GISMETEO: When will the Sun make the Earth uninhabitable? – Science and space

Astronomers monitor the position and movement of stars while also observing their brightness and spectral classification. Due to this, it is possible to determine their age. © The mass of the star remains unchanged, which cannot be said about the temperature. The latter is influenced by nuclear fusion. The temperature rises as the star … Read more

Eliminate the plague of aphids from your garden with these effective homemade tricks – Teach me about Science

Aphids or aphids as they are commonly known are a fearsome pest for plant lovers, surely you have ever seen this tiny insect. If you are interested in knowing how you can kill them and save the life of your orchards so that it looks prodigious, read on. There are more than 4000 species of … Read more

A Row of Astronomical Phenomena That Will Happen in 2022

loading… Astronomical phenomena that will occur in 2022. PHOTO/ IST JAKARTA – The National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) stated that several events would occur f astronomical phenomena interesting this year. Some of them are a rare phenomenon. Last June, a rare phenomenon of parallel planets occurred. Starting on June 4, 2022, there will … Read more

What Happens to ‘Young People’ Being Injected with Parents’ Blood? Rats Give Evidence

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A study Recent studies have found that injecting parental blood into young children has an aging effect. It was known through several experiments on mice who are of different ages. Reported from Science Alert, a new experiment conducted on young mice showed they briefly age when scientists injected the blood of … Read more

This is the unexpected travel companion that has accompanied Perseverance on Mars for half a year – Teach me about Science

How do you choose a partner? It doesn’t always have to be your choice, sometimes this one comes for you. Perseverance in her adventure on Mars, as she searches for signs of ancient life, she has unexpectedly adopted a companion. A pet rock that has been getting a ride for over 6 months. Perseverance accidentally … Read more

7 Giant Snakes That Humans Have Seen and Considered Demons

loading… Nabau is a mythological snake in Kalimantan that once shocked the world and science. PHOTO/ THE GUARDIAN SAMARINDA – Whereabouts news giant snake the fact is not just a lie. Because the large snake has never been seen by humans and is considered a Demon snake by the natives of the area. ALSO READ … Read more

Ultrasound was applied to the adhesive and it adhered strongly to wet skin : Dong-A Science

Swiss and Canadian joint research team An international joint research team has developed a method to increase the adhesion of hydrogel adhesives with ultrasound. Courtesy of Ran Huo and Jianyu Li An international joint research team has developed a technology to control the adhesion of a bandage with ultrasound and foam. It is a new … Read more

Disused smallpox vaccine is needed again – against monkeypox | National Geographic

In the nineteenth century it became chicken pox virus replaced in the vaccine by the vaccinia virus, which also belongs to the orthopox virus family. The vaccinia virus was grown on the skin of newborn calves, which created a risk of contamination with other pathogens and so this smallpox vaccine was far from ideal. But … Read more

Why monkeypox virus infections are still growing so fast | National Geographic

“When there is a contagious disease that spreads through contacts in social and sexual networks, and the most important prevention – a vaccine – is difficult to obtain, it is not surprising that a situation like the current one arises,” says El- sadr. Other contributing factors are a lack of knowledge about possible other modes … Read more