown is covered by withered leaves, with completely dry areas on the east and west sides. The fear that the history of the saman of the … Read more

The Government, forced to reveal in 15 days the ins and outs of the rescue to Air Europa

Guillermo GinesFOLLOW Madrid Updated:01/19/2021 01: 23h save Related news The 475 million euros that the Government has provided to Air Europa through two loans remain shrouded in mystery. The Executive has imposed on the company conditions to grant the aid that are stillThey don’t even know the airline workers. But this could change in the … Read more

Biden asks for 1.9 trillion dollars to rescue the US after the Trump era

Joe Biden asks the US Congress to spend 1.9 billion dollars on an economic rescue plan, including new direct payments per citizen, aid to state and local governments and more funds for the response to the covid. The plan, outlined by top officials in the incoming Biden administration, was announced last night by the US … Read more

Speech to the Nation: This is Biden’s “American rescue plan” policy

In the fight against the corona pandemic and the economic crisis in the USA, future President Joe Biden wants to implement a new, huge economic stimulus package. In a rousing televised address on Thursday evening (local time), Biden promoted his American Rescue Plan for $ 1,900 billion (around 1,600 billion euros). “During this pandemic, through … Read more

Biden Announces ‘American Rescue Plan’ Against COVID and Financial Aid – In Spanish

In a joint statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer praised Biden for including liberal priorities, noting that they would move quickly to pass the bill. But Democrats have narrow margins in both houses of Congress, and Republicans will oppose issues ranging from raising the minimum wage to providing more money … Read more

This was the rescue of four hypothermic Colombians trapped in a snowstorm in Navacerrada, Spain

The officer (left) led the five youths down the road to be rescued. Photo: given by the official to El EspañolSpain is on meteorological alert after the passage of the filomena storm, which has left the country, especially the city of Madrid, covered in a great layer of snow that causes havoc. The meteorological agency … Read more

Mexican Navy rescues rescue team of rescue dogs due to floods, watch video

El Paso, Texas (Border report) Mexico will pay off a huge water debt with the United States by transferring ownership of potable water in two reservoirs in south Texas, the International Boundary and Water Commission said Thursday. The agreement comes two days before Mexico fulfills its obligations under the 1944 Binary Water Agreement to manage … Read more

Compromís denounces that PSOE, ERC and PNV prevent the rescue of the desoladoras from being included in the PGE 2021

The votes against the PSOE, ERC, PNV, En Comú Podem prevented the amendments to the General State Budgets for 2021, presented by Compromís, from prospering in the Senate, which requested an economic item to pay the cost of construction of the desalination plants of Cabanes, Moncofa and Sagunto. This initiative did have the favorable vote … Read more