A 6-year-old girl was shot dead during an informal car club gathering in Texas

In the event of a dispute, he was shot in a car with a girl sitting on it. The incident happened on Sunday just 11 p.m. The bullet slammed the girl’s mother’s back, the police said in a statement. The child was taken to San Antonio Hospital, but died there from injuries sustained. “It’s just … Read more

Musk’s Starship rocket has had its first successful flight. In the future it should fly to Mars – ČT24 – Czech Television

The second stage will have six engines and will be able to fly independently of the first stage. The Super Heavy, like the Starship, is to be reusable, which should significantly reduce the cost of space missions. The competition is coming SpaceX hasn’t had much competition yet, but that will change this summer. The private … Read more

Dirty election campaign in Texas – Trump candidate accused of coronadrap on her husband

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): After the first round of elections in the constituency near Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas on Saturday, it became clear that the Republican Susan Wright will go on to a second round of elections against the other Republican candidate Jake Ellzey. The election comes after Wright’s husband and congressional representative, Ron … Read more

We screwed up, Czechs thunder. Peter does not even understand the judge: Should we ride like dolls?

The favorite scalp was missing a bit. Czech hockey players kept Finland on their shoulders at the Texas World Championships in Texas, but then collapsed. They lost the 5: 3 lead in the last ten minutes. “We totally pos.ali,” thundered forward Jakub Brabenec. The Finnish 18 is one of the most successful powers in recent … Read more

Viral photo | Woman discovers she is charged with felonies for failing to return a VHS of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ | Caron McBride | Texas | USA | stories | Trends | Social Networks | nnda nnrt | STORIES

Caron McBride recently discovered that she is being wanted by authorities after committing a ‘serious crime’ in 1999. This woman who currently resides in Texas recalls that in that year she lived in Norman, an Oklahoma city in USA. His case turned viral almost immediately because the reason he was under the scrutiny of the … Read more

United States – Tesla gives conclusions after fatal crash in Texas

The American group estimates that a driver was “probably” at the wheel in the fatal accident in the suburbs of Houston on April 17. Posted: 04/27/2021, 3:19 AM The US Highway Safety Agency, NHTSA, and the US National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) have started their investigations. Getty Images via AFP Tesla defended himself Monday … Read more

For $ 20 thousand, package to travel and get vaccinated in the US

The pandemic Due to coronavirus, a new market has been detonated for travel agencies and at least fifty of them have packages in which they offer their clients all the logistics for get vaccinated in various cities of USA. The Mexican Association of Travel Agencies (AMAV) confirmed that in the last two weeks they sold … Read more

A VHS tape rented in 2000 comes back to haunt her

A woman from Texas saw a rented VHS tape in 2000 come back to haunt her 21 years later. Caron McBride got quite a surprise this week as she took steps to have her name changed on her driver’s license because she had just gotten married. She was then informed by the Cleveland County District … Read more

the faces behind the journey that everyone wants to do, but few can

Rodolfo Ortega, general director of the firm Fly Select, explains that, in the case of the firm, the destination of origin most in demand to date is Monterrey, where a flight to Houston or Dallas ranges between 7,000 and 10,000 dollars in the category medium, for an airplane that accommodates between seven and nine passengers. … Read more

How to “trick” Tesla’s autopilot into believing that someone is driving: still controversy after the fatal accident in Texas

Still problems and controversy for the Tesla car, after the Texas accident, in which two people died while they were in the moving car, on autopilot. The two men were not in the driver’s seat. Elon Musk responded to criticism by saying the car could not be on autopilot, with no people sitting driving it, … Read more