Drone captures the exact moment a moose loses its antlers in Canada

A moose lost its antlers in the wild while a drone was filming it from above. The video went around the world, surprising the web. Over the winter, moose and other deer naturally lose their antlers, which will grow back in the spring An incredible spectacle of nature was filmed by an enthusiast in the … Read more

All crazy about the XL air fryer: on offer at Lidl you can find the Tefal at 89 euros (but only for a few days)

If you want to buy an air fryer you can take advantage of the new Lidl offer which starts on January 26th. In the brand’s stores, but only for a few days, you will find a Tefal XL model on offer for 89 euros The air fryer it is an appliance that for several years … Read more

Flax seeds, 7 side effects to consider

Flaxseeds are among the healthiest foods, especially if you follow a plant-based diet, but don’t overdo it to avoid unwanted effects ©rusgri I flax seed they are an excellent source of omega 3, one of the best ever for those on a vegan diet, they contribute to the control of cholesterol and blood sugar. However, … Read more

The “solar car” has arrived and it really can run for months without recharging

It is the first of its kind and can run for months without having to be recharged at the electric car columns: Lightyear is a real “solar car” that produces and consumes energy every time it is in the sun. And since its first version it has also evolved, even economically (but it’s still not … Read more

Roskomnadzor recognized Telegram as a foreign messenger not subject to integration with banks

Roskomnadzor recognized Telegram as a foreign messenger. The bans introduced from March 1, 2023 by the new law will apply to the integration of the application with the means of paying for donations and subscriptions, as well as to banks. Writes about it “Kommersant”. “A number of organizations in Russia are prohibited from using Telegram … Read more

Alzheimer’s: These are the 7 worst foods that increase risk according to a study

Today the causes of the degenerative Alzheimer’s disease are still unknown. However, some scholars link the excessive consumption of certain foods to the onset of the disease. Let’s see what they are and if you are a regular consumer. ©liudmilachernetska/123rf Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease that damages some brain cells, leading to an irreversible … Read more

Learn about the advantages of the “Telegram Premium” service – Albilad newspaper

had become Telegram application One of the best messaging applications worldwide, it now has more than 700 million monthly active users, and it has achieved this growth from personal recommendations, as the company has not spent any money on advertising, according to the Arab Portal for Technical News report. As this growth continues, Telegram has … Read more

How do I know if someone blocked me on Telegram? So you can know | Social networks | Chat | Spain | Mexico | United States | TECHNOLOGY

Telegramthe application that is an alternative to WhatsApp It also allows you to block another user so that they do not have contact with that phone number and user again. Although there is no official way to know 100 percent, there are several indications that can be taken as signs, to know if it was … Read more