Car insurance: the policy becomes more and more expensive with age: is that fair? 75-year-olds pay significantly more than younger vehicle owners – News – Mercedes fans

The motor vehicle policy is not always a good “fair insurance”. This is particularly noticeable to the silverback in the paddock. The premiums for motor vehicle insurance increase noticeably with increasing age. Those who are still behind the wheel at 75 pays an average of 48 percent more than a comparable driver at the age … Read more

Shadowlands significantly outperforms any other expansion in pre-sales

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will arrive on November 24, and despite the fact that the base game was launched in 2004, there has been no game to steal the crown as the best MMORPG game ever. 16 years later the game continues to grow with a new expansion called Shadowlands, and despite all the time … Read more

At Huk-Coburg and Co., women spend significantly more money on motor vehicle policies than men

The changing season in motor vehicle insurance will enter the hot phase in the coming days. However, women sometimes have to pay significantly more for their car insurance than their male counterparts. Contract manager Volders claims to have found this out in a current analysis. With 795 euros per year, women drivers pay 57 euros … Read more

Significantly fewer donations for the Eifel aid group

Published: Wednesday, 10/21/2020 11:52 AM The corona pandemic is causing many restrictions and losses. And the Eifel Aid Group is clearly feeling this. According to current calculations, donations this year will be around 100,000 euros lower than usual. The background to the decline is that no benefit events could take place, said a spokesman for … Read more

Swedbank: Number of transactions in the secondary housing market decreased significantly in the Baltics in the second quarter – Branches – Financenet

“The prevailing uncertainty led to a drop in prices and transactions in the secondary market, and the apartments in this segment became the first victims of Covid-19. This affected the market structure, reducing the share of this market segment in total transactions,” the bank said. Taking into account that in all three capitals of the … Read more

Plug-In Hybrid cars are significantly less clean than they make people believe: they emit 2.5 times more CO2 than advertised!

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) emit an average of 2.5 times more CO2 than official test values, said the UK Transport & Environment (T&E) organization on Wednesday in a new study. Over its “life” (including emissions from power or fuel production), a new 2020 PHEV vehicle will emit around 28 tonnes of CO2, slightly less … Read more

In July, the number of guests from Lithuania, Estonia and Finland increased significantly

In July 2020, 298.9 thousand people were served in Latvian tourist accommodation. foreign and domestic visitors, which is by 25.3% less than in July 2019, according to the data of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB). Guests spent 545 thousand in tourist accommodation. nights, which is 30.5% less than in July last year. With the end … Read more

The incidence of Covid-19 continues to rise significantly in Estonia and Lithuania

While the incidence of the new coronavirus disease in Latvia, Covid-19, is still the lowest in Europe, Lithuania and Estonia have been experiencing a significant increase in the incidence for several weeks. According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the 14-day cumulative number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 population on September … Read more

Nvidia – Živě.cz can significantly interfere in the duel between AMD and Intel

Eternal duel Intel vs. AMD is gaining momentum this year. After years of more success, Intel seems to be turning the card. AMD is doing well now, but it is far from won. Nvidia can also speak into the fight for the processor number one. AMD is now doing well, which can be seen in … Read more

The recruitment of offers for “Toddler plus” is starting! The budget for the program has increased significantly

On Monday, the recruitment of offers for the next year’s edition of the “Toddler plus” program begins – reminds the Minister of the Family, Marlena Maląg. Local governments can apply for co-financing up to 33 thousand. PLN for one new place in a nursery or children’s club. The head of the Ministry of Family, Labor … Read more