In the US, artificial insemination technology that distinguishes between sons and daughters appears… Ethical debate inevitable [1분뉴스]

input2023.03.23 18:05 correction2023.03.23 18:09 A US research team has succeeded in artificial insemination by selecting the sex of sperm. As a result, ethical debates over ‘offspring gender selection’ are emerging. According to a British Sky News report on the 22nd (local time), Professor Gianpiero Palermo’s team at Weill Cornell Medical School in New York, USA, … Read more

How the Samsung Galaxy camera combines Super Resolution and AI technology to produce high-quality images of the moon – Samsung Newsroom Taiwan

Samsung is committed to delivering an industry-leading camera experience under all shooting conditions. Since the Galaxy S10, the Samsung Galaxy series has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the camera to help users take great pictures anytime, anywhere. To this end, Samsung has developed a “Scene Smart Recognition” function for mobile phone cameras, which can … Read more

Uzone – XL Axiata eSIM is now available, here’s how to buy it – XL Axiata is the third operator to provide eSIM services in Indonesia, after Smartfren and Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH). Users smartphone Those who support this technology can directly buy XL Axiata eSIM services through the official XL Store website. Yes, unlike a physical SIM card, eSIM service is not available for all smartphone … Read more

Dispute over house boundary in Nandail, uncle killed by niece

An old man named Mazim Uddin (70) died after being hit by a stick by his niece due to a dispute over the boundary of the house in Mymensingh’s Nandail. Since this incident, niece Halima Khatun and her brothers are absconding. Majim Uddin died at Mymensingh Medical College Hospital at 7 pm on Friday (March … Read more

Unreal Editor in Fortnite will allow you to create entire games. Epic has released a new technology

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Epic Games came up with an interesting idea and wants to provide developers with tools to implement their own productions based on Fortnite. Unreal Editor is now available for those interested and the possibilities of technology are surprising. Unreal Editor is really an application for designing, developing and publishing games and other types of … Read more

Bone and cartilage growth with 4D technology

Using 4D printing to produce natural bone and cartilage and thereby be able to help both those whose fractures do not heal and thousands of osteoarthritis patients – that is the vision of Anders Aspberg, Deepak Raina and Magnus Tägil. Their various skills from clinical orthopedics and research on tissues, biomaterials, bones and cartilage complement … Read more

The police explained the stolen 2 bulls to the householder

Farmers Humayan and Kabir Sekh went to sleep leaving the cow in the cowshed like every day. They woke up in the morning and saw that there was no cow in their barn. Not being able to find them in different places, the two complained to the police station. The two householders were very happy … Read more

Egypt News | Science and Technology / Full details of the new features of WhatsApp groups

Comments Notes before commenting: Comments on the site reflect the opinions of its authors and do not reflect the views of the site.Any word that offends the divine being or any religion, sect or nationality is prohibited.All comments must be in Arabic.Commenting with offensive words is prohibited.Please do not engage in any political discussions.Comments containing … Read more

Want to lose weight? One of these shakes a day, you don’t even know how good it would do you

Bdrink a glass of this shake on an empty stomach and throughout the day, whenever you feel hungry. You will see that you will lose weight and be healthy. According to the Nueva Mujer portal, this ‘smoothie’ is beneficial for those in the process of losing weight because both pineapple, soursop and chia are purifying … Read more