Seven days after announcing her temporary retirement, … Marjorie Carpréaux joins Namur

Namur announced the arrival in its ranks of Marjorie Carpréaux. The parenthesis will have been short-lived for the leader Boraine, 34 years since Friday, who is back in service with the Belgian women’s basketball champions. “Marjorie will be the team leader during the recovery of Portuguese Ines Matos Viana“Says the press release from the Namur … Read more

Egyptian actor Mohamed Henedy announces his retirement from acting… and surprises his fans by entering this field!

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian actor, Mohamed Henedy, announced today, Saturday, his decision to retire from acting, and to enter the field of singing festivals. Henedy said in tweets on his Twitter account: “Today, I decided to make an important decision… I decided to retire from acting and devote myself to my new profession as a … Read more

TNI Commander Mutations and Rotations of 150 High-ranking TNI Officers, Here are 28 Names Entering Retirement Period

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – A total of 28 Senior Officers (Pati) TNI transferred to become Pati Headquarters respectively in order to enter retirement or retirement. Their names are listed on the list mutation and promotion of positions in the environment TNI performed by the Commander TNI Marshal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto on Thursday (16/9/2021) today. Head of … Read more

Retirement where it is best to spend it. Comparison of 21 countries, a money transfer service, has compiled an analysis of 21 European countries in terms of where to spend your retirement best. Included among others cost of living in a given country, real estate prices, quality and affordability of healthcare offered, as well as access to culture and assessment of the quality of life by … Read more

After it was released by Google because of the retirement of art.. Learn about the number of husbands of the artist, Laila Taher, and her real name

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian actress, Laila Taher, sparked controversy after her decision to permanently retire from art, while Google search indicators topped the past hours. Laila Taher said that there is no longer a need to submit works for the sake of presence, or for money, content with her long history, noting that she respects … Read more

Valentino Rossi Can Cancel Retirement Here, The Effect of the Aprilia Team’s Offer Petronas Yamaha SRT team racer, Valentino Rossi. – Wow Valentino Rossi it could be retirement. The reason CEO Aprilia, Massimo Rivola love a seductive offer to Valentino Rossi to become a regular racer as well as a test racer in Aprilia. Even though the racer Petronas Yamaha SRT is currently enjoying the remainder … Read more

SGK Offers Early Retirement Opportunity! Those with 1800 Days Paid Premiums Can Retire Immediately!

SGK Offers Early Retirement Opportunity! Those with 1800 Days Paid Premiums Can Retire Immediately! Great news for those who want to retire early from the Social Security Institution! If you have 1800 days of paid premium, you are retired… Many people who work for a long time and dream of early retirement will have their … Read more

Ding Ning announced his retirement from Fukuhara Ai to send blessings: You will always be my role model

Original title: Ding Ning announced his retirement, Fukuhara sent blessings: You will always be my role model (Observer Network News) On September 6, Ding Ning, a famous Chinese table tennis player, announced his retirement and became a 2021 freshman in the Department of Physical Education and Research of Peking University. Ai Fukuhara sent a message … Read more

Ding Ning announced his retirement: admitted to Peking University to study for a master’s degree in physical education-People-cnBeta.COM

On the morning of September 5, Ding Ning, the captain of women’s table tennis and Grand Slam player, issued a message saying goodbye to the career of an athlete and announced his retirement. She revealed that she has reported to Peking University today and became a “learning Ning”. In April of this year, the Department … Read more