Watch .. the former preacher “Abu Street Al-Qahtani” dances to the song “Sad Ahlam” • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Tweeters circulated on “Twitter” a video clip of the former preacher Abu Street Al-Qahtani dancing on Ahlam Al-Shamsi’s song “Sad”. The video showed that “Al-Qahtani” was filming himself inside his house, dancing and repeating the words of the song “Sad”, and commented on the clip by saying: “Abu Street is sad.” The former … Read more

Vaccination for COVID straight from the street. The head of the clinic from Rzeszów explained

– You hear voices that you can just come here and get vaccinated from the street. Were there such cases or not? How did it happen that 20- and 30-year-olds who are not medics or uniformed are vaccinated? – asked the WP reporter Klaudiusz Michalec in the Rzeszów clinic. – That’s your blood alcohol concentration. … Read more

The street vendors of the extra-food sector set up the counters in protest and block Corso Orbassano

TURIN. «We are on the pavement. We are fed up. This is our only job, without refreshments and reopening how do we do it? ». The street vendors of the non-food sector, blocked by the red zone, set up their benches in protest. It happened this morning in the major markets of Turin. Dozens of … Read more

Street vendors, protest throughout Italy: tension in Milan and Rome

ROME. The impatience and desperation of the traders with the shutters lowered for months explode in protest. A protest, which from all over Italy, has only one slogan: “reopen immediately, so as not to die of crisis”. And in the demonstration in Rome yesterday, in front of the Parliament, the anger takes little to turn … Read more

‘Joe Biden’s son couldn’t go out on the street without a sip of vodka’ | NOW

Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, will release his memoir on Tuesday. The book Beautiful Things describes the addiction problems he faced. Just a few years ago, when his father was still a vice president, he was on the brink of collapse and could no longer function without alcohol or drugs. We … Read more

Stock Exchange, Wall Street records with optimism on the US economy

Wall Street soars to new records – for Dow Jones and S&P 500 – with optimism about the US economy. The Dow Jones rose 1.12% to 33,525.48 points, the Nasdaq advanced 1.67% to 13,705.59 points while the S&P 500 posted a progress of 1.44% to 4,077.78 points . The opening for Wall Street was positive … Read more

Belgium finds 27.6 tonnes of cocaine in encrypted chat case: street value of 1.4 billion | Abroad

BRUSSELS – The Belgian police and customs have intercepted more than 27.6 tons of cocaine in the port of Antwerp in more than 40 days. The finds stem from the breakdown of an encrypted chat service, Sky ECC, with which numerous criminals communicated. According to the judiciary in Belgium, the cocaine has a street value … Read more

United States: Abundance of liquidity creates instability on Wall Street

Posted4 avril 2021, 14:50 Several speculative bubbles have rocked the US stock market since the start of the year, without causing it to collapse. The reason: a huge amount of money in the market. To support the US economy, the Fed has significantly increased its injections of liquidity into the banking market for more than … Read more

the earthworms took to the street. They formed a strange shape

The amazing photos of earthworms were posted on social media by local councilor Tiffanie Fisher. – Tornado of whistles? Has anyone ever seen something like this? The woman wrote, adding that the worms came to the surface after the last rains. Internet users are also concerned about the phenomenon. Nobody has ever come across anything … Read more