NASA targets the Europa Clipper spacecraft to hit Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system

FLORIDA – NASA targeting the Europa Clipper spacecraft mission to crash into Ganymede, Jupiter’s moon , the largest in the Solar System. NASA said this accident was intentional to end the Europa Clipper mission, which will launch in 2023. The Europa Clipper mission was originally planned to crash into or be dropped onto the planet … Read more

Near Earth, Scientists Discover New Multiplanetary System – A team of astronomers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in collaboration with other astronomers around the world, claims to have identified two rocky planets orbiting the stars, which are dubbed HD 260655b and 260655c. These planets are located in a system that is only 33 light years from Earth. According to … Read more

When the Xiaomi 12S is launched, the company’s first series of phones with Leica camera system

Xiaomi has officially announced the date of the presentation event for the 12S series of smartphones. It will integrate three models, according to rumors and will benefit for the first time from the new partnership with Leica, for the development of cameras. All three Xiaomi 12S models will be equipped with camera systems developed in … Read more

“Xinghai Ranger 6” public release date, adopts dual-protagonist real-time action combat system | 4Gamers

Square Enix announced yesterday (30th) that the latest work in the “Star Ocean Ranger” (old translation: Galaxy Ranger) series “Star Ocean Ranger 6: Divine Power” (STAR ​​OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE) will be listed on October 27th. The real screen of the minute prologue. This time, “Star Sea Ranger 6: The Power of God” was jointly … Read more

“Fishing” has unlimited fun! The 2022 Hunan Provincial Sports System Senior Fishing Competition will be held

Star Online | Author: He YalingEditor: Li KexinSupervisor on duty: Huang SidaOn-duty editorial board member: Lin Zhile (From June 26th to 27th, the 2022 Hunan Provincial Sports System Senior Fishing Competition will be held.) (The competition attracted more than 60 athletes, the oldest being 89 years old.) (Silent lakeside, one person and one fishing rod, … Read more

Bitcoin less energy than the banking system – The report that reverses the trend

Energy saving – L’still young universe of cryptocurrency already suffers from many platitudes and other clichés. An example of this is the energy management and consumption required to mine BTC. Faced with this injustice that sometimes condemns Bitcoin and its consumption too quickly, the report Bitcoin: Energy efficiency of crypto-payments compared the consumption of traditional … Read more

The programmer creates a remake of the Simpsons Hit & Run on Unreal Engine 5 – with a full-fledged open world and a quest system

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The United States will supply Ukraine with a Norwegian missile system

The United States will supply Ukraine with an advanced Norwegian-developed anti-aircraft missile system. A source with knowledge of the decision informs the news agency AP. The United States will provide Ukraine with the air defense system NASAMS, which has been developed in Norway. Here from a demonstration of the system in Oslo in 2016. Photo: … Read more

19 years after starting its mission… ‘Mars Express’ will get a system update

if you are If you think the computers in your office are out of date, your duty is to look at one of the European Space Agency’s most famous spacecraft, which is updating its software. Mars’ advanced radar Mars Express Orbital, 19 years after its launch in July 2003, whose “native code” was built using … Read more