United States announces new sanctions against Belarus | Abroad

The US Treasury Department has “blocked” the Boeing 737 used by Lukashenko for official and private travel. This makes the maintenance of the aircraft a lot more difficult, because, among other things, the supply of new parts is theoretically prohibited. In addition, the ministry also announced sanctions against two state-owned companies, BelAZ, which sells dump … Read more

Xi Jinping embraces Putinmei scholars: more sanctions will be brought to Chinese and Russian companies-International-China Times News

Xi Jinping embraces Putin, American scholars: more sanctions will be brought to Chinese and Russian companies. (Xinhua News Agency) Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow from 20 to 22 and several interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin have attracted global attention. Opinions vary as to what deals they made in secret. The Sino-Russian relationship is getting … Read more

Uganda to Death Penalty for LGBT, UN Worried, US Threatens Sanctions

Uganda’s parliament passes a bill that threatens the death penalty for the LGBT community. The move prompted the United States to threaten to impose sanctions. Photo/REUTERS KAMPALA – Parliament Uganda has passed a bill (RUU) anti- LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender), which carries the death penalty for that community. The African country’s move has … Read more

He spoke about a decision that could humiliate Lithuania: action had already been taken

Belarusian opposition politician Pavel Latuška claims that he knew about the proposals of some European countries to rethink the sanctions on Belarusian fertilizers a few months ago. However, he emphasizes that it is not about the complete elimination of potash fertilizer sanctions. “We became aware of the possibility of partial lifting of sanctions on potash … Read more

The Minister of Foreign Affairs calls for a decision on harmonizing the sanctions imposed on Belarus with sanctions on Russia, thereby reducing the circumvention of sanctions

On March 21, 2023, in Brussels, Minister of Foreign Affairs Edgars Rinkevičs participated in the meeting of the General Affairs Council (GAC) of the European Union (EU), during which member states discussed the draft conclusions of the European Council of March 23 and 24. E. Rinkēvičs expressed the position that the political, economic and diplomatic … Read more

WC hockey 2023 | Tretjak shocks: You flaunt security, but everything is calm in Russia. Nothing happened to any Ukrainian here

The Russians were already absent at last year’s senior championship, this year will be no different. The tournament was originally supposed to be held in St. Petersburg, but Russia was withdrawn as host. The same was the case with the past U20 championship at the turn of the year, which was originally supposed to be … Read more

Latvia calls on the sanctions against Belarus to be reconciled with the restrictions imposed on Russia / Article

Rinkevičs expressed the position that the political, economic and diplomatic pressure against Russia should be continued, the adopted sanctions should be effectively implemented and their circumvention should be prevented. The minister also called for a decision as soon as possible to reconcile the sanctions imposed on Belarus with those on Russia, thus reducing their circumvention. … Read more

A Russian court has taken action against Volkswagen. The automaker has frozen assets

A Russian court has frozen all assets of the German automaker Volkswagen in the country. The reason was supposed to be a lawsuit by GAZ, which cooperated with the company. The termination of cooperation between the two companies was supposed to damage the Russian car manufacturer. The German automaker Volkswagen has frozen all its assets … Read more

Good trade with the CIS countries. Risk diversification or sanctions avoidance?

On February 25, the Council of Europe accepted the tenth set of sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. EU restrictive measures against activities that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine now apply to a total of 1,473 individuals and 205 entities. The restrictions set by the EU in … Read more

Big twist! Ukraine wants the lifting of sanctions against Russia and Belarus

SEE OUR PAGE BOOKMAKER HERE! The Tennis Federation of Ukraine opposed the country’s National Olympic Committee and demanded that Ukrainian athletes not be banned from participating in international competitions if they include representatives of Russia and Belarus. Earlier, such a step was discussed as a continuation of the Ukrainian position for total sanctions against both … Read more