Russia could file for bankruptcy as early as Sunday

On Sunday, Russia could default on the equivalent of 100 million dollars (about 95 million euros) in sovereign debt. If Moscow does not repay sovereign bond investors by Sunday night, it will default for the first time in the 21st century, according to the “Financial Times” this Friday, June 24. The sanctions imposed by the … Read more

North Korea is threatening with deportations from Russia

Pyongyang suspended rail connections to a neighboring country in January 2020 as part of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, North Korea has not imported its workers from Russia. Koreans who should have returned to their country after their visas had expired are still staying abroad as illegal residents. However, the authorities are … Read more

A small piece of Russia gives the Ukraine war a new dimension. Lithuania is the new target of Putin’s anger.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, many have feared that the war would spread. Kaliningrad shows that it may be about to happen. Russia is no longer allowed to ship a number of products to Kaliningrad via Lithuania. Here stood freight cars in Kaliningrad on 21 June. Photo: Vitaly Nevar, Reuters / NTB Newsletter Get the overview … Read more

Sales of Nexia from Uzbekistan stopped in Russia :: Autonews

Deliveries of budget Chevrolet Nexia, Cobalt and Spark models, which are assembled in Uzbekistan at the UzAuto Motors plant, have been stopped in Russia.Autoreview“. According to the publication, the supply of cars from Uzbekistan was stopped on March 9, 2022, but car dealerships were selling off the rest all this time (to date, dealers have … Read more

Nuclear weapons will remain a threat, Russia will not attack NATO, analyst Petras assures

IN TODAY’S WORK, YOU WILL FIND OUT, among other things: What concessions will be needed to make peace in Ukraine (3:40) The future of annexed territories (9:49) EU Western Vs. east to Ukraine (14:03) Will Russia dare to join NATO? (16:15) Would NATO come to the aid of its members in the East? (20:15) Real … Read more

OTR-21 Tochka missiles fired at the Russian positions. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine shows the video

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published on Wednesday evening (June 23) a recording showing the moment of launching the powerful OTR-21 Tochka missiles on the positions of the Russians. In a short release, you can read that the missiles successfully hit Russian weapons magazines. Information was also added that the Ukrainians are waiting for … Read more

A. Sagatauskas. Lessons from leaving Russia for business

Bank photo Many foreign companies have decided to withdraw from the Russian market or restrict their activities in the last few months after the Russian-initiated military invasion of Ukraine. Many of them had to come to terms not only with the lost market but also with huge losses. However, they seem to be gaining the … Read more

Media: Lukashenko trapped – Minsk no longer pays Russia for gas

According to an agreement signed with Russian gas giant Gazprom, Belarus has to pay $ 128 per thousand cubic meters of natural gas. This is a favorable price, about 2-4 times lower than that paid by gas buyers from other countries under long-term contracts in January and February. The point, however, is that this price … Read more

Russia pays interest on bonds in rubles, not dollars or euros

Russia Moscow made interest payments on two issues of its bonds on Thursday, but Moscow used rubles instead of the US dollar or euro for the purpose, the Ministry of Finance said. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The payment in rubles, corresponding to the exchange rate of USD 235 million (EUR 233 million), … Read more

Ukrainian army in Luhansk region has stopped the Russian attack – Abroad – News

The enemy’s attack on Borivsk is also stopped, but the battle of Raiolexandrivka continues. The battle for control of Severodonetsk also continues. The Ukrainian army has already reportedly fired another self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery “Pancir S1” located on Snake Island, the operational headquarters “South” reported on Thursday. According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russians have deployed anti-aircraft … Read more