MG5 Luxury Extended Autonomy Test: the first electric station wagon for the general public

It is not in the field of performance that we expected the MG5. And yet, this electric station wagon offers a fairly flattering technical sheet. The Standard Autonomy version with the LFP battery (50.3 kWh) benefits from the highest power with 130 kW (177 hp), while the Extended Autonomy version, equipped with the same engine, … Read more

Diamond League Doha Station: Woo Sang-hyuk wins men’s high jump, men’s pole vault postponed due to strong wind_Game_Player_Shim

Original title: Diamond League Doha Station: Woo Sanghe won the men’s high jump and the men’s pole vault was postponed due to strong winds Xinhua News Agency, Doha, May 13. The 2022 World Athletics Diamond League kicked off the new season in Doha, Qatar on the 13th. South Korean newcomer Yu Sang-hyeok won the men’s … Read more

Reality or fiction? A viral short of a Japanese train station showed the future of video games

The short demonstrates the capabilities of Epic Games’ new graphics engine A developer demonstrated the limits of what can be created with the game engine Unreal Engine 5 with a video that has gone viral under the name of Etchū-Daimon. This short film shows the station of the same name in Toyoma (Japan) and has … Read more

U2 leader Bono gave a concert at the metro station in Kiev

Expressing respect for the Ukrainian struggle for freedom, Irish rock bands U2 leader Bono on Sunday in Kiev gave a concert at the metro station. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The 61-year-old singer performed U2’s most famous songs “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “Desire” and “With or Without You” on the metro station “Hrešatik”. “Ukraine … Read more

U2 leader Bono gave a concert at the metro station in Kiev

In worship of the Ukrainian struggle for freedom, Bono, the leader of the Irish rock band U2, gave a concert at a metro station in Kiev on Sunday. The 61-year-old singer performed U2’s most famous songs “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “Desire” and “With or without you” at the metro station “Hrešatik”. “The Ukrainian people are fighting … Read more

If you want to feel the reduction in fuel tax… Go to a thrifty gas station? – Asian economy

The photo has nothing to do with the article. [아시아경제 오현길 기자] During the week when the government lowered the fuel tax to the maximum legal limit, thrifty gas stations lowered the price of gasoline by an average of 60 won per liter, and the effect of the expanded fuel tax cut was most evident. … Read more

F1 Miami Station – Ferrari takes pole position Zhou Guanyu stops Q1 for the first time_Alonso_Grand Prix_Results

Original title: F1 Miami Station – Ferrari took the lead and took pole position Zhou Guanyu stopped Q1 for the first time In the early morning of May 8, Beijing time, the fifth round of the 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix ended the qualifying competition at the Miami International Circuit. Ferrari swept the front row, … Read more

Jessica Newton on accusations of fraud against Liseth Guevara: “I should go to a police station and report” | Miss Peru | beauty pageant | love and fire | SHOWS

Updated on 05/05/2022 03:27 pm The model Liseth Guevara decided to step aside from the beauty pageant Miss Peru 2022 after she was accused of theft and other questions on social networks. This time, the organizer of the contest, Jessica Newton, spoke about it. “She presented her resignation and I have accepted it, after everything … Read more

Freedom for those registered who vandalized 13 cars and destroyed a police station in Porto

Reis Pinto 05 May 2022 at 17:49 The two registered officers who, on Wednesday, in Porto, vandalized and robbed 13 cars, destroyed the interior of a patrol car and the Bom Pastor police station and also tried to attack the PSP agents who were trying to detain them, were released by the Court. The individuals, … Read more

Russia decides to withdraw from the International Space Station

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) This is the only project that still unites the Russian space program and the rest of the world at present, but this collaboration should also soon end. Dmitry Rogozin, director general of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, has officially announced that his country will … Read more