The production team of “CCFF7R” interviewed, revealing that the ending will not be changed in any way | 4Gamers

Square Enix launched quite a few works in the second half of this year, and the finale at the end of the year and the most anticipated by many players, “CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION” (hereinafter referred to as: CCFF7R) is getting closer and closer to the release date. This time, executive producer Yoshino … Read more

“TheatRhythm Final Bar Line” released the “Track Collection” mode where you can choose songs and three play styles “TheatRhythm Final Bar Line”

“SQUARE ENIX” is expected to be released on February 16, 2023.TheatRhythm Final Bar Line(Theatrhythm Final Barline) >> The latest information will be released soon. This time, the “Museum Collection” mode, which allows free play of released songs, will be released. In the mode, there is a “sorting” function that can adjust the sorting order according … Read more

The new work of “Goddess of War Elysium” is not popular, and the Japanese physical film collapsed to half price after only two weeks of listing | 4Gamers

Valkyrie Elysium, the latest work of the “Goddess of War” series developed by Square Enix, has obviously suffered from commercial results. After only two weeks of listing, the price of physical films in Japan has dropped by half. Including Japan’s leading online shopping platform Amazon and the brick-and-mortar chain store GEO, they have been discounted … Read more

SQEX’s “FFVII” Battle Royale Tour ends in 2023 and falls to the ground after more than a year of listing | 4Gamers

“Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier” (FFVII First Soldier) jointly developed by Square Enix and Ateam announced today (12) that it will end its operation at 16:00 on January 11, 2023. The total operating time is 421 days. According to the official statement, “FFVII The First Soldier” was closed due to “the inability to continue … Read more

‘Dragon Quest Treasures’ is seen in a new trailer [VIDEO] | video games | Dragon Quest Treasures | Square-Enix | Nintendo | Switch | pc | VIDEO GAME

Updated on 09/23/2022 09:30 pm This coming December Square Enix will be throwing ‘Dragon Quest Treasures’title in which we will embody ‘Erik’ and ‘Mia’ and we will explore different places while we find great treasures. These may be hidden in places that are diabolically inaccessible, so we will have to recruit various monsters so that … Read more

“Goddess of War: Renas” PS4, PS5 Remastered Versions Announced a Three-Month Delay a Week Before the Release | 4Gamers

Square Enix is ​​scheduled to launch the latest work “Valkyrie Elysium” in the “Goddess of War” series on the 29th next week. Silk (VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH) was suddenly announced a week before the release to December 22. The original “Goddess of War” was released on PS in 1999, and “Goddess of War: Renas” was based … Read more

Nice place to go!! Tokyo Game Show 2022 includes photos of the atmosphere inside the event. with direct sales of game companies

Saturday, September 17, 2022, 3 o’clock 16 minutes 13 seconds, Indochina time Even though it’s almost the last day for the event TGS 2022 or Tokyo Game Show 2022 Which is one of the games that are quite big, not losing a big event like E3 It will be an event that will give gamers … Read more

The real game screen of “Wanderer 2” is released, and the game evolves to experience a new story of 8 players | 4Gamers

Square Enix held a live broadcast of “OCTOPATH TRAVELER II” at the Tokyo Game Show today (17th), announced the first wave of publicly available information, and played the world’s first real machine game. The second generation is still built by the original development team of the first generation. However, the previous work and this work … Read more

“Core Crisis-FFVII-REUNION” real machine demo, this time it is really a major renovation | 4Gamers

The HD refurbished “Crisis Core -FINAL FANTASY VII-REUNION” (Crisis Core -FINAL FANTASY VII-REUNION) demo was exhibited at this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2022, revealing a section of five summoned beasts of fire “Ifrit” battle level. Following the first release of “Core Crisis-FFVII-REUNION” in June, due to the complete refurbishment of character modules, voice support, game … Read more

TGS “Forspoken” in the real machine trial, the magic operation feels but the operation is a bit complicated | 4Gamers

“Forspoken”, which has been in the works for a long time, was exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show as the highlight of Square Enix; the first day of the exhibition became the most crowded place at the booth. The trial play is about 20 minutes long, and includes 5 small tasks in groups. After all … Read more