The film will commemorate the genocide, which the Germans do not talk about

March 23, 2023 at 9:29 am I It was the first genocide of the 20th century. BERLIN, BRATISLAVA. Although he graduated in history, Lars Kraume learned about the first genocide of the 20th century only later, in the early 1990s. That’s when he visited for the first time Namibiaonly shortly after it gained independence from … Read more

3/29 “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” screening event with player talk event will be held!

This time, in order to deliver the “impressive movie experience” of “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK”, which is currently being screened, to more people, and for the purpose of spreading the “charm of basketball”Movie screening with player talk eventhas been decided! On the day of the event, in addition to watching a movie, a talk event … Read more

Who do you mean? The beginning of infidelity is to talk every day and then say nothing.

I don’t know what happened when suddenly on a famous entertainment Facebook fan page like ‘Jamoy 108‘ Came out to post a warning message pointing to the beginning of infidelity, talking every day and then saying nothing. But in the end it went together, stating that “Dating, regardless of the status of a girlfriend or … Read more

this Artificial Intelligence allows you to talk to him (even in Spanish)

March 21, 2023, 1:00 p.m. – Updated March 22, 2023, 1:46 p.m. We already know that generative artificial intelligences can represent a huge revolution, and examples of this are not lacking. But there is still room for surprise when someone manages to mix two artificial intelligence engines with some creativity. That is what John H … Read more

The latest appearance of Maya Diab’s mother and daughter, celebrating Mother’s Day. Their beauty is the audience’s talk

The Lebanese artist, Maya Diab, celebrated Mother’s Day, through a photo session in which she, her mother, and her daughter Kay participated, and they appeared in the pictures with each other, and Maya wrote commenting: “The mother… where life begins and where life ends. The rest are fun details.” Followers quickly interacted with the pictures … Read more

Frank Vercauteren understands Genk’s dissatisfaction: “We’re going to talk about it” | Red Devils

“Disappointment. Discontent. A lack of self-respect.” At KRC Genk they reacted angry last Friday because national coach Domenico Tedesco had ignored the league leader’s players in his first selection. Technical director and ex-Genk coach Frank Vercauteren reacted to Genk’s disappointment today. “There are always reasons to comment,” says Vercauteren. “And you can look at everything … Read more

The Pellissard family is about to experience an upheaval: “We can’t talk about an accident”

Amandine and Alexandre, ex-participants of “Large Families”, on TF1, announced a happy event on Saturday March 18 on Instagram. The couple, who had already announced recently that they had decided to convert to X by opening a MYM page with exclusive adult content, said this weekend they were expecting a ninth child. ”We can’t talk … Read more

Pictures – Model Rose grabs the attention with her look from the forest and her dress, which is the audience’s talk

Model Rose shows off her grace from the woods and sparks controversy with her dress The Saudi model, Model Rose, appeared on the audience with a set of new photos, which she documented from her latest photo session, and caught the audience’s attention with her grace. Rose looked very elegant, as she underwent a photo … Read more

Coming up is social insecurity Edu Talk, Dr. TP Sethumadhavan, overseas education, study abroad, education, latest news

# Dr. TP Sethumadhavan 18 March 2023, 11:30 AM IST The average number of students in universities in foreign countries is around 20000. But in our country even 100 students have university!. Separate universities for digital and technology! Universities have academic calendar but work is not according to the calendar! . The number of students … Read more