Extremely large size 21:9 Mon!! AOC AGON AG405UXC 39.5″ Gaming Monitor- Computer field HKEPC Hardware

AOC AGON AG405UXC 39.5″ Gaming Monitor ▲ AOC AGON AG405UXC gaming monitor The current 21:9 monitors on the market are mainly 29-inch and 34-inch, unlike the mainstream 16:9 ratio, there are not as many size options. AOC’s recently launched AGON AG405UXC gaming monitor tries to break this “law”, adopting a larger 39.5-inch IPS type panel, … Read more

Dust Storm Raging on an Exoplanet 20 Times the Size of Jupiter

Scientists observed a massive dust storm in the atmosphere of VHS 1256 b, a super-Jupiter exoplanet located 40 light years from Earth. Photo/Live Science/STScl FLORIDA – scientists observed dust storm very large in the atmosphere of VHS 1256 b, a super-Jupiterary exoplanet located 40 light years from Earth. The super-Jupiter exoplanet is 20 times the … Read more

the union without members proclaims a strike and sends schools and families into haywire

VENICE – A school strike has been declared for tomorrow in the Northeast, and in the rest of Italy. Potentially affected are all personnel: teachers, executives, administrative, technical and auxiliary, tenured and precarious. It was announced by the Size (European autonomous school and ecology union), an online organization that is not even registered by the … Read more

Negotiate a good deal “Why does the size keep changing?” She turned on the light and exploded!Second alarm – Life – China Times News Network

The 4 males had a whimsical “combination”, but they got into a lawsuit and were convicted of sexual assault. (Schematic / Shutterstock) A man surnamed Huang from Inner Mongolia, mainland China, asked a woman to live broadcast a sex transaction on a whim. The two parties negotiated 1,000 RMB (about NT$4,400, the same below), but … Read more

Boeckenberg is a size too big for Borgerhout in korfball final | Korfball

Boeckenberg has been crowned champion in indoor korfball for the first time since 2020. In the Antwerp get-together in the final, Boeckenberg was clearly too strong for Borgerhout: 24-15. In the semi-finals, Boeckenberg was 19-14 too strong for outgoing champion Floriant Merelbeke, who had finished the regular season as leader. Borgerhout/Groen-Wit beat Voorwaarts Molinos from … Read more

Battery size is not everything: how car manufacturers increase the efficiency of electric cars? – AINA

Perhaps the most common way to compare electric cars is by the distance they can travel on a single charge. It is not difficult to increase it: you just need to install a larger battery. However, then the weight of the car increases, the handling characteristics deteriorate and, most importantly, the efficiency decreases. And this … Read more

What are the Sizes of the Largest and Smallest Asteroids in the Solar System? This Says Astronomers

Asteroid Apophis. ©2019 NASA Reporter: Hari Ariyanti Merdeka.com – The asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs millions of years ago, when a giant space rock hit Earth. But not all asteroids are Earth destroyers. Asteroids come in a variety of sizes, some small and some very large. So, what are the largest and smallest … Read more

Leaked Specifications for Asus Zenfone 10, Size is No Longer Mini

Jakarta – Asus Zenfone 9 launched last year with a size that is quite mini and compact for a flagship class cellphone. But it seems Zenfone 10 which will be released this year will lose that unique feature. PriceBaba and tipster Paras Guglani have just leaked some information regarding the Asus Zenfone 10. According to … Read more