Usa, Biden eases Trump’s sanctions against Cuba: fewer limits on flights, visas and sending money. “We support the aspiration to freedom”

On Monday the administration of Joe Biden announced theloosening of some of the sanctions against Cuba introduced by Donald Trump. The new policy reduces, in particular, restrictions onsending money at home by Cubans residing in the US: the limit of one thousand euros per quarter to family members and transfers are also allowed to non-family … Read more

A surrender on oil and a trick on gas. Between Europe and Russia a ballet of sanctions

Unable to lift Hungary’s veto, Europe remains wrapped up in the Russian oil embargo. “I cannot guarantee that an agreement will be reached because the positions are strong enough: my role is not to assign blame to someone but to build consensus,” EU High Representative Josep Borrell said yesterday. In fact, another black smoke came … Read more

The sixth package of sanctions against Russia is still not there. Hungary is defending him

“The most problematic point is clearly energy and negotiations are still ongoing. It is about what the commission will be able to agree with the Hungarian side, “said Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský (Pirates) after the meeting. “At the moment, we have agreed with the commission and are waiting for more states. It is true that … Read more

Leaving Russia: – Difficult but necessary

A unanimous board has approved the sale of the 67.7 percent stake in the Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ, best known for the car brand Lada, to the Russian state research institute NAMI, informs Renault Monday. AVTOVAZ: The Russian car manufacturer is best known for the car brand Lada. Foto: Bloomberg At the same time, 100 … Read more

Western sanctions have deprived the Belarusian economy of 400 billion crowns in exports

The sanctions imposed on Belarus because it provided space for Russian troops attacking Ukraine are intended to limit Belarusian exports, which have already been affected by previous sanctions against the regime of the authoritarian ruler Alexander Lukashenko. The EU also froze payments with the Central Bank of Belarus and excluded three large Belarusian banks from … Read more

Europe-Russia Reciprocal Sanctions, Crude Oil Prices Slip

loading… Crude oil prices slipped. Photos/pexels/pixabay JAKARTA – Oil prices world crude slipped in trading this morning. Data from the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) on Monday (16/5/2022) up to 09:34 WIB showed that the July 2022 Brent oil price fell 1.52% at USD109.86 per barrel. Then, Brent August 2022 corrected 1.49% at USD108.11 per barrel. West … Read more

Antonio Rudiger Doesn’t Move To Real Madrid Due To Chelsea Sanctions

Antonio Rudiger is almost certain to join Real Madrid amid Chelsea’s inability to award him a new contract due to sanctions from the British government. Crazy Ball – Antonio Rudiger revealed that the sanction imposed on Chelsea was not the reason he did not renew his contract at Stamford Bridge and then took him to … Read more

Russia Gets Closer to China, India and Arab Countries After Rain of Western Sanctions

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Minister of Foreign Affairs Russia Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow was the target of a total hybrid war by the West. Russia will forge deeper partnerships with China, India and Arab countries as a result of sanctions imposed by the West. In a speech on the 80th day since Russia invaded Ukraine, … Read more

Provocations, cyber-attacks, sanctions – or the demolition of a monument will be a threat to security

Right now, the demolition of the monument in the Victory Park would be the best time, because Russia is stuck in the war in Ukraine and its services, whose task would be to organize a response, now have many other problems. Taking into account previous experience, Latvia must be ready for Russia to use all … Read more

Medvedev predicts the consequences of the sanctions against Russia. “New Epidemics and Food Crisis”

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council and former president of Russia, has announced what he thinks the world will look like after the West imposes sanctions on his country. According to him, a number of global supply chains of goods will collapse, food, monetary and financial crises are possible in some countries … Read more