Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: 20 million euro project with Spotify flopped – Royals

It should be one of Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40)’s first major projects after moving to the United States. And financial emancipation from the British royal family. Oddly enough, after just one episode, her podcast Archewell Audio went quiet. It was initially a promising scoop for Spotify. And now? Now the lender steps … Read more

Neil Young goes on the barricades against Spotify

Neil Young gives streaming service Spotify an ultimatum: he or Joe Rogan’s podcast. Getty Images Neil Young has had enough of Spotify: either his music is disappearing from the platform or a podcast that spreads Corona fake news. What’s going on with the streaming service? Canadian rock star Neil Young has threatened to boycott the … Read more

Spotify HiFi did not appear in 2021, but will come to Premium ‘in the future’ – Image and sound – News

It has everything to do with each other. To achieve the goal of maximum loudness, producers literally cut out sound. For example, a synthesizer part is high cut at 13khz while a hi-hat is low cut below 250. This process is called equalizing and is not very efficient to achieve maximum loudness. EQ is applied … Read more

Harry, the money’s gone, we’re packing! Meghan and her husband don’t get money from Spotify, so they move

It looks like after Meghan Markle s Prince Harry they will probably not get money from the Spotify platform, they will have to find some more economical housing. After all, why would the company pay them for arranged podcasts that the couple didn’t shoot in the end, right? The Sun’s field of resources did not … Read more

“All I want for Christmas is you” is listened to 5 million times a day on Spotify

Like every December, with the approach of Christmas, the global hit « All I want for Christmas is you » by Mariah Carey returns to the top of the charts. Over a billion streams in total This year again, the American superstar was able to count on what some call “His life insurance” to get back to … Read more

In Los Angeles, the festival was canceled due to the murder of a singer, he was stabbed by several men

<!—-> The Los Angeles Times wrote that the singer was attacked by several men and seriously injured him. The AP quoted a Los Angeles fire department spokesman as saying that a man in critical condition had been taken to hospital after the incident without identifying the wounded. But Jawson later confirmed the singer’s death. The … Read more

Spotify lets users rate podcasts

Spotify subscribers can now rate their favorite podcasts using stars. You can also see how many users have rated a podcast. The new feature provides fans with useful information about the podcast’s popularity. It’s also an interesting way to support their favorite creators. The podcast ratings are also important to podcast creators because they gain … Read more