The “Nazi hunter” takes the field. Because Putin is now taking risks

Il “Nazi hunter“will return to action. This time not to hunt down the last followers of Hitler’s madness but to bring more criminals to justice. The United States will send a special team to help the Kiev authorities prosecute the massacres committed during the Russian invasion. To nail down those responsible for those horrors – … Read more

Know the Low Carbo Diet, Know the Benefits and Risks

Diet illustration. ©Shutterstock/R. Gino Santa Maria – A low-carb diet is one type of diet that is still widely applied by people around the world. A low-carb diet is an eating pattern that limits your intake of carbohydrates, such as those commonly found in sugary foods, pasta, and bread. Instead, low-carb diets emphasize eating … Read more

Health risks around Schiphol possibly greater than elsewhere due to ultrafine particles

Residents near Schiphol may have an increased risk of dying from cardiac arrhythmias due to ultrafine particles from air traffic. There may also be an increased risk of other cardiovascular problems. The RIVM confirms this after a publication in The Telegraph. There are also indications, but no evidence, that exposure to ultrafine particles in expectant … Read more

The risks of diabetes

Diabetes is the most common disease of the endocrine system, being triggered in the body when the amount of insulin secreted is not optimal. The disease can cause disorders of the entire metabolism and, as the years go by, can affect many organs in the body. Diabetes can be of several types depending on the … Read more

Pest sent a message to his fans at the end of the PFL: I was aware of the risks and I decided to go anyway, he said.

Source: Octagon MMA At the July tournament in Štvanice, Karlos Vémola wants to fight for the title in the semi-heavyweight. The problem, however, is that he has no rivals. But now one has signed up and the organization has published the video on its social networks. Carlos Vémola had a one-year break, but he doesn’t … Read more

Senegal risks a period of “democratic degeneration”, according to Alioune Tine

After the invalidation by the Constitutional Council of a national list of candidates from the opposition coalition Yewwi Askan Wi, the Senegalese authorities have banned a demonstration scheduled for Friday, June 17 in the capital. They invoke “threats of disturbing public order” and propaganda “disguised” in the 30 days preceding the opening of the electoral … Read more

Keep an eye on government policy risks on energy stocks Is dragging foreign investor confidence – THE STANDARD

last 5 working days Energy stocks are the ones that put pressure on the Thai stock market the most. Due to the market cap above 4 trillion baht and on June 16, the day that the Thai stock index fell more than 2%, down 32 points, there was a strong sell-off from energy stocks as … Read more

The Bank of Lithuania clarifies what to expect from the economy: there is no good knowledge about prices, and there are a lot of risks

“Real GDP will grow by 2.1 percent this year, accelerating to 3.4 percent next year. Russia’s war against Ukraine and the management of the global pandemic, how to deal with supply chain disruptions, will have the greatest impact on the Lithuanian economy. Forecasts are surrounded by a great deal of uncertainty, ”says the Chairman of … Read more

John Hinckley, Reagan’s bomber, is free after 41 years (but risks his life)

from Massimo Gaggi Aspiring singer-songwriter, he has 28,000 followers on social media who listen to his songs. But his first concert was canceled: too many very real and worrying death threats Since last Wednesday totally free John Hinckley, the man who 41 years ago tried to kill President Ronald Reagan, seriously injuring him, leaving his … Read more