Anthony’s Grandson, to the fire fighter that died in the crashing of the ambulance services in the city of Amarante, Portugal

A screening of the ambulance for transport of patients to non-emergency resulted in this Monday, two people – a patient and a firefighter – on the A4 direction to Vila Real-Amarante-in Candemil, Amarante, portugal. The More you know, that’s one of the the victims were Antonio Nieto, one of the frames, the oldest Volunteer Fire … Read more

“I would not see any harm to priests, married couples within our Church.” – general PUBLIC

“I would not see any harm to priests, married couples in your Church and make it” PUBLIC The church “does not agree” with sexual abuse, assures José Ornelas the Sun The church will not tolerate child abuse, promises the chairman of the postal code RTP “We can’t afford to spend her entire life confined,” says … Read more

The fires of the Typical Large: two cases, 38 accused and waiting trial | Typical-three years after the

The two cases that are the result of the investigation, in the context of the tragedy of the fire of the Typical Large, they should be tried in Court in April. Nuno Ferreira Santos The fire of the Typical, Large, led to the Public Prosecutor’s office (MP) to initiate investigations, which resulted in two lawsuits: … Read more

A man beaten with a belt for the father and 90-year-old is on the loose in Portugal

One man’s 90-year-old was beaten with a belt by his son, 59, while he was sitting behind the wheel of a car, on a Saturday evening in spain. The episode of violence, he was shot by a guy who noticed and called attention to the PSP, considering that the perpetrator has been identified are still … Read more

“I’m going to do a terrible thing”: The confession, the chilling of the suspect in the abduction and death of Maddie in Portugal

“I’m going to do something terrible tomorrow, on the beach of the Light”. The confession is chilling to the bone must have been made by Christian Brueckner, the German is suspected of having abducted and killed Madeleine McCann, a girl, on may 2, 2007, on the eve of the disappearance of a girl in england … Read more

POLICE close ‘supermarket of the drug in the Coastline of costa de Caparica, Portugal

By 03h00 Sunday’s are already a hundred soldiers of the national guard assembled on the South bank of the Tagus, in order to receive the final instructions. It’s time to put it on the ground, with a megaoperação, which would culminate in an investigation of a year-and-a-half. And, at 05h00, and the operational and fell … Read more

The young slayer took Bethany to the home of the parents on the day before the killing, Portugal

The body of Beatrice, Said the 22-year-faria 23 on Sunday, is expected to be on Friday handed over to his family. It is expected to arrive in the Town early in the afternoon, following the funeral at the Church of saint-domingue. After the Complex is Done in the city, where they will be cremated. It’s … Read more