“Musk is a genetic hybrid between a Chinese genius and a South African supermodel”

Elon Musk leads the most famous brand of electric cars, a space program and several other smaller projects such as the one for the chips in the human brain. It is not surprising that many wonder how the entrepreneur manages to juggle so many tasks. Rapper Kanye West, who two days ago was kicked out … Read more

He sacrificed both his legs to the disease… He explained the first symptom: I understood as soon as I saw it.

hurriyet.com.tr / EXTERNAL NEWS Photos: Gofundme Creation Date: November 30, 2022 09:40 TwitterLinkedinFlipboardE-mailCopy LinkFont Jo Spencer, who lost both legs due to a rare blood clot, talked about her experiences. ‘I understood as soon as I saw it,’ she explained the first warning sign of the unfortunate woman. class=”medianet-inline-adv”> EnglandTalking about a woman named Jo … Read more

“That can’t be true! » : How to improve your digital literacy | Gazette

These days, everyone turns to online resources and social media for answers, but it’s hard to know if the information there is accurate. Indeed, we hear more and more about disinformation and fake news, two phenomena whose repercussions on election results are even scientifically analyzed. However, the potential damage of bad information is really scary. … Read more

watched TV without doing homework; Eight-year-old boy punished for watching TV all night; Rage | Social Media | China

The parents forced the 8-year-old boy to stay up at night and watch TV without doing his homework. After the video shared by the couple came out, there is a lot of anger. The incident took place in Hunan province in central China. The parents left their son at home after telling him to finish … Read more

Here is the new feature of WhatsApp ‘somewhere familiar’! It will still make users say “Oh”

WhatsApp has more than millions of users. This also requires WhatsApp to continue to offer new features by keeping up with current developments. platform, finally WhatsApp survey made a sound with its feature. Creating a WhatsApp poll With the feature, users had the opportunity to create polls from within the chat. “How to make a … Read more

Social media is talking about these moments! The footage of the camera in the nursery scared everyone

A family living in England put cameras in various parts of the house to see what was going on when they realized that strange things were happening in their home. In the images shared from the TikTok account of the mother named Deanna, the oddities in the children’s room became the agenda on social media. … Read more

Jock | Information you did not know before about the WhatsApp application

Jock site provides the best information about apps Social mediaThis article deals with all the details and information of the famous WhatsApp application. Read also WhatsApp launches community service for some users in preparation for its launch for everyone About the WhatsApp application It is an American free software, centralized cross-platform messaging, and proprietary Voice … Read more

After raising the controversy, watch Hind Akef’s appearance on the fourth day

08:07 PM Wednesday, November 16, 2022 I wrote – Rawan Sharif: Actress Hind Akef shone on the red carpet, while attending the fourth day of the Cairo Film Festival in its 44th session. Hind Akef wore a black suit, an open-chested shirt that combines black and silver, and carried a black leather bag, as well … Read more

Enas Al-Deghaidi reveals the fact that she accused Tamer Habib of “homosexuality”

And Enas Al-Deghaidy had stated during a press conference that Tamer Habib has different tendencies, noting that everyone knows this, and stressing that this does not affect their relationship as friends. And Enas Al-Deghaidi explained during an intervention on the “Cairo Talk” program, presented by the two media professionals, Khairy Ramadan and Karima Awad, on … Read more

social network users compete in wits with companies

Many companies have used “Chuhngate” to remind themselves on social media, sell a product and simply express themselves creatively. After the glorious reaction of the “Dobele miller”, Olga’s statement was followed by all kinds of moves. Now, sitting in the light of Chuhna candles, you can sip Chuhna tea, eat Chuhna chops, plan excursions to … Read more