GM switches to California’s side in dispute against Trump | United States

DETROIT (AP) – General Motors will switch sides in the legal battle against California’s right to impose its own clean air standards, abandoning the administration of President Donald Trump as the end of his term approaches. The company’s CEO, Mary Barra, announced Monday in a letter to environmental groups that GM will no longer support … Read more

What happens to Jorge Moreira? Marcelo Gallardo explained the situation of the side and surprised

The area on the right side is something quite fragile that has River within its establishment because it does not have big names. Because Marcelo gallardo Gonzalo Montiel has the most important figure. While to replace it it has a juvenile and in another step the name of Jorge Moreira. The latter since his return … Read more

American Music Awards: Dua Lipa and the daring dress she wore to the gala USA USA United States nndc | OFF SIDE

Updated 11/22/2020 at 7:52 PM On Sunday, November 22, the central ceremony of the 2020 American Music Awards will be held, under the leadership of actress and singer Taraji P. Henson, an event in which different celebrities from the music industry will meet to recognize the most popular artists . In this ceremony, the singer … Read more

PORTRAIT. Thierry Herzog, lawyer and loyal friend of Nicolas Sarkozy, who became a defendant by his side

The scene takes place on July 2, 2009. It takes place in the village hall of the Elysee Palace, of which Nicolas Sarkozy is, at the time, the tenant. Among the many lawyers present, are the best known and the most famous on the Place de Paris: Eric Dupond-Moretti, Hervé Temime, Jean-Louis Pelletier, Pierre Haïk … Read more

Covid-19 Vaccine: Why We Know Rumors About Grafted Chips, DNA Alteration, And Serious Side Effects Are False

Flora Carmichael* BBC Reality Check 2 hours Image source, Getty Images Caption, The pandemic has generated multiple rumors that vaccines will be used to insert chips into people. The wave of rumors on social networks was to be expected. The news that a vaccine for covid-19 BNT162 made by Pfizer and BioNTech showed more than … Read more

The other side of what the rains leave in Santander

While it is true that the rains during the winter season have caused natural disasters such as floods, landslides, floods, among other effects, it is also true that these rains bring many benefits. Cleaning the air we breathe, water reserves are recharged, ecosystems recovery and benefits for the agricultural sector are, according to experts, just … Read more

THE POSITION OF A HISTORICAL SIDE: Ashley Cole chose the best between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Some time ago, in an interview with Peter Crouch for the show Back of the Net from Amazon Prime Video Sport, Ashley Cole had to answer the question that is already a tradition in the present time: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? Although he acknowledged that he had really complicated battles facing the Portuguese, the … Read more

Onlyfans, the most intimate side of celebrities: LIST

Share this post Onlyfans are all the rage, there is no doubt that we live in a rapidly changing era, and digital media now offer many profitable options. Therefore, the social network Only fans it is so popular with netizens including celebrities. Sensuality and life [email protected] They are an important part of the human being, … Read more

‘Man in the middle’: The other side of referees in elite football

Champions League UEFA to release documentary on November 16 Bjorn Kuipers and Lionel Messi UEFA will release a documentary on November 16 which shows the private side of referees that we don’t usually get to see, showing how they work and operate in elite football. In a teaser posted on their website, they show a … Read more

“Gangs of London” shows the violent side of London

For those who enjoyed the Peaky Blinders series, the new crime drama Gangs of London it will be your new addiction, why? Because the British series shows the fight between mafias in the current United Kingdom, which is mixed with drugs, bullets and very violent and sordid deaths. The Starz Play series, which opens this … Read more