CureVac vaccine: when does it arrive in Spain, how does it work and what side effects does it have?

La German vaccine, CureVac, ya is aqu from the end of May or the beginning of June it is expected approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). To be, therefore, the next one to join Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen. CureVac vaccine: How does it work? CureVac is a vaccine developed by the German pharmaceutical … Read more

Off Side: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] More than 11,000 fans wanted to see the final of the Cha

Updated 08/27/2020 at 2:09 PM The end of the Champions League It is, no doubt, one of the biggest football parties. Last Sunday, August 23, its most recent edition took place, the protagonists being Bayern Munich vs PSG. Millions of people around the world vibrated with the victory of the Bavarians 1-0, but there was … Read more

No transfer tax for starters: sympathetic, but with significant side effects

Another problem with this measure is that it can cause rents to become higher, Laurens van de Noort suspects. He is director of Vastgoed Belang, an association of private investors. Van de Noort: “It must come from the length or the width, the higher investment must be recouped.” Van de Noort also thinks that private … Read more

Off Side: Solidarity Income 160 thousand pesos Colombia, fifth turn August to the day of

Let us remember that this stimulus accompanies the Colombian families more needy until June 2021. When will the fifth draft of the State be delivered? How do I know if I can already collect the money order? The fourth turn of the Solidarity Income of $ 160,000 It has been delivered since last July 31 … Read more

MotoGP Johann Zarco: “Valentino Rossi is a great guy, but you better be on his side”

Johann Zarco will take the handlebars of his GP19 this Saturday on the Red Bull Ring. This is for a Styrian Grand Prix which he will tackle from the pit lane on Sunday. He will thus serve a sanction of the FIM stewards who listened to the opinions to decide against the Frenchman in the … Read more

Towards a “mirror coalition” when things get stuck at the level of federal negotiations? An idea that hardly enchants on the French-speaking side

“If a year after the elections there is still no federal government, we need a mirror government, reflecting the majorities put in place in the two communities. This means a federal government with representatives of the Flemish and Walloon governments. Me, it is the solution to get out of the current impasse, ”she explains. “What … Read more

Russian Covid-19 vaccine side effects listed

While Russia has just registered the world’s first anti-Covid vaccine, Sputnik had the opportunity to read the leaflet accompanying it and notably citing its side effects. Adverse effects ofa vaccine against Covid-19 may manifest as chills, fever, headache, nausea, decreased appetite and allergic reactions, says the leaflet describing the use of the Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine from … Read more

Facebook: Side cover not refused to photo | Culture

The cover shows Abbie Vandivere, painting conservator at the Mauritshuis. She has been portrayed as The girl with the pearl, such as Vermeer’s famous painting. An advertisement surrounding the new song was rejected by Facebook. According to Opzij on Monday, that could have to do with the renewed guidelines that Facebook recently set. As a … Read more

Charles Bukowski: 100 years of a writer who told the dark side of Los Angeles – Music and Books – Culture

It is curious that my fascination with Los Angeles did not come from a trip to Disneyland, a visit to Universal Studios or a baseball game at Dodgers Stadium, but from the books of Charles Bukowski, as well as in the records of the Doors and Frank Zappa, artists who have not been exactly the … Read more

why are women more prone to side effects?

The authors thus demonstrated that during the same drug intake, women had higher concentrations of the molecule in their blood, and they needed more time for it to be eliminated from their body. In 90% of cases, these women experienced worse side effects, such as nausea, headaches, depression, cognitive deficits, convulsions, hallucinations, heart abnormalities … … Read more