How are European banks prepared for difficult times? They are supervised more strictly, they work more profitably, but the risks remain | Business

Elke Konig, the chairman of the Single Resolution Board (SRB), which coordinates the restructuring of troubled banks at the level of the euro zone, told reporters in Brussels that we are in a strange situation when it comes to the impending crisis. Photo of the General Reorganization Board. /Elke Konig Although some trends are beneficial … Read more

Intermediary institution risks mobilized CMB, emergency meeting was held

In Borsa Istanbul, or formerly known as the ISE, almost all of the investors, brokerage house employees and analysts were describing the earthquake that took place last week, saying, “We have not experienced such an event since the establishment of the stock exchange.” As in the world stock markets, there were collapses called “earthquakes” from … Read more

The study showed how many steps per day help to significantly reduce the risks of developing chronic diseases and death

September. Presenting research data, researchers from the University of Sydney and Southern Denmark proved that it is the daily 10,000 taking steps significantly helps to reduce the risks of developing chronic diseases and death. The researchers also pointed out that a faster walking pace leads to a greater added value for health. The summary results … Read more

“We can’t take any risks”

Posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 11:29 a.m. Par Sudinfo It is a particular intervention that the Limburg firefighters had to do this Monday at the start of the evening. These were called because a person was potentially drowning in the Albert Canal when it was actually…a sex doll. This Monday, at the start … Read more

PHRONESIS Management Academy® Trainer Tomas Stonys: “Only every fifth manager acts strategically, the rest work as they know how and take risks”

PHRONESIS Management Academy® Trainer Tomas Stonys. Economists and businessmen are worried – more and more companies are already paying part of their bills “out of pocket”. Declining demand and financial problems due to increased costs of energy and raw materials for some businesses may become the reason for the decline. “Nevertheless, those businesses whose managers … Read more

World-renowned Turkish scientist risks heavy jail time

The world famous Turkish scientist Celal Sengör has described the prophet Abraham as a fairytale character. Celal Sengör faces up to one year in prison for expressing his scientifically sound opinion. The earthquake researcher recently appeared on the Turkish TV channel Habertürk and described the prophet Abraham as a fairytale character. Sengör is not just … Read more

Sticking stickers on your car is a gamble. Anyone who has these on their car risks not only aggression – Autozine

We can see a whole range of different stickers on the cars around us. They are not so much a way to improve your car, but rather an effort to show who owns the given car. Car owners stick, for example, motorcycle stickers on the car body and show that they are also bikers. But … Read more

Matfrahouch .. The World Bank warns of the risks of raising interest rates “Details”

The World Bank announced that an interest rate increase by central banks around the world could cause a global economy to stagnate by 2023, sending a warning message to the year about a major crisis, noting that the reason why central banks increased interest rates with a degree of synchronicity not seen The country during … Read more

Cartabia reform, blow in the sponge on confiscations: FI, Lega, Pd and Action give the ok to the decree that risks sending them up in smoke. M5s votes against

No way. Despite the alarm raised by Free and by authoritative magistrates there Justice commission of the Camera he nevertheless expressed a positive opinion on the legislative decree of the minister Marta Cartabiawhich implements the delegation with the reform of Criminal process. The “dry” positive opinion, ie without comments or conditions, proposed by the rapporteur … Read more

The reform of the European electricity market hides many risks: it has been assessed what would be suitable for Lithuania

Energy expert Vidmantas Jankauskas in a television show “Delphi He” said on Wednesday that most of the Community countries seem to support the proposal to limit windfall income from so-called infra-marginal electricity generators (renewable resources, nuclear energy). President of the European Commission (EC). Ursula von der Leyen stated on Wednesday that such funds would amount … Read more