Maybrit Illner: The message of the talk group is clear

Updated on August 28, 2020, 7:47 a.m. The message of the group at “Maybrit Illner” is clear on Thursday: Germany is not yet over the mountain in the corona crisis – the population has to persevere and participate. And that means above all: wearing a mask. You can find more current news here Maybrit Illner … Read more

The words of Alain Vigneault make people talk

New York Islanders head coaches Barry Trotz and Philadelphia Flyers Alain Vigneault take a very different look at the protest movement rocking professional sport to denounce racial inequalities and police brutality. Shortly before the third game of the series between the two teams was canceled Thursday, the two men were called to speak on the … Read more

‘Great to suddenly talk to our mother about vulvas’ | In the news

Christ and Marcelle Arriëns Before your fantasy runs away with you; Sex sisters TV is not polder porn or tacky entertainment. This is the YouTubehit by the VPRO, made by sisters Krista (31) and Marcelle (29) Arriëns who talk to young people about sex in a very personal way. Sex sisters TV has been around … Read more

Jeroen Pauw returns with a traveling talk show | NOW

Jeroen Pauw returns to television in the coming television season with a new talk show. The presenter goes Peacock enters was announced on Tuesday during the autumn presentation of the NPO. In the talk show, the presenter visits people who cannot or do not want to come into the studio. Pauw visits a prison, a … Read more

TikTok viral: dog hears his owner talk about ‘walking in the street’ and has a curious reaction | video | photos | animals | pets | mexico | united states | social networks | Social networks

A video recently shared on TikTok It has awakened tenderness in thousands of users since these images showed the incredible reaction that a small dog had when hearing that its owner mentioned, on several occasions, that he was going to go to the street to buy. The images of this funny fact became a trend … Read more

Salvatore Mancuso: in Italy they talk about his ties with the mafia – Investigative Unit

At times when the lawyers of the former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso They try to get him deported to Italy in that country they assure that there would also have pending investigations for drug trafficking.Indeed, as EL TIEMPO revealed at the time, an investigation by the Rome Police revealed his links with the businessman Giorgio … Read more

The Wolf of Wall Street restarts from the web, but his trading “courses” make people talk – La Stampa

The Wolf of Wall Street is back. Jordan Belfort, the broker played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”, will provide trading advice through the US site RagingBull, which has repeatedly been targeted by US financial supervisory authorities. After founding Stratton Oakmont and defrauding thousands of US citizens, and after spending … Read more

Blankenberge pays 130,000 euros for talk show ‘Gert Late Night’

Gert Verhulst’s Evanna will soon moor in Blankenberge. The first episode will air on August 31. The last broadcast will be broadcast on 17 September. Together with the pop-up café De Mol aan Zee with accompanying virtual reality game, this is already a second collaboration with Vier in a short time. The city council of … Read more

Ellen Degeneres fires producers from her popular talk show after fuss over a diseased atmosphere: what’s going on?

Nikkie de Jager made her statements about Ellen in the talk show “The world turns by” on Dutch television, but they reached the international press in no time. Other guests and especially ex-employees of the program also opened a book. An ex-employee told The New York Post in May“Is she always nice? No. It annoys … Read more