How to use your iPhone Memoji as WhatsApp or Telegram stickers

There are no ways to express what we think through messaging applications, even without the need to write words: just send an audio, an Emoji or a sticker, for example. And there are countless styles, designs and types for those stickers, but none like ours, those that we have created. So since the iPhone allows you to easily create the stickers, why not send them via WhatsApp?

The Memojis, those personalized stickers created from a personal Animoji, are perfect to express emotions through the application IOS Messages. They integrate perfectly, just a couple of presses are enough to send them and the system creates a wide range of expressions to fit in all the possibilities. And the best thing is that it is possible to use them in other applications apart from Messages, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and others.

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Water cannon used against protesters in Brest :: Society :: RBC

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In Telegram of the federal headquarters, the academician predicted the second wave of COVID :: Society :: RBC

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Telegram Now Offers Video Calls | Informatic direction

Telegram secure communications app announces the addition of end-to-end encrypted video calling functionality. ImageĀ : Getty The user can thus initiate a call from the contact’s profile page, and switch to video or cut it off at any time during the call. This mode also allows you to browse the latest messages and perform other tasks … Read more

Telegram releases first version of video calling – Tablets and Phones – News

I also think incorrect or outdated info .. see here: 3.3. Your Messages3.3.1. Cloud ChatsTelegram is a cloud service. We store messages, photos, videos and documents from your cloud chats on our servers so that you can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups. All data … Read more

Telegram incorporates the option of video calls to its platform

The Telegram messaging service announced this week that in celebration of its seventh anniversary it has enabled the option of video calls between contacts. The video call can be activated from the contact card, by pressing the option where the icon with the phone appears and also indicates that “you can browse your chats and … Read more

Beta version Telegram for Android includes support for video calling – Tablets and Phones – News

It’s been a while (2-3 years I guess?), So details are a bit fuzzy. Still have the code. You have different types of bots for Telegram, one of which is “just” as an extra “user” in a group conversation, and thus receives ALL messages. You also have others who only respond to certain commands and … Read more

By these updates, Telegram shows that it is better than WhatsApp

New updates from Telegram they have many users ensuring that this application sets foot on WhatsApp. Each time the application has more followers, especially at times when WhatsApp it has global failures. Precisely through his blog Telegram He listed the characteristics that the application will have with the new update, among those There are profile … Read more