A young man assaults an Egyptian girl in the middle of the street and drags her to a side place in order to have sexual intercourse with her.. But that was the end! (video)

2022/08/14 12:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Social media users circulated a video clip, which was monitored by surveillance cameras from the Banilia market area, in the city of Kafr El-Dawwar, in the Beheira Governorate. The clip showed a young man getting in the way of a girl and assaulting her, throwing her to … Read more

Collagen rich is “elastic mesh essence”! 14 days of feeling repair, regain a firm side face, the editorial circle certified “feeling +1” – BEAUTY Beauty Circle

Image source: Beauty Circle Editor B has used N bottles of serum, and has been raved about recently: “Your skin condition is too good!” I look in the mirror and I am very satisfied: Apple’s muscles are plump to the point of radiance, and the contours of the side face become obvious~ Actually, I don’t … Read more

This handsome man replaced Mendes by her side! Camila Cabello showed her new love to the paparazzi – Star cases – Cocktail

She has been single for several months after announcing her surprise split with co-star Shawn Mendes. However, that is already a thing of the past in the case of Camila Cabello. Photo: BACKGRID / Backgrid USA / Profimedia American singer Camila Cabello and her new boyfriend – Lox club founder Austin Kevitch together at breakfast … Read more

Park Eun-bin’s side “Illegal fan meeting ticket transaction, forced cancellation”[공식]

Park Eun-bin. Photo ㅣ Star Today DB With actress Park Eun-bin ahead of her first solo fan meeting, the agency hinted that it would take a hard line against illegal ticket transactions. On the 12th, the agency Namoo Actors announced on the official SNS, “We have confirmed that tickets for 2022 Park Eun-bin 1st FAN … Read more

Pregnant women reportedly have fewer side effects from COVID-19 vaccine

MONTREAL — A new Canadian study suggests that pregnant women have less severe side effects after the COVID-19 vaccine than women who are not pregnant. The Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network collected data from 191,360 vaccinated women aged 15 to 49 between December 2020 and November 2021. Researchers asked participants to report “significant health events” … Read more

Covid vaccination has side effects, but monkey pox is not one of them

Allegation Monkeypox is actually shingles and a side effect of covid vaccination Judgement Source of claim An English-language video on Twitter makes it seem like monkey pox is a side effect of corona vaccination. The video tells in thirty seconds what it would be like with the rise of monkey pox. An older, much less … Read more

Jung Soo-bin to appear in ‘Third Person Revenge’ scheduled for OTT programming… “I’ll show you a different side”

Actor Jung Soo-bin shows a new charm in ‘3rd person revenge’. On the 11th, J-Wide Company announced that Jung Soo-bin has been cast in the drama ‘Third Person Revenge’. ⓒJ-Wide Company ‘Third Person Vengeance’ tells the story of the protagonist as he transfers to a special shooting school to find his twin brother’s killer. According … Read more

What is anaphylaxis: meaning of the new Covid vaccine side effect

COVID VACCINES One of the new side effects of Covid vaccines is anaphylaxis, a reaction with serious health consequences. MPM Madrid | 07.08.2022 06:05 Archive – Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of the Valencian Community (Fisabio) coordinates ‘Covidrive’, an international project that will estimate the effectiveness of vaccines against Covid. | … Read more

Tinnitus, anaphylaxis or paresthesia, new side effects of covid vaccines

Although it is less present in the day to day, covid is still active and its treatment continues to be a source of unknowns that health organizations try to analyze in depth. The latest Pharmacovigilance report on vaccines against covid-19 published by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) records 75,978 notifications of … Read more