On Mars, giant tsunamis devastated the surface

The mars surface is now emblematic with its red atmosphere of iron oxides and scattered rocks. A specific area photographed by the probe Viking 1 in 1976, puzzled scientists. The study of a crater 110 kilometers in diameter, baptized Pohl, and presumed to be located in the heart of an ancient ocean, enabled researchers from … Read more

The James-Webb observes details of the surface of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn

Just like Hubble, the James-Webb Telescope is able to provide amazing images of the planets of the Solar System. Most recently, images of Titan – the mythical moon of Saturn – have been taken and they rival those taken on the ground with the instruments of the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. All astronomers know that … Read more

Its surface will betray you.. How did an Egyptian get out of quicksand after he got stuck in it?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Imagine you’re out for a long walk in the desert, and you’re drowning In your thoughts, you find Yourself stuck in quicksand.. Will this be your inevitable end? not necessarily. The Egyptian adventurer, Mohamed Shaheen, explains how it is possible to get out of the quicksand in just 6 … Read more

Unique, universal and powerful hard worker. Microsoft Surface Pro 9 tablet and computer test – Živě.cz

The Surface tablet is slowly being perfected by Microsoft. Its ninth generation using the latest Intel Alder Lake processors is proof of that. Pros Great touch 3:2 display Comfortable keyboard and touchpad Quality workmanship Face recognition Minuses Jen 256GB SSD Classic USB is missing Performance drops under load High price While other manufacturers have almost … Read more

Footage of the invisible side of the Moon has reached Earth: the probe, which flew just 130 km from the surface, captured images that many have never seen before

The optical navigation camera is used by the Orion space capsule to capture a perspective of the Earth and the Moon at different phases and distances. At the same time, the equipment collects a large amount of data that would confirm the navigation efficiency in different lighting conditions. This data will be useful during future … Read more

The dollar crisis in Egypt is resurfacing on the surface of imports

Crisis returned Hard currency in Egypt It reappeared during the past two weeks, after a number of banks stopped opening new letters of credit or collection documents for importers, due to the scarcity of the dollar in the largest market in the region in terms of the number of consumers. It was Egyptian Central Bank … Read more

Many allergens on smartphones | aponet.de

“Smartphones showed elevated and variable levels of β-D-glucans and endotoxin. Cat and dog allergens have also been found on pet owners’ smartphones,” Hana Ruran said at the American Annual Allergology Conference. β-D-glucans are found in the cell walls of fungi and are an indication of the presence of problematic molds. Endotoxins can cause severe inflammation … Read more

Real hell. Something unusual lurks under the surface of one of Jupiter’s moons

Scientists believe that there is a huge ocean on Jupiter’s moon Io, but not at all from water. None of the known satellites of the planets in the solar system can be compared with the third largest satellite of Jupiter – Io. This is the most volcanic world on which there are several hundred active … Read more

Space Snake Caught on Camera Running on the Surface of the Sun

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – An interesting phenomenon occurred on the Sun recently. Space snakes caught on camera slithering on the surface of the Sun. What’s a real snake? The existence of this ‘snake’ was captured by the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter. You can see a cylinder of cold atmospheric gas fired by a magnetic … Read more

Microsoft Ends Support for the 1st-Generation ‘Surface Go’ LTE Model Released in 2018

Support for the first-generation Surface Go LTE model released by Microsoft in 2018 has ended. Microsoft typically provides support for Surface products for the first four years of release. The first-generation Surface Go, whose support has ended, will no longer receive firmware and driver updates. However, hardware update support will be discontinued, but Windows 10 … Read more