Renault Clio will change significantly with the facelift. It will lose its characteristic face

In the course of this year, we should see the premiere of the rejuvenated Renault Clio. We already know that it will not only bring a new logo. Small French hatchback Renault Clio was introduced in the current fifth generation in 2019, so soon it will be high time for a rejuvenation procedure. We expect … Read more

The Tesla factory in Berlin is ready to significantly increase production volumes

German officials have revealed during a meeting with the IG Metall trade union that the Tesla factory in Berlin is ready to significantly increase production volumes, and the German side also wants more Tesla cars to be produced in Berlin. People from the Ministry of Economy of the country are calling on the manufacturer to … Read more

Sales of electric motorcycles picked up significantly after Enova support

In March last year, Enova launched support for electric mopeds and motorcycles. The scheme gives private individuals up to NOK 25,000 in support when buying a motorcycle. The aim is to increase the availability of such vehicles in the market. The more on offer, the greater the likelihood that consumers will choose electric next time. … Read more

“Tesla” significantly reduces the price of several popular electric car models

“Tesla” has reduced the prices of electric cars by even a fifth in Europe and the USA. In the UK, prices have been reduced by 10-13 percent, while some models have seen a 20% price reduction in the US. New UK buyers will save around €6,200 on a Model 3, while Model Y buyers will … Read more

People with multiple illnesses have a significantly higher risk of dementia

News near you – 1 month for only SEK 1 With plus you get to read all articles on the site and in our news app, e-magazine not included. You can also share your account with three family members within the same household. When the campaign period ends, the subscription changes to the regular price … Read more

Even 9,000 euros cheaper – Tesla lowers prices significantly

Tesla’s most popular models experience a substantial price drop in Europe as well. Model 3 now costs 6,000 euros cheaper, Model Y – 9,100 euros less. Experts are confused – Tesla has sharply lowered the prices of its products, not only in China and the USA, but also in Europe. The Model 3, instead of … Read more

Energy significantly cheaper: Electricity and gas prices for new customers are collapsing

Energy significantly cheaper Electricity and gas prices for new customers collapse 01/13/2023 2:59 p.m The development on the energy markets is also reflected in lower new customer prices for electricity and gas. Thanks to significantly lower stock market prices. This gives new customers a chance to get cheaper rates again. The mood on the energy … Read more

Troublesome circumstances in South Korea that have already overtaken Japan What are the five systems in South Korea that will change significantly from 2023 (1/4) | JBpress (JBpress)

What are the 5 systems in South Korea that will change significantly from 2023? Changes in Korean society are remarkable (Photo: Dongdaemun History and Culture Park in Seoul) The year 2023 is over. In South Korea, January 1st doesn’t really feel like New Year’s. In South Korea, January 2nd will be a normal day, not … Read more

The health of the pro-Kremlin film director Nikita Mikhalkov has significantly deteriorated in the hospital

He was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia and intoxication, according to Russian media. It is reported that Mikhalkov had been feeling unwell for several days before hospitalization. The “” portal reported on January 5 that Nikita Mikhalkov, the nightingale of war criminal Vladimir Putin, was hospitalized with pneumonia caused by the coronavirus, his condition was assessed … Read more

Home savings contract is booming again: Significantly more new contracts concluded

Significant increase in new contracts Building loan contracts are all the rage again 01/06/2023, 12:49 p.m. (updated) Skyrocketing interest rates, rising material prices: Financing a home is becoming increasingly difficult for many people. However, this development has helped a financial product to shine again. For many people, the dream of owning their own little house … Read more