Beware! Here are the Characteristics of High Blood Sugar – Knowing the characteristics of high blood sugar can build awareness to be more aware of complications of diabetes. As is well known, persistently high blood sugar levels can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and nerves. People who are at risk of developing diabetes need to check their blood sugar levels regularly. … Read more

Excessive sugar consumption causes erectile dysfunction

There is a short time left for Eid al-Fitr. Uro-Andrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat drew attention to the increase in the consumption of sweets during the holiday and gave information about the sexual health problems caused by diabetes. “TURKEY HAS 3 AND A HALF MILLION DIABETES” Stating that excessive consumption of sugar causes diabetes, … Read more

10 diabetes warnings other than high blood sugar

Diabetes, which can lead to many different complications, especially heart and kidney problems, can manifest itself with various symptoms. Here are 10 symptoms of diabetes other than high blood sugar. Everyone experiences blood sugar spikes, but in diabetic patients, the body cannot manage these blood sugar spikes. The body has a problem with the hormone … Read more

High Blood Sugar Levels? Help Down with these 6 Types of Foods

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Velvet – Gum sugar – Princess Eugenia posted very nice family pictures

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Foods to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels of Diabetes Patients

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Apple smart watch with a blood sugar monitoring feature

Old rumors about the Apple Watch’s ability to monitor blood sugar levels seem to have gained some credence recently. The Telegraph and Forbes reported that British health technology company Rockley Photonics recently confirmed that Apple has been its biggest customer over the past two years, and that it has an ongoing deal to develop future … Read more

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Apple Watch will tell you if you’re drunk and check your sugar levels

The new sensor will measure the sugar level and alcohol concentration Rockley Photonics is getting ready to go public and recently boasted in its prospectus that Apple has been its largest client for nearly two years. However, the Cupertino giant is not buying any sensors yet, and it looks like he is investing in the … Read more