The 2022 Digital Earth Ecological Summit was held in Hefei, China Science and Technology Xingtu jointly initiated the establishment of an industrial fund_Development_Wisdom_Enterprise

Original title: The 2022 Digital Earth Ecology Summit was held in Hefei, China Science and Technology Co., Ltd. jointly initiated the establishment of an industrial fund China Securities News (Reporter Wu Keren) A reporter from China Securities News learned from Zhongke Xingtu on August 14 that the “2022 Digital Earth Ecology Summit” jointly sponsored by … Read more

Russia Needs To Turn On Danger Signs, US F-22s Will Soon Be Deployed To Poland – After the invasion Russia the UkraineNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) increased its arsenal in Europe. Foreign media reports say that F-22 Raptorwhich is referred to as fighter strongest in the world, will soon be deployed to Poland. According to Warzone, a military media outlet ASon 27 (local time), Air Force European-African Command AS … Read more

Draghi-trade unions Summit, the government plan on Dl Aid: cut the tax wedge for incomes up to 35 thousand euros

Less than two months before the elections, Mario Draghi keep working on the next one Aid decree. After listening to the requests of farmers and artisans, on the morning of July 27 it was the turn of the labor unions. «The meeting produced some initial responses. I believe that the way is right», Said the … Read more

Energy crisis, EU | Warned before the summit: – Putin wants to destroy the everyday lives of all European families

On Tuesday, EU energy ministers met to hold an extraordinary meeting on gas stocks in Europe and energy security ahead of winter, as there is a real danger of energy shortages for the winter due to Russia’s brake on gas supplies. On Tuesday morning, Ukraine’s foreign minister was already out with a strong warning. – … Read more

Putin’s trip to Iran – Summit of the OBOS League

Tuesday’s “summit”, which was also attended by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reached its climax when the Iranian host, President Ebrahim Raisi, took his two guests by the hands, and raised them in a tentatively triumphant gesture, as if they had all won a boxing match. Erdogan’s slightly sheepish smile told his story of this … Read more

Tour de France 2022: Pogacar winner at the summit in Peyragudes, Vingegaard finishes in his wheel

Tadej Pogacar preceded Jonas Vingegaard but did not knock him out, far from it, on Wednesday on the 17th stage, the penultimate in the Pyrenees, disputed over 130 km between Saint-Gaudens and the Altiport de Peyragudes. Once again the strongest of the lot, the 1st and 2nd overall were explained in the sprint in the … Read more

Poland disappointed with the effects of the NATO summit

The daily describes the disappointment – both of the liberal opposition and the government’s conservative camp – with the failure to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank. “It’s been two weeks since the Madrid NATO Summitwhich was specified as. The fanfare has subsided and now it is clear: Poland is disappointed, “we read in” FAZ “. Warsaw … Read more

A meeting between the Chinese and Russian foreign ministers on the eve of the G20 summit

Bali – AFP Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov Thursday in Bali to discuss Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, on the eve of a G-20 ministerial meeting. The two ministers held a bilateral meeting, according to the photos taken on the Indonesian island, which hosts representatives of the 20 … Read more

Summit with Draghi, Conte raises the stakes: M5S requests to the government

“We remain in the government but we need a strong sign of discontinuity”. Thus the M5S leader Giuseppe Conte after the face to face with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. A clarifying meeting after the incident triggered by the ‘tsunami’ Beppe Grillo, during which Conte handed over a document in 9 points in which he asks … Read more

Milan, over an hour-long summit between Minister Luigi Di Maio and Mayor Beppe Sala-

from Milan editorial office At the center of the face to face, the new political formation inaugurated by the former leader of the Five Stars, «Together for the future», and the creation of a center-left reform pole. At the end, no declaration Face to face in Milan, Wednesday morning, between the foreign minister, Luigi Di … Read more