Top 65 Movie Songs: Billboard Review Excludes Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ For ‘Titanic’

Hollywood has often called upon major music stars to perform theme songs for its movies. The magazine Billboard has just released its list of the 65 most popular movie songs of all time and includes several major hits. Let’s emphasize it from the outset: Quebec diva Céline Dion is ranked 20th in this ranking thanks … Read more

Investment life insurance – who and why you need to review contracts

The Bank of Lithuania (LB), having established during the mystery shopper investigation that almost every second purchaser of the investigation was sold investment life insurance (IGD) that did not meet their needs, intends to prepare guidelines for the distribution of IGD products. First of all, LB urges residents to review the current contracts. The entire … Read more

Dredge Review – Gamereactor

If you thought big games these days routinely copy each other’s homework and are all about real-time service palaver and multiplayer systems, then thankfully March offers up little gems fished out of the dark depths. Of course, I’m talking about Dredge, the first game from the small indie studio Black Salt Games, which consists of … Read more

Epic created both Call of Duty and Elden Ring in Fortnite

Epic Games has created three remarkable games in the new tools. The first is reminiscent of Call of Duty, the second is a playable teaser for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills, and the third is a stiff boss fight from one of FromSoftware’s games. But we’ll take it in order. As announced, it happened. Epic Games … Read more

MSI MEG Trident X2 13th gaming desktop in-depth review: the strongest Neptune, the hardware performance is directly capped, and HMI 2.0 creates a unique control experience!

E-sports players are undoubtedly the group of people who have the highest requirements for computer specifications at this stage. In addition to hardware specifications and performance that must not be compromised, appearance design is also a major focus when choosing, and the well-known e-sports manufacturer MSI is based on its The ultra-diversified lineup of e-sports … Read more

DPReview – the best camera and lens review site out there

It has been announced that one of the largest and most trusted sources of photo information on the web is shutting down. Amazon-owned DPReview will close its digital doors very soon (April 10). DPReview has been operating since 1998, during which time an incredible amount of data has been accumulated about digital photography tools – … Read more

The taste of others – The Toy Review

Bruno, the brake car, is thus the first autistic character to integrate the locomotive band of the animated series “Thomas and his friends: all ahead! », produced by Mattel Television in partnership with Nelvana Studio, broadcast every morning on TFOU and available on Netflix and Boomerang. This character will enter the competition on the occasion … Read more

The Dragon Soul Blade is out of its sheath again! MSI Katana 17 B13V Gaming Laptop In-Depth Test: Outstanding appearance design, next-generation gaming performance overwhelms the audience!

With the release of the new-generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series laptop GPU performance ban, the e-sports laptop market has become lively, and MSI, a major player in the e-sports industry, also launched “Leaping over the Singularity” in February. ” as the slogan, released a full series of new machines equipped with 13th generation Intel … Read more