Telegram founder criticizes Apple for holding back update – Update – Tablets and phones – News

While I agree with the first part of your story (I do believe that Apple can control what happens on their platform, just like Sony is allowed on the PlayStation, Tesla on their center console and Miele on their fridge), I agree. disagree with the second part. I think you even contradict yourself a bit; … Read more

Couples Make-Sell Sex Videos on Social Media Can ‘Play’ at Ubud Villa

Denpasar – A married couple (couple) who make and sell sex videos on social media apparently had time to ‘play’ in one of the villas in the Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. However, the couple most often make sex videos at home. “They had time to ‘play’ in one of the villas in Ubud, but … Read more

Apple blocks a Telegram update because it doesn’t want its Telemoji | Technology

Apple has not liked this new functionality that includes the latest version of Telegram and I have requested a drastic change. Apple does not want its emojis to be touched, and that is why it has been delaying, up to two weeks, the new telegram update for iOS for including a new package of animated … Read more

Telegram wants to revolutionize its messaging… but Apple would prevent it

The CEO of Telegram accuses Apple of doing everything possible to delay, through the App Store’s evaluation system, the deployment of an update of all importance for the messaging application. Apple is accused of deliberately slowing down the deployment of a crucial update for Telegram // Source: Christian Wiediger via Unsplash « Revolutionize the way people … Read more

15 useful bots for Telegram: weather, reminders, exchange rates

Photo: Unsplash 1. Recognition of voice messages SmartSpeech Bot – recognizes annoying voice messages and translates them into text. The bot can even be added to a group to decrypt other members’ messages. Note that decryption of messages is also available using regular Telegram tools, but it is included in a paid subscription. The bot … Read more

Russian rockets destroyed the house of one of the richest Ukrainians, the land and his wife

Oleksiy Vadaturskyj. (October 31, 2022) | photo: Twitter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine <!—-> It was no accident, Podoljak said. In my view, it was also a misguided and organized murder. Vadaturskyj was one of the largest farmers, a key person in the region, and thus an employer. The sharp impact of … Read more

Putin plans to flee Moscow in case of defeat in Ukraine. New rumors on Telegram: “he is very sick”

What’s he going to do Vladimir Putin in case of defeat in Ukraine? And what if the Russian leader had to fight in the meantime also on the personal health front? Doomsday scenarios that add up while the Telegram channel “General SVR” claims that the Kremlin nomenklatura does not exclude that everything, absolutely everything, can … Read more

Russian bloggers call for more war and general mobilization

Vladlen Tatarsky NOS News•Thursday, 21:31 In Russia it is not possible to call the war in Ukraine a ‘war’. But Russian military bloggers don’t care. They see it as their job to spread the word and to provide their audience with “correct analysis, show the good in a good light and the bad in a … Read more

TokLok decentralized social media platform launched

The new decentralized communication platform TokLok has been launched to address the major privacy issues plaguing existing messaging programs, according to the platform’s website. As server-based central messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram are vulnerable to attacks and data leaks, blockchain-based platforms can change the game in digital technologies. TokLok handles the privacy of reporters … Read more

The “Telegram” channel, which supposedly has sources in the Kremlin, announces an attempt on Patrushev

“Recently, there was an attempt on the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev. Information about both the attack itself and its investigation is kept secret. It is known that after work, in the evening, as soon as he returned home, N. Patrushev felt bad. The security acted promptly – they … Read more