A large Czech store started selling food at the old prices. Eggs, sugar and butter significantly cheaper, completely fresh

Czechs are experiencing another wave of food price hikes, although for a while it seemed that the situation would calm down and improve. However, the opposite is true, and basic necessities in particular are literally flying up. Anyone who wants to buy eggs, butter or sugar today has to dig much deeper into their pockets … Read more

Alert! These are 7 Foods that Trigger High Blood Sugar Levels

Jakarta – The condition of high blood sugar levels is risky for health. To prevent this, be aware of consuming foods that trigger high blood sugar levels, including these 7 foods. The concentration of glucose in the blood is usually used as a guide for measuring blood sugar. Other names are blood sugar level, blood … Read more

To save money, they replaced sugar in sweets with poison: 20 people died immediately, hundreds became seriously ill

It was called white gold Sugar cane could not grow in the British climate, therefore sugar had to be brought into the country. Although the court of Henry III is thought to have been using sugar as early as 1264, sugar did not come into use in Britain until the 14th century. A luxury that … Read more

4 Quick Ways to Lower Blood Sugar in Diabetic Patients to Prevent Death Page all

KOMPAS.com – High blood sugar levels can harm patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes by causing serious complications that can lead to death. One of the risks of complications that can be experienced by patients with type 1 diabetes is diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). This dangerous condition occurs when blood sugar levels are at 240 … Read more

Types of Honey that Can Lower Blood Sugar and High Cholesterol Page all

KOMPAS.com – It’s no longer a secret that honey has many health benefits. Recent studies have shown that one of the benefits of honey is that it can lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This finding is quite surprising, because honey, which is 80 percent sugar, actually provides good benefits for the body, and can … Read more

raw honey to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels

A new study reveals that honey, unlike other sweeteners, may actually be good for cardiometabolic health. The benefits of honey have been revealed in studies of people with heavy diets containing 10% or less sugar. The study suggests that honey, particularly raw monofloral honey, may be a healthier replacement for sugar already consumed, rather than … Read more

3 healthy eating patterns that can help you regulate your blood sugar level

Analia Llorente BBC News World November 14, 2022 image source, Clara Eugenia Perez Gualdron Caption, Clara Eugenia Pérez Gualdrón is vice president of the Latin American Diabetes Association (ALAD) and associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Colombia. Glucose is the most important fuel we have for our body. Because … Read more

Mariana Mazza doesn’t regret the famous “f*ckyou” she made to Sugar Sammy at the Gala Les Olivier in 2015

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Avoid the Risk of Diabetes Complications by Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels

KLIKTIMES.COM | JAKARTA – Guard sugar level Keeping blood, blood pressure, and blood fats under control will greatly help reduce the risk of complications for sufferers diabetes. “This means that when going for a consultation, patients will know ways to take care of themselves. Starting from information about food menus, superfoods, and vitamins and fiber, … Read more