Space Station caught strange blue lightning coming from Earth

The International Space Station (ISS) captured a strange blue ray that came from Earth, so now several scientists are investigating what the strange phenomenon could be about. Several researchers gave details with what they try to explain what is actually a bright blue contrail that emerged from the clouds in the middle of a storm. … Read more

Teenager wanted after robbery of petrol station in Loddefjord – NRK Vestland

At 05.06 Friday morning The police received a report of a robbery of Esso Vestkanten in Loddefjord in Bergen. – The messages we received were that two people tried to rob the station. They then disappeared from the place on foot, says police chief Ørjan Djuvik. Deadlocked negotiation situation In connection with the search for … Read more

Stray Kids and LE SSERAFIM appear on “MS Station”! Even Tamori was surprised by the hard training… Commemorative shot with back numbers – Kstyle

Photo = Stray Kids Official Twitter On the 27th, Stray Kids and LE SSERAFIM made a live appearance on “Music Station” broadcast from 9:00. Stray Kids will present their new song “THE SOUND” for the first time in the world. They captivated the audience with their sharp dance and outstanding rapping. LE SSERAFIM then performed … Read more

MBC News | Commercial area is “Amu Wee” Central Station West Exit “JR Kagoshima Chuo Building” opens around April ▼ List of tenants

The commercial area is “Amu Wee” Central Station West Exit “JR Kagoshima Chuo Building” opens around April ▼List of tenants[01/26 19:54] The name of the facility to be developed at the west exit of Kagoshima Chuo Station has been decided as “JR Kagoshima Chuo Building” and the commercial area as “AMU WE”. The tenants will … Read more

Mysterious blue ray is detected by the space station and science manages to decipher its origin – Enseñame de Ciencia

Planetary nature is a complex of systems that involve a constant change in environmental conditions that, although often small or imperceptible, can alter the already known complexity and show us impressive phenomena. Lightning and lightning are one of these, formed from the electrical charges in the gases of the clouds and a temperature difference in … Read more

“Big station” for Stefanie Grob

In the bulging hall itself, you met everyone who was of rank and name in Innerrhoden. The governors Roland Dähler and Roland Inauen, Sandra Sutter, head of the AI ​​sports office, sponsors and representatives of the Eastern Swiss Ski Association were present. René Wyler from the Appenzellerland sports school also did not refrain from congratulating … Read more

Elio Di Rupo finally answers our questions about Mons station!

You may have been surprised this Wednesday morning when you saw a procession of dark cars crossing the city of Mons, framed by police vehicles with their blue lights. The cars then remained parked for nearly 30 minutes on Avenue Mélina Mercouri, in front of the Convention Center. It was actually an important visit. The … Read more

First drive with the Opel Astra ST: The diesel station wagon is truly autobahn proof

The Opel Astra is no longer an extra-hot novelty. After all, I remember very well how I went on my first drives to Portugal in February 2022 and then tested a plug-in hybrid hatchback for a week during the summer. And overall, I didn’t really miss much about the new Astra. During the drives in … Read more

Go to the grassroots in the new year|Erlian border inspection station in Inner Mongolia: stationed at the north gate of the motherland and stick to the post to welcome the new year|Inner Mongolia|Go to the grassroots|Border inspection station_Sina News

  [New Year walks to the grassroots|Erlian border inspection station in Inner Mongolia: stationed at the north gate of the motherland and sticks to the post to welcome the new year]On January 21, the police of the Erlian entry-exit border inspection station of the Inner Mongolia Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station stationed at the north gate of … Read more

RT France, the Kremlin-funded television station, announces its closure after freezing its accounts

“After five years of harassment, the authorities have achieved their goal: RT France will be shut down,” Ksenia Fedorova tweeted. According to her, 123 employees may not receive salaries for the month of January and may lose their jobs as a result of the freezing of their accounts, which was carried out as part of … Read more