What if each sword blow that our character gave was different? This is what Nvidia’s new AI technology proposes

If we users are very grateful for something when it comes to playing video games, it is that the physics of on-screen elements look realistic. We have been amazed many times with technical demos of how water or clothing can move in a 3D environment, but there is a barrier that is still difficult to … Read more

Russia Deploys Old Submarine With Unique Technology, Alrosa Moves Silently With Jet Pump

MOSCOW – The only one submarine Kilo class powered by proprietary jet pump Russia redeployed to attack Ukraine. The unique Russian diesel-electric submarine, named Alrosa, is already equipped with new cruise missiles and is undergoing trials before joining the Black Sea Fleet. Russian news agency TASS reports that the Alrosa, a sub-variant of the Project … Read more

Headaches that don’t go away? This could be the solution

Ying Li, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine at the University of Chengdu in China, released evidence proving that acupuncture reduces the frequency of chronic headaches. The study was published in the online edition of the scientific journal Neurology. “Tension headaches are one of the most common types. People who have a lot of these … Read more

Facebook introduces new audio channels similar to those of Discord | Goal | Metaverse | TECHNOLOGY

Meta is testing a number of features intended for groups of Facebook and has presented a section in which it is already possible to create audio channels with a style very similar to that presented by the Discord platform. In March of last year, Facebook announced that it had been developing a product similar to … Read more

Apple announces its new products at the annual conference

Apple announced at its developer conference (WWDC), which took place in early June, launched a wide range of products, the most prominent of which were four iPhone 14 models, according to the agency. Bloomberg American. The company talked about the launch of the new group of products between the fall of this year and the … Read more

Putin, this is how he surveys the Russian population using Western technology | Milena Gabanelli

Internet? I don’t show you anything, or check what you can see, or even create a parallel network so that you can only browse there. In the Democratic countries fortunately this type of filter is not applicable, but, like the inquiries of Dataroom they will continue to demonstrate and denounce, too often the control systems … Read more

Elon Musk forced his workers back without the necessary conditions – FayerWayer

The teleworking modality is still maintained in many parts of the world, in fact, we ourselves are a FayerWayer “tele” at this time. The measure is convenient for certain types of companies, since the work has been coordinated through the Internet, commute times are saved, workers have more time with their families, and more. In … Read more

The Hubble telescope discovers a star that swallowed the planets.. I know the details

The Hubble telescope has found evidence of a white dwarf devouring rocks and icy bodies from its own system, which indicates the possibility of the presence of water and other volatiles in the farthest parts of our galaxy, and the discovery of icy objects could warn that a “water reservoir” may be common at the … Read more

Egypt news | Science and Technology / NASA’s spacecraft finds a crater made by the mysterious rocket that collided with the moon

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Found (LRO)NASA eye in the sky in lunar orbit, on the crash site of the mysterious booster rocket that hit the far side of the moon on March 4, 2022. According to RT, it is surprising that the photos of LROrevealed that the impact crater, which was formed by the impact … Read more

Using this technology, NASA studies monster black holes in the Milky Way

The Sagittarius A* is a tricky object to study because of the spots along its event horizon. Lubang Hitam. (NASA/Event Horizon Telescope collaboration et al.) Hitekno.com – NASA planning to study black hole moster that is at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. For that, the American space agency Serikan has prepared a way. … Read more