The soup of “ Kotteri MAX ”, which is said to be the strongest in the history of “ Tenkaippin ”, is like a potage, but you can drink it for some reason – GIGAZINE

June 1, 2023 at 22:00Tasting A ramen chain store that boasts rich ramenThe best in the world”, The ramen “ Kotteri MAX ”, which is said to be “ the strongest Kotteri in the history of Tenkaippin ”, will be available at some stores from Thursday, June 1, 2023, prior to general release from Monday, … Read more

NEWS: Confessions did not look for a horror movie! He killed, boiled his head and made soup

Compiled by: Fazilet Şenol / – Daniel Rakowitz was born in 1960 in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, USA. He grew up in the small town of Rockport, Texas, where he was raised by his father, a deputy sheriff, who he claims put him in psychiatric hospitals. Having a troubled childhood, Rakowitz’s neighbors in New … Read more

The correct method of white fungus soup is good for both men and women | jujube | wolfberry | gelatin

Tremella is a nutritious and nutritious product. It has the functions of nourishing the kidney, nourishing the lungs, nourishing the stomach, and invigorating qi. Tremella has become a high-quality and cheap food material. There are many ways to eat tremella, such as fried, cold, steamed, etc. The most popular It is white fungus soup. Let … Read more

Soup in the tables of Algerians.. Soup is present throughout the month of Ramadan

The fasting person opens his breakfast with it, and it is considered one of the dishes rich in vegetables and meat Al – Algeria Published in: Mar 23, 2023: 12:41 PM GST Last updated: Mar 23, 2023: 01:37 PM GST Algerians have a special relationship with soup, as there is no house without the … Read more

Ordered fried rice and came with soup. I was stunned when I saw it and my eyes widened. Seriously, is this called a side dish or what?

Ordered fried rice and came with soup. Saw it and was stunned. Not just side dishes This much is almost another menu. website Mynav Japan reveals stories with images that go viral on social media. After a Twitter user @BG4Tuned posted, shared a picture of the fried rice menu that he ordered. Before being served … Read more

The goddess suddenly posted late-night welfare photos! Zeng Guanting’s “Naked Spring Light, Closed Eyes and Soup” is a seductive picture that turns over the Internet | Entertainment | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Lin Mingrou / Comprehensive report ▲ Zeng Guanting shared many hot holiday photos. (Picture / Recap from Zeng Guanting IG) Please read on…. Taiwanese drama goddessZeng Guanting not only performed well in all aspects of the entertainment industry, but also made many friends in the circle. She likes to share her life through the … Read more

Sezchuan fish soup at «Lè Cuisine»: the highlight of the menu

Refreshing: The Sezchuan fish soup with sea bass fillet at “Lè Cuisine” in Zurich. (Image: PD) Local tip in Zurich Cheerful Chinese food is served in the small Zurich restaurant on St.-Jakob-Strasse. Despite an attractively varied menu, you always end up with the soup. She’s just too good. The story of the Chinese restaurant “Lè … Read more