How to refund app purchases or other content from the App Store, iTunes Store, and other 2022 Update services.

For anyone who has accidentally purchased an app, made an in-app purchase, or purchased content from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, or other Apple content. which may accidentally click to buy and be deducted Let’s see how to request a refund. How to refund app purchases or other content from the App Store, … Read more

Online Health Services HIV/AIDS District Mandalajati

Collaborating with the Bandung City AIDS Commission (KPA), ACF provided a free HIV check-in booth for all participants who came. Head of Mandalajati sub-district, Yana Rusmulyana said that the socialization of HIV/AIDS was carried out because of the increasing number of HIV cases in the city of Bandung. “I don’t know where the problem is. … Read more

In the event of a collision between two cars, all emergency services intervene

Photo There was a traffic accident near Losiná, the paramedics are transporting two adults and three children to the hospital This early evening there was a traffic accident between Losina and Chválenice, during which two passenger cars collided. Possible injuries to several people, including children, were reported from the scene, so all emergency services went … Read more

Ukrainian security services have searched Pecheri Monastery in Kyiv

Kyiv’s Pecheri Monastery is a Ukrainian cultural treasure and the headquarters of the Russian-backed wing of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church has publicly supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the church has condemned the search of the monastery as an attempt at intimidation. The Security Service of Ukraine has … Read more

Discover the new album “Capacity to love” by Ibrahim Maalouf!

A new album which speaks of love, of hope of tolerance. Released on November 4, 2022, the 15th studio album ofIbrahim Maalouf is a hymn to inclusion, sharing and identity in a world where asserting one’s difference has become divisive. A new album under the sign of hope and tolerance enhanced by a guest list … Read more

Press Diabetes, 11,000 Residents of Remote Areas Get Health Check Up Services

JAKARTA, – More than 11,000 people have received services for checking blood sugar and risk factors for non-communicable diseases, including diabetes, in the Affordability Project program. This examination was carried out for three days in 46 remote and very remote health centers in West Java. This number of examinations broke the record for the … Read more

Amazon launches Amazon Clinic for basic medicine online services

The Amazon company launched Amazon Clinic on Tuesday, a new online basic medical care division that it presents as the alternative to access a doctor or paramedic “without appointments or waiting rooms.” The e-commerce and services giant thus offers its customers quick access to treat relatively common problems such as urinary tract infections, headaches, hair … Read more

“It is unfeasible to continue practicing medicine”: Buenos Aires residents are still unemployed and there is already tension in the services

Los 19 days of strike carried out by residents of Buenos Aires hospitals and health centers exhibited like never before the human resources crisis in the health system that is replicated in the country. With the staff that does not fully recover from the physical and emotional consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for … Read more