BioNTech develops early warning system

Turkish scientists Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin’in GermanyBioNTech, which saved the lives of millions of people it founded in Turkey, is starting a remarkable partnership. BioNTech, managed from Mainz, Germany, announced its partnership with a start-up named InstaDeep, which was established in Africa and continues its work on artificial intelligence, and shared the details of … Read more

Latvian stores are gradually preparing for the introduction of a deposit system / Article

The deposit system means that when handing over a package of plastic, glass and metal cans with a special identification mark, the buyer will be able to receive a deposit fee – 10 cents for each unit of packaging. The deposit packaging will be accepted at points of sale that meet certain criteria. In Riga … Read more

Astronomers are looking for moons beyond our solar system, yielding interesting results

Astronomers have announced the possible discovery of an exomoon, the second sighting to date. The scientists behind the new search say their analysis points to a “mini-moon” the size of the planet Neptune orbiting a planet similar in size to Jupiter. Not long ago, scientists proudly announced for the first time that they had discovered … Read more

Unique Facts about the Planet Mercury, as the Hottest Planet in the Solar System

Jakarta, – Do you know how the order of the planets in the solar system from closest to the sun to farthest? If sorted by the distance closest to the sun, then the order is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. After understanding the order, it means that Mercury is the planet … Read more

Covid: Ómicron puts the Mexican health system to the limit

The omicron variant maintains its unstoppable expansion in Mexico without giving up a day, confirming that the country is advancing heading to the top of the curve as is the case in the rest of the world. In less than a week the country recorded three daily infection records, a trend similar to Europe or … Read more

Moon Bigger Than Earth Found Outside Solar System

Jakarta – Not only planets outside Solar system, astronomers are also hunting for the presence of Month. And recently, they reported that they might have discovered a moon that is larger than Earth. This moon orbits a planet that is thought to be similar to Jupiter. In a review in the journal Nature Astronomy, the … Read more

Flash move from BioNTech: Early warning system against new variants!

Speaking about the tests that have not yet been examined by a peer-reviewed scientific committee, Uğur Şahin used the following statements; ‘Early identification of potentially high-risk variants can be an effective tool to alert researchers, vaccine developers, health authorities and authorities, thus providing more time to respond to new types of concerns.’ DELTA ESCAPEED BY … Read more

Affair with the Pegasus system. NIK disclosed invoices for “purchase of special technology measures”

The invoice is issued to the Matic company, which, as indicated in 2019 by “Puls Biznesu”, was to act as an intermediary in the purchase of the system by the Polish services The TVN24 journalist also published a letter from the head of the CBA Ernest Bejda to Zbigniew Ziobro. It is a request to … Read more

Astronomical Discovery – The First Moon in Another Solar System?

– The first moon in another solar system? A research team with Swiss participation has detected an unexpectedly large moon orbiting an exoplanet in a distant solar system. The find has yet to be confirmed. Published: 01/13/2022, 21:18 The earth has a moon, pictured here at the double mountain Les Jumelles in Valais. Now there … Read more

Samsung demonstrates the world’s first functional computer system based on MRAM memories

January 13, 2022 MRAM is non-volatile memory that retains information even if the device is turned off. Samsung Electronics, today demonstrated the world’s first functional computing system based on MRAM (magnetoresistive random access memory). We are facing a new paradigm that opens the door to a whole new generation of memory chips that can store … Read more