Jiuzhaigou Hotel shocked the “fake wine feast” rumors that many people were poisoned, 1 dead and 1 blind – Cross-Strait – China Times News

The Jiuzhaigou tour group in Sichuan broke out that suspected tourists drank fake alcohol, causing many people to be poisoned. So far, one person has died and the other has been blinded. (Schematic diagram / Dazhi video) ★ “China Times News Network” cares about you: Excessive drinking is harmful to health. Do not drink and … Read more

Pohlreich’s restaurant fight is different from the original: Harsh conditions of the British version!

4 Pohlreich’s restaurant battle A brand new program by Zdenek Pohlreich started on TV Nova, in which the well-known chef compares Czech restaurants and tries to choose the best one. The show is a Czech mutation of the show by the world-famous chef Gordon Ramsey, whose show Ramsay’s Best Restaurant was a great success all … Read more

Chef: Dishes are disappearing from menus

You can also listen to the interview in the audio version. Czechs have to get used to the fact that some favorite dishes temporarily disappear from the menu of restaurants. The extreme increase in prices has already forced, for example, fried cauliflower, beef, onion soup or peppers from the daily menus. “One day cauliflower costs … Read more

[짬통야담] “Dawn of the restaurant” pour cold soju

“Oh, it’s hard!” 9 o’clock at night. Minho, who has been working since 11:00 am, puts down his hand that was wiping the oil stains on Huang, which was mounted on the table gas stove. “Restaurant work is hard.” Byeong-yeon, who works as a caregiver during the daytime on weekdays, is a senior in ‘restaurant … Read more

More than 15,000 euros raised in two days to save a Liège restaurant from bankruptcy

Heart on hand, she had not hesitated to prepare some 187,000 meals with the help of 4,000 volunteers that she had distributed to flood victims in 2021, an initiative that had lasted for weeks. Today, since the admission of bankruptcy of her restaurant announced in a long message published on the social network Facebook, chef … Read more

Restaurant Week in Bialystok. Check which restaurants will take part in the cult culinary festival

The next edition of the nationwide Restaurant Week campaign will start soon. This year’s theme is “Food Sounds Good”. Check which restaurants in Białystok and its vicinity have decided to join it. Restaurant Week is the largest and most popular culinary event in Poland. It is a festival association of the best original restaurants. It … Read more

I took a drink to a sundaeguk restaurant yesterday and drank, just paying for the meal

Office worker mother-in-law (35) recently brings ‘wine’ to dinner or a date. She is bringing a drink from home to drink with dinner. The restaurant to visit is selected from the ‘corkage-free’ restaurant list downloaded on the smartphone map application. Mr. Jang said, “As the price of alcoholic beverages ordered at restaurants becomes burdensome, I … Read more

Latvian restaurant receives Michelin recognition :: Dienas Bizness

THE CATCH FAMILY restaurant in Berlin – November Brasserie – last year became the first catering company owned by Latvians to be included in the list of restaurants recommended by the Michelin guide, says Aleksandrs Slobins, THE CATCH FAMILY manager and founder of the restaurant group. Although the restaurant November Brasserie we opened only in … Read more

Prank video at ‘Sushi’ restaurant; Three people were arrested in Japan

Tokyo: Three people have been arrested for making a dirty prank video at a restaurant serving Japan’s famous fish dish ‘sushi’. A group of youths made several dirty videos in the restaurant chain ‘Kura Sushi’. It was also popularized in the social media under the name of ‘Sushi Terrorism’. The clip shows him taking a … Read more