BBC journalist on the Lithuanian group and the flaws of the system: “I can set up a company and say I’m Mickey Mouse”

BBC ir 15min investigation “Directors” from Fabijoniškii in London laundered and destroyed 80 million euros” revealed the circumstances of perhaps the largest money laundering case in the United Kingdom. The international criminal network, led by the Lithuanian Deivis Grochiatskis and the Russian Artiomas Terzian, stole almost 80 million. euros. In 2021, the Lithuanian was sent … Read more

9 Kinds of Lifestyle to Maintain the Human Excretory System

CNN Indonesia Wednesday, 22 Mar 2023 13:00 WIB Illustration. Kinds of lifestyle to maintain the human excretory system (iStockphoto/magicmine) Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Man need to take care of the organs that play a role in the system excretion to avoid various diseases. This can be done by implementing several kinds of lifestyle to maintain … Read more

Netanyahu concedes a bit on the justice system to appease the demonstrators

Jerusalem – AFP The ruling coalition in Israel presented an amended version of a major part of the controversial project to amend the judicial system, hoping to assuage the fears of the project’s opponents, including parliamentarians and demonstrators. The project aims to increase the power of elected officials over the judiciary. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin … Read more

Yellen, situation stabilizes, US banking system solid

“The situation is stabilizing. The US banking system remains solid.” This was stated by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen speaking at the American Banker Association. Yellen explains how at the moment it is still “too early to decide” on any changes to the rules, invoked by many to avoid the repetition of a new Silicon Valley … Read more

This start-up trains the immune system to treat cancer more effectively

Our immune system protects us against infections caused by parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses. However, this defense method can sometimes work against you. With an organ transplant, for example, you want a patient to have specific tolerance for the ‘strange’, new organ. Whereas in the case of tumor cells you want to generate an effective … Read more

Xiaomi is developing MIOS, a new operating system that may replace MIUI.

Rumor has it that Xiaomi is quietly working on a new operating system after screenshots of the software and the MIOS logo surfaced on Twitter. It is expected to be a system that will replace the original MIUI that we are familiar with. But it’s also possible that this picture is fake to just call the trend, but if it’s real, it’s very interesting.

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Coppi and Bartali, the stage starts from Riccione and arrives in Longiano: how the road system changes

CesenaToday March 21, 2023 On Wednesday 22 March Longiano is preparing to be the arrival of a stage of the Coppi e Bartali 2023, the departure of the cyclists will be from Riccione. “Longiano – once again at the center of a professional event – declares the Mayor Mauro Graziano – an event not only … Read more

‘Red train – double track Phase 2’ missing the train ‘Prayut Cabinet’ Transport project, rail system, more than 7.3 billion, waiting for the new government

The mega-project investment in the era of “General Prayut Chan-o-cha” has approved the development of infrastructure and transportation services in Thailand the most, almost 2 trillion baht, for 8 years from 2014, the NCPO government. There is a continuous acceleration of mega-project investment. especially the rail system “Multicolor electric train – double-track train, first phase”, … Read more

New Chilean LEGO-type modular housing system that wants to combat the housing crisis

Ignacio Rojas Hirigoyen Arquitectos and The Andes House have come together to create modular homes that can be configured and modified to build low-cost housing. At a time when the housing crisis is accelerating day by day, the Industrialized Construction System Prototype is an ingenious solution manufactured by Cromulux ​​in Santiago, and whose final assembly … Read more