The Prime Minister of Japan announced an important decision regarding Poland

– Due to the growing burden on Poland due to Russia’s prolonged aggression against Ukraine, I informed the Prime Minister that we decided to give special treatment to Poland as a recipient of official development assistancedespite the fact that Poland is already developing economically and is not classified as a country receiving aid. We would … Read more

EU budget. According to Germany, Poland benefits the most

Last year, Germany contributed approximately EUR 25.1 billion net to the European Union’s Community expenditure. France, with €12.4 billion, contributed half as much, and Italy, with around €3.2 billion, less than one-seventh. This is reported by Deutsche Welle, citing calculations by the German press agency dpa. According to these reports, the largest net recipient in … Read more

A British economist criticizes the Polish gas initiative

EU energy ministers met in Brussels on Monday to agree on a cap on gas prices as an emergency measure amid the energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Finally, a decision was made to introduce a maximum gas price of EUR 180 per megawatt hour. For such a solution Poland was striving hardwhich, … Read more

Russia does not intend to recognize the oil price cap

On December 5, the embargo on Russian oil supplies by sea to the EU, G7 countries and Australia comes into effect. Western countries agreed price cap for Russian oil at $60 a barrel. Peskov announces retaliatory actions Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that Russia “does not intend to recognize any ceilings” and vowed … Read more

The flow of gas from Germany to Poland has fallen to zero

As reported by Reuters, citing the German transmission operator Gascade, the drop was registered at 7:00 am in the Mallnow measurement point on the Polish-German border. One hour earlier, 1.305 million kWh had been delivered. The reasons for the suspension of the transfer are not known. At the same time, the transport of gas to … Read more