Impressive rescue in Molenbeek: man stuck in sewer system rescued by firefighters (photos)

The Brussels firefighters rescued a man who fell in a sewer inspection chamber, Saturday around 11:45 a.m., in a meeting and prayer room located in the basement of a building on rue de Ribaucourt in Molenbeek-St-Jean, their spokesperson Walter Derieuw indicated at the end of the day. He was transferred to the hospital, but he … Read more

Rescue of a man who fell in the sewage system in Molenbeek

The firefighters intervened to come to the aid of a man who fell in a sewer inspection chamber. He was taken to hospital but is expected to recover quickly. On the morning of Saturday July 24, around 11:45 am, a man was scraping the cleaning wastewater in Molenbeek-St-Jean, rue de Ribaucourt. The wastewater outlet did … Read more

they were in the boat which capsized at Pepinster, “the current flow was very strong”

Posted on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 6:22 a.m. By francoise peiffer Tragically enough, a boat intended to save Pepins capsized last Thursday. Evelyne and Alain were there and unfortunately died. Evelyne and her companion Alain Peters are among the dozens of lives torn apart by the waves. The story could have been very different … Read more

Rescue campaigns for fish near the Meuse: “Thousands of fish can already be saved”

Until now, the voluntary workers were mainly able to catch carp. “Carps are also easy to spot because they are bigger,” Vanstreels continues. “But it’s also about bream, perch and pike. We find everything.” But not only fish have become victims of the flooding. “Unfortunately, we also see many dead animals floating, such as moles,” … Read more

Grebiszew. An accident on DK50. The driver and two children are dead. Report of the services from the rescue operation

The tractor cab was completely crushed. It was in a ditch, covered with aggregate. As for the passenger car, as a result of the impact, the engine was in the place where the driver should have been – reported the press officer of the Minsk fire brigade, Kamil Płochocki. In the accident at the national … Read more

Gaby had to be picked up by a rescue helicopter. – If the water had come one meter higher, we would have been dead

Gaby Kriechel is back at home. Everything she owns is gone. On Saturday, residents of the Ahrweiler district were in full swing. Many have been confirmed dead. Published: Published: Yesterday 14:39 Read the whole case with a subscription Already a subscriber? sign in

Kurtinaitis received a rescue request from Chimki

R. Kurtinaitis, speaking Krepš to the portal about the particularly poor season of Chimki, mentioned several main reasons: poor preparation, illness, injuries, and later the financial factor. “The club’s financial problems started, from October one player started to have back pain, another – leg pain, and it turns out that salaries are free. I didn’t … Read more

“Rescue Britney Spears” Operation: The Second Self-rescue Testimony of Xiaotiantian Supervision Case | Last 24 Hours | udn Global

2021/07/16 Corner 24 hours On June 26, singer Britney Spears appeared in a Los Angeles court via video and requested the withdrawal of the supervisory sanction. Her 23-minute testimony has attracted national attention and made many people realize that Britney has been under the supervision of her father for 13 years.Photo/Associated Press ▌The “Rescue Britney … Read more