Is TikTok going to launch a music streaming app to compete with Spotify and Apple?

TikTok has become the go-to platform for discovering new music, new sounds, and seeing what young people are listening to today. many times in recent timess songs that go viral on TikTok end up succeeding on traditional charts like the Billboard Hot 100 or end up leading the Spotify Viral 50 list. Now, the company … Read more

Music Streaming – New buttons for paying Spotify customers only

Separate buttons for premium customers onlyA request Spotify now honors: “Whether you love the joy of the unexpected with shuffle mode or prefer to listen to music in order by simply pressing play, Spotify has you covered,” he announced Service on Monday in a blog post introducing the separate buttons. The new change allows users … Read more

Spotify Brings New Features to Premium Users

Jakarta: In the coming weeks, it is reported that Spotify will roll out a new feature in the form of a separate play and shuffle button for users of the mobile version of its music streaming service. Collect Engadget, this new feature can only be enjoyed by users of Premium plan subscribers. This feature is … Read more

Spotify discontinues Car Thing devices

The streaming service announced yesterday in its second-quarter earnings report that it has stopped manufacturing the device.Car Thing“, which allowed users to play music in their cars. Spotify first launched the device in 2019initially by invitation only for research purposes: the company said its first proprietary hardware product had been primarily “developed to help us … Read more

Spotify posted a loss last quarter despite having 188 million premium subscribers

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 20, 2021 – Studio 11 will be used for audio only podcasts inside, ”Pod City, Earlier Spotify announced its own Q2 financial report, although the number of free and paid users both rose in the quarter (to 433 million and 188 million, respectively), the company still recorded a loss of … Read more

Spotify stops Car Thing due to lack of demand and supply problems – Image and sound – News

no, holding any electronic device while driving will cost you… It doesn’t matter whether it’s your mobile, your tablet, your tomtom or your shaver. A funny detail in this regard is that during the consultation round my then employer responded with the question why very hot or very cold food (or drinks) were not also … Read more

The numbers reveal: Rampant losses for Kry – bleeding three million a day

In May, Breakit revealed that online doctor Kry had laid off around 100 people from its staff to save money after heavy losses. Now last year’s numbers are available in black and white and they show billions in losses for Kry in 2021, write Swedish daily newspaper. According to the financial statements, Kry lost more … Read more

After the notifications – Kry takes in 1.6 billion

As recently as May this year, Breakit was able to reveal that the online doctor Kry notified about 100 employees to save money. The savings would take place among the staff who did not work with care. Then Kry’s press manager could not Jonas Beltrame-Linné answer whether Kry would take in any new capital during … Read more