Doutor Jairo · How to talk about HIV with children, friends and partners?

the pandemic of HIV it’s been around for 40 years now, and it’s still imperative that people understand that this is a virus like any other. Without diagnosis and treatment, it can lead to death, despite all the advances made in recent years. There was stabilization and even a small decline, but there are still … Read more

Giuliana Rengifo, her representative insults Karla Tarazona VIDEO: “When they change the moron, we’ll talk there” entertainment | SHOWS

IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. Giuliana Rengifo She was totally uncomfortable when a reporter from ‘D’ Mañana’ intercepted her to get some statements from her, however, it was her manager Liz Benítez who exploded and insulted the host of the program Karla Tarazona Calling her “stupid”. READ ALSO: Tepha Loza patches Janet Barboza LIVE for asking if … Read more

WhatsApp “Talk to yourself” function to send messages to yourself as a notebook – Hong Kong

The instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently launched a number of new features, including a new feature called “Message Yourself”, which allows users to send reminders or new messages to themselves. The new feature is currently being tested and is expected to be officially launched in the next few weeks. After updating the app, WhatsApp … Read more

He was unemployed to talk to his girlfriend and was moved by “this sentence”: Although he is not rich, he is very happy | International | CTWANT

A man surnamed Cao from Zhejiang Province in mainland China talked to his girlfriend after losing his job, and was repeatedly comforted by her. (Picture/Repost from Weibo/Bailu Video) Love is often compared with “bread”. How to strike a balance is a major issue for many couples. A man surnamed Cao from Zhejiang Province in mainland … Read more

Waiting for public housing︳Selling a property to save the business is finally implemented – Sky Post – Family – Hot Talk

Can I apply for public housing after selling the property? A Hong Kong man posted that he faced a business crisis earlier and had to sell his property to save it. Now that he has lost his residence, he wonders whether he has to wait two years after the property is sold before he can … Read more

Natalia, 27, left her son to defend Ukraine: when you hear how Russians talk to their mothers, everything becomes clear

If you think this article is going to be some kind of sexist, glorifying woman behind the stove because “she belongs there,” I have to disappoint you. It was this officer who invited me to talk to Natalija, especially speaking respectfully not only about her as a medic, but also about other women serving together. … Read more

Wheat Kings talk distressed man off bridge – Brandon Sun

» EDITOR’S NOTE: This story contains content that may be upsetting to some readers. Four Brandon Wheat Kings successfully interceded to help a distressed man who was contemplating suicide on the First Street bridge Tuesday evening. After volunteering at Samaritan House earlier in the evening, Brandonites Calder Anderson and Nolan Ritchie were showing British Columbia … Read more

WHO recommends using the name ‘mpox’ to talk about monkeypox – Portal

The World Health Organization (WHO) released this Monday (28) a statement recommending the adoption of the name “mpox” for monkeypox (Monkeypox). According to the entity, the change is important to avoid the use of racist and stigmatizing language. Certain communities have complained about the use of the disease’s name in a derogatory and racist manner. … Read more

[Today to HOT]Zhou Zhuohua’s case was sentenced on 1.18, “helpless and incomprehensible” was charged with the underworld; American research reveals the potato-free diet method to lose 13 pounds in 8 weeks- Hong Kong Economic Daily- Instant News Channel- Instant Finance- Hot Talk

Hot Talk 22:19 2022/12/01 ▲ 【Today to HOT】U.S. study reveals 1 method of eating potatoes, blood sugar does not rise, and 8 weeks of continuous eating loses 13 pounds; Hong Kong men mention 3 reasons, according to buying a property, do not choose the Northwest 【ET Caizhi Talk】Analysis of asset allocation Honghu Lu Tinglong’s perspective … Read more

Li Chunen – Diplomatic talk | Live a good life | Headline Daily

South Korea wooed the United States to impose sanctions on North Korea. North Korea was angry. Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, issued a condemnation, saying that South Korea’s move had aroused North Korea’s hostility and anger, and called South Korean President Yoon Suk-yue an idiot. As soon as the South Koreans heard this, … Read more