What happened to the life of Hayden Christensen, the actor who played the teenager Anakin Skywalker? – Spoiler Time

After playing one of the most famous characters in movie history, it seemed certain that Hayden Christensen would become one of the great stars of Hollywood, but it was not like that. What movies did you make after Star Wars? How long did you go without acting? What is he doing now? We will tell … Read more

At 14, he says he discovered how to fight the coronavirus – News

A American-Indian teen received $ 25,000 prize for a study that may help develop a treatment against coronavirus. Anika Chebrolu, age 14, from the city of Frisco (Texas), used a computer simulation to find a molecule capable of binding to a protein in the virus and, in this way, stopping its spread in the human … Read more

A teenager develops a possible treatment against the coronavirus

A 14-year-old teenager Anika Chebrolu, who studies at Independence High School in Frisco, Texas, has developed a possible treatment against Covid-19. The young woman won a contest, the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, for a work on the identification of a drug to cure the coronavirus. That job has earned him a prize of $ 25,000, … Read more

Teenager injured on the Pío Nono bridge is investigated for possible involvement in disorders | National

Image exhibited by the Carabineros in Congress visits The North Central Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation against the 16-year-old AAA teenager for his alleged involvement in disorders that occurred the day he was injured in the Pío Nono bridge. On October 2, the young man had his wrists fractured in a case brought by the … Read more

Irina Shayk, a style icon also as a teenager | News

There is no denying that if we look for the most influential supermodels, Irina Shayk it is among the first. The one that has become the ‘right eye’ on the catwalk is also a muse for some designers (The friendship he maintains with Riccardo Tisci is the best example of this). To be one of … Read more

Teenager pushed by a policeman from the Pío Nono bridge is “stable”

He 16 year old teenager that according a video broadcast tonight, He fell to the bed of the Mapocho River on Friday afternoon after being pushed by a police officer, amid the protests in Santiago, he is stable, confirmed this Saturday morning the director of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), Sergio Micco. After … Read more

15-year-old teenager was arrested accused of damaging buses and erecting barricades in Maipú | National

Metropolitan region Friday 25 September 2020 | 09:01 15-year-old adolescent was arrested accused of damaging buses and erecting barricades in Maipú by Felipe Delgado The information is from Christian Borcoski Carabineros detained a 15 year old teenager accused of erecting barricades and throwing blunt objects at Transantiago vehicles in Maipú. The situation occurred around 9:30 … Read more

Usa: shock in Utah, police shoot an autistic thirteen year old – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, 08 SEPT – Shock in Utah. A woman called the police because her autistic son was having a fit and was screaming at the top of his voice. The officers who arrived on the spot ordered the 13-year-old boy to get down and then, unheard, opened fire, hitting the teenager several … Read more

Madison Reyes: “I’m still a teenager”

Thanks to “Julie and the Ghosts”, fans of musical series will meet actress Madison Reyes. of Henry Arnaud, Los Angeles From an early age, 16-year-old Madison Reyes has been passionate about music and bodily expression activities. Netflix The 16-year-old American stars in season 1 of “Julie and the Ghosts”. Prior to appearing in the Netflix … Read more

5 Facts on the Case of Isabella Guzman, a Teenager Who Could Have Stabbed Mother 151 Times

Jakarta – Bunda have heard of cases Isabella Guzman? In 2013, the teenager from Colorado, USA was found guilty of murdering his biological mother. He had stabbed his mother after a disagreement. Her case was highlighted because Isabella Guzman’s age was still very young at 18 years old, and the number of stabbing performed by … Read more