Couch patriots must stay in Russia / Article

He supports Latvia’s decision to close the border to Russian citizens and emphasizes that the recently held pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine are propaganda signs. LTV journalist Gints Amoliņš invited Mihailo Podoliaks to a conversation. Gints Amoliņš: How would you describe the pseudo-referendums that Russia organized in the occupied territories of Ukraine? Mihailo … Read more

The legendary artist leaves Russia. “There is no return ticket”

Pugacheva leaves Russia. Will she join her husband? Pugacheva defended her husband on social media. She published a post in which she wrote that he is “a true and incorruptible patriot of Russia, wishing his homeland development, peaceful life, freedom of speech and that our boys will stop dying for illusory goals that make our … Read more

Norwegians with dual citizenship can be called up for military service in Russia – VG

Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP Dual citizenship can lead to Russian authorities considering you Russian, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Published: Updated yesterday 18:11 – Dual citizenship (Norwegian/Russian) may mean that the Russian authorities regard you as Russian. This may have consequences in relation to your duties and rights … Read more

If EU sanctions against Russia include energy, Hungary will throw a pitchfork into them

“Hungary has already done enough to preserve European unity, but if there are sanctions aimed at energy in this package, then we cannot support it,” announced Gergely Gulyás, head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s office at a press conference on Thursday. “We are waiting for the final, full list of sanctions and then we can … Read more

They noticed it in refugees from Russia. They talk about it directly. Jurasz and Smolar at Fakt LIVE

Creation date: September 29, 2022, 19:35. – The overwhelming majority of Russians, in all age categories, support the war and Vladimir Putin. One of the Russian bloggers started asking those Russians who are leaving the country for fear of being drafted into the army, and it turned out that they too supported this war. I … Read more

After the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has removed 80% of its soldiers from the border with the Baltic states and Finland

After the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has removed 80% of its soldiers from the border with the Baltic states and Finland, several high-ranking European officials have revealed to the magazine “Foreign Policy”. An estimated 30,000 Russian troops were stationed along Russia’s border with the Baltic states and Finland before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Up … Read more