There has been talk of the real reason for the canceled Adele concerts: is the performer to blame? | Names

Adele’s “30” tour was set to begin Jan. 21 at the legendary Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The British music star shared a sensitive video in Las Vegas just one day before the first album’s “30” debut, forcing her to postpone her planned gigs in the city. According to the singer, the reason is simple … Read more

It is time to talk seriously about Elisabetta Casellati’s candidacy for President of the Republic

Turn on notifications to receive updates on Election of the President of the Republic 2022 All the fault of Silvio Berlusconi. Or merit, depending on your preferences. Yes, because the way in which the Knight has managed the Quirinale match so far has determined the current stalemate, which sees a situation of great uncertainty a … Read more

Prince William has publicly reacted to the Prince Andrew scandal. Let’s talk!

The Duke of Cambridge has made it clear what he thinks about his uncle’s legal proceedings. Legion-Media Prince Andrew and Prince William <!–Расположение: –> January 19 Prince William and Kate Middleton released for the first time after a long Christmas break. The couple appeared at the London Foundling Museum, which has been under the patronage … Read more

Xbox head Phil Spencer: Talk to Sony, Call of Duty won’t be exclusive | 4Gamers

After Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard with a lot of money, compared to Blizzard Entertainment, which Taiwanese players are more concerned about, the most heated discussion among European and American players is whether Activision’s signature shooting game “Call of Duty” will become an Xbox exclusive game in the future. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, gave the … Read more

Viral Bus Parking in Yogyakarta Rp. 350 thousand, Deputy Heroe Asks Perpetrators to Be Legally Processed – A post on social media Facebook containing complaints about the high fares for bus parking in the city of Yogyakarta went viral. In his post, Kasri StoneDakon’s account complained about the tariff for parking buses on Jalan Margo Utomo, Yogyakarta City for 2, which was charged with a fee of IDR 350 thousand. … Read more

Allison Scott breaks silence about split with Sean Dhondt after sexting scandal: ‘We will probably never talk to each other again’

For a long time she kept silent about it, but now Allison Scott (32) has broken her silence for the first time about her split with singer and VTM face Sean Dhondt. “We may never talk to each other again,” she says in The last news. In particular, the fact that her ex “unfairly” started … Read more

Dima Kandalaft’s elegant look, the talk of the followers!

The Syrian actress postedDima KandalaftA group of very elegant pictures of her through her personal account on the social networking site. Dima wore a white jumpsuit, with a distinctive and new cut, and openings on the abdomen and hand area.Dima’s look was part of her solutions as a guest on the “Forty” program, by Jessica … Read more

Rihanna in daring pictures in underwear… and her butt tattoo, the talk of the followers

With bold pictures, the international star appearedRihannaOn her followers on her personal page on the social networking site, which sparked a great controversy.Rihanna appeared in pictures in underwear as an advertisement for her brand, and a large number of followers liked the pictures, leaving her with thousands of praising comments.And what sparked the controversy, Rihanna … Read more

“We don’t talk to each other anymore.” Mammucari’s revelation to There is mail for you

The family problem of Teo Mammucari came like a bolt from the blue during the second episode of “C’é posta per te”, aired last night on Canale 5. The presenter Maria De Filippi had invited all the cast of “Tu si que vales” to support Carmine, a young man from Scafati who wanted to surprise … Read more