The Colombian series that gives soup and dry to the House of Paper

With mistrust, since everything Colombian on Netflix has to be seen, I started to see the Robo del Siglo. The story of how two men organized the theft of more than 20 billion pesos from the vault of the Banco de la República de Valledupar in 1994, cried out for an adaptation to fiction. They … Read more

Telemundo: Carolina Sandoval reveals how she learned of her dismissal

“The only truth of all the things they have said is that I found out that I was no longer in the place where I was for seven years on social networks and on television,” revealed the Venezuelan journalist. Sandoval added that he received a phone call, but only after the news was known, that … Read more

Lucía Méndez made Carolina Sandoval drop the ‘soup’ and talk about her dismissal

“And since people are saying that I’m on fire, the truth is that if they want to think that, what do I care! Let them say what they want” Carolina Sandoval. Foto: Getty Images / Getty Images According to what he confirmed Lucia Mendez, Carolina Sandoval will transform ‘The Lunches with Expensive’ on a digital … Read more

Off Side: [TEST] Viral Challenge: Find the word “BAR” in this alphabet soup the most

Updated on 07/27/2020 at 06:30 Facebook It is known as the place where those who want to test their senses with novel viral challenges come, but one of them has become the most popular of all today since you must have a good view to find the word “BAR” in the middle of a soup … Read more

Off Side: Facebook’s viral challenge today: find the word ‘DOG’ in soup d now

Pay attention to the following viral rectum shared in Facebook, because it has caused millions of users to get dizzy when searching. In times of pandemic due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), what better than this distraction to ‘forget’ about everything bad. Do you dare to participate? Trust your skills and show that you are special. … Read more