Tele2 will introduce VoLTE technology for a new generation of voice communications :: Dienas Bizness

The multi-service company Tele2 will introduce VoLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) technology, which will provide significantly faster call connection time, as well as higher quality of voice and video calls. Currently, the first calls have been made in the Tele2 network using VoLTE technology, and negotiations are underway with equipment manufacturers to activate this technology … Read more

There are no fears of sanctions on the agreements with Jordan and Egypt

Gulf Dot: The United States has told Lebanon that it should have no concerns about US sanctions law regarding plans to receive energy supplies from countries in the region, according to the office of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Friday. A statement from the Prime Minister’s office stated that the US Ambassador to Lebanon, … Read more

WhatsApp: the trick to send secret messages | Chronicle

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world, with more than 5 billion users worldwide, and among its most celebrated tools is the one that WhatsApp-3-ways-to-change-the-font-style-in-your-conversations-20220110-0072.html” target=”_blank”> allows change the style of your messages: add bold, italics, strikethrough and even change the font. And now, the app added a new possibility. Recently, the … Read more

Mubadala to invest $100m in Israeli technology companies

The Wall Street Journal revealed that MubadalaEmirati invested nearly 100 million dollar in a comp head the money The adventurer in the strip technology Israel, according to people familiar with the investments. These investments are aimed at financing start-up companies capable of rapid growth and huge profits in the future. Business is growing between UAE … Read more

Tip – Mini-Quiz Wordle: Five letters make a word

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – If you like Scrabble, you can at least find Wordle not that bad. This online mini quiz is not about forming a word from eight random letters. Rather, a five-letter word always wants to be found. And you only have six tries. Warning: Wordle is only available in English. At … Read more

Observation of the “aurora borealis” in Stockholm | science and technology

The Swedish capital, Stockholm, witnessed, on Saturday, the natural phenomenon called “the aurora borealis” or “the northern lights”. Kjell Olausson, head of the Swedish astronomy department in Örebro, told state television that the aurora borealis were seen in the capital, Stockholm. Olusson confirmed that the Earth’s magnetic field experienced a rupture, causing the northern lights … Read more

Launch of the most anticipated video games of 2022 – Video games – Technology

The year is just beginning, but it promises to be one of the most important for the video game industry. Due to the impacts of the pandemic, many developers and studios decided to delay the releases of different video games. However, many of these companies used that time to polish them. The good news is … Read more

3 newly discovered planets may be swallowed by their stars.. know the details

Astronomers at the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy (IfA) have discovered three exoplanets Similar to Jupiter, it is perilously close to being “swallowed up” by its host stars, and the discovery gives new insight into how planetary systems evolve over time, helping to reveal the fate of solar systems like ours. According to the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in the test: fantastically refreshing – multimedia

The “FE” could stand for fantastically refreshing. Samsung’s new S21 smartphone impresses with its low price and the brothers’ flagship features. Even when Samsung released its “Fan Edition” of the Galaxy S20, the enthusiasm of the users was great. With the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE the company is now going one step further. The 5G … Read more

Apple: Remember the iPhone with a USB Type-C port that they sold for $86,000? They will auction another improved | Technology

At the end of November 2021, a young engineering student named Kenn Pillonel managed to sell a iPhone that I had modified so that it had a USB Type-C port instead of puerto lightning from Apple. Although the auction started at US $ 1, this phone caught the attention of many people, to the point … Read more